3 Easy Steps to Growing Plants from Seed


Article by: Fran Barnwell

Growing your own plants , Water Lilies - Pruning and Trimming from seed , Container Gardening: Urban Alternative for Plant Lovers can be one of the most exciting and worthwhile gardening , Caring for Your Garden Furniture activities. And of course it is a really inexpensive way to grow , Themes of Shade the number of plants , Backpack Blowers you need for your garden , Mow A Better Lawn, The Easy Way or containers.

In this article I am going to deal with growing seeds , Mow A Better Lawn, The Easy Way from packets purchased at a garden , ing Supplies centre - as this is the easiest way to start. These packets will have a picture on the front and growing , Want to Build a Pond? instructions on the reverse, including germination times and the best time of year to sow. The instructions are important so do keep the packet safe , Everything You need to Know to Set up Your Square Foot Garden even if you have used all the seeds! , Funniest Pond Stories-Part 1, May 2004

1. Equipment you need:

- Clean pots , Flowering Cherries or seed , Butterfly House in the Flower Garden trays, with drainage holes and not too flimsy

- Seed compost , A Quick Guide To Fish Pond Bridges or multi-purpose compost , Grass Varieties is just as effective

- Clear plastic , Mow A Better Lawn, The Easy Way bags or cling film or propagator

- Vermiculite - can be used to give the seeds , Teak Garden Furniture a light

covering instead of compost - Dibber or pencil and widger or teaspoon

- Small watering can with fine rose

- Plant , Keeping Houses Alive During Summer Vacation Droughts labels - white , Super Foods from Home Vegetable Gardens plastic ones are cheap

2. Sowing the seed:

- Fill your pots , The Great History of Roses or seed , Using Push Reel Mowers trays with the compost , Container Gardening: Urban Alternative for Plant Lovers to about 1 cm below the rim and water , Mow A Better Lawn, The Easy Way the compost , Grass Varieties well

- For small seeds, , Gardening Supplies tip , Super Foods from Home Vegetable Gardens them into the palm , Reblooming Poinsettia of your hand and then lightly tap it with your other hand to sprinkle the seeds , Caring for Bonsai plants thinly on to the compost

- For large seeds, , Transplanting Deciduous Shrubs push the seed , Flowering Cherries into the compost , Want to Build a Pond? until it is just covered by its own depth of compost

- Cover the seeds , Grass Varieties thinly with a little compost , Tulip Delivery - do not cover very fine seeds

- Seal the pots , Caring for Bonsai plants or trays inside , Adirondack Chairs - How to Choose One a large loose plastic , Tulip Delivery bag or propagator, or cover with cling film

- Place , Keeping Houseplants Alive During Summer Vacation Droughts them in a warm, light , Butterfly House in the Flower Garden place - on a windowsill but out of direct sunlight

- Water , Garden Benches - What They Are gently if the compost , Getting Rid of Standing Water in Your Yard starts to dry out

3. Germination and pricking out:

When the seeds , Transplanting Deciduous Shrubs start to germinate, the first thing you will see growing , The Great History of Roses are the seed , Buying Teak Wood Furniture Responsibly leaves - two small round leaves that look very much the same on all plants. , Flowering Cherries Then the first pair of true leaves appear and you can recognise that these tiny leaves are like those on the mature plant. , A Quick Guide To Fish Pond Bridges This is the time to move the seedlings into new pots. , Aluminum Sling Patio Furniture. Comfortable Seating for Outdoor Settings

- Fill clean 9 cms pots , Make The Most From Your Vegetable Garden or seed , Pictures Of Landscaping - Using Other Peoples Ideas To Design Your Landscape trays with fresh compost , Super Foods from Home Vegetable Gardens and water , Everything You need to Know to Set up Your Square Foot Garden well

- Gently loosen each seedling from its pot/tray with a widger or the handle of a teaspoon, holding the seedling by its seed , Getting Rid of Garden Pests with Less Chemicals leaf

- Make a hole in the new compost , Gardening Supplies with a dibber or pencil and gently lower the seedling into the hole, making sure that all the roots , Flowering Cherries are tucked into the hole and the seed , Transplanting Deciduous Shrubs leaves are just above the surface

- Carefully fill the hole to cover the roots

- You can space the seedlings in a seed , Caring for Bonsai plants tray about 3-4 cms apart; otherwise plant , Aluminum Sling Patio Furniture. Comfortable Seating for Outdoor Settings them individually into pots

- Water , Buying Teak Wood Furniture Responsibly carefully, either by soaking the pot , Tulips or tray, or using a small watering can with a fine rose

- Place , Grass Varieties in bright light, , How To Design And Build A Fish Pond but not direct sunlight, and check regularly

- Keep watered, but not too wet

- Once the roots , Getting Rid of Garden Pests with Less Chemicals fill the pots , Small Garden Design - Creating Illusions Of More Space or trays, then it is time to plant , Tulip Bulbs - Fall is the Time to Prepare the Perfect Spring Flower Garden them either into your containers in the garden , Caring for Your Furniture or into the garden , Palm Tree Care border.

It's not as complicated as you might think, but it does require a little thought and care - the equipment must be clean to prevent disease , Reblooming Poinsettia or infection; don't over-water; provide enough light; handle gently; and check regularly.

And that's all there is to it!
Fran Barnwell is a self-taught gardener, learning through experience in her own garden. , Patio Heaters: A Way To A Comfortable Outdoor Gatherings Fran understands the difficulties that face new gardeners, and has written The Ultimate Guide to Gardening , Super Foods from Home Vegetable Gardens for Beginners, a successful eBook that helps anyone new to gardening , 'Northern Encore' Tree Rose to get started, explaining the basics in easy to understand terms. To find out more and to sign up to receive a free series of articles, go to http://www.NewToGardening.com

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