A Smoke Bush Unlike Any Other


Article by: Alan Summers

Smoke Bush 'Young Lady' Some people call , Wood Sheds them smoke trees; some people call , Are You New To Organic Gardening them smoke bushes. They are dense and bushy; but they usually grow , Enjoy Creating and ing a Sustainable Garden While Feeding Your Family to about 15 feet tall. This week we are featuring a new smoke bush that is much more restrained in habit - a true bush, much easier to place , Abatement Failure and Aborting Protocols in the landscape--Cotinus coggygria 'Young Lady.' Developed in the Netherlands by plantsman Henny Kolster, 'Young Lady' is unlike any other smoke bush that we have ever seen. It blooms as a young plant , Getting Started with Garden and Patio Design (hence the name) and blooms like crazy - the most prolific of all the smoke bushes. Nearly every shoot forms soft frothy pink flowers , Building Liner Ponds and the blooms repeat from late spring , No Dig Gardens - How to Build One until frost. When planted in a pot, , Xeriscaping is Waterwise Gardening 'Young Lady' has been described as looking like a poodle in a pot! , No Dig Gardens - How to Build One

'Young Lady' will reach four to six feet high and wide with loose and open, spreading branches. It can easily be maintained as a smaller shrub , Working with Landscape Contractors with pruning , Garden Heating the Traditional Way in very early spring. , Tulips Its medium-sized leaves are a beautiful , Marjoram: The Herb of Happiness green color , Getting Started with Garden and Patio Design and turn superb blend of yellow, orange and red in the fall. , The Truth About Mosquitos and Water Gardens 'Young Lady' will work well as an anchor in a perennial , Tips for Planting an Outdoor Herb Garden border, in a shrub , A Look at Planting Flower Bulbs border or in a container - especially attractive blooming all summer , Cat Repellent or How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden on a sunny deck. , Xeriscaping is Waterwise Gardening

Planting and Care
  • Prefers a location , Tulips with full sun , Working with Landscape Contractors to light , Garden Heating the Traditional Way shade.
  • Prefers well-drained soil. , Watering and Tending to Your Bamboo Plant Correctly
  • Fertilize with Cottonseed Meal and Kelp Meal.
  • Removal of spent blooms encourages even more re-bloom.
  • Prune in very early spring, , Learn How to Enhance Your Habitat if needed.
  • Hardy in Zones 4-8.

  • Click here to view Smoke Bush 'Young Lady' on the Carroll Gardens , 5 Tips On Caring For A Bonsai Tree website.
    Alan Summers, , Teak Furniture - How to Care for it Properly president of Carroll Gardens, , Landscaping Combo Auto Detailing Business? Inc., has over 30 years experience in gardening , Flowers Guide and landscape , You Can Grow Your Own Herb Garden - Part 4 design. He has made Carroll Gardens , An Outdoor Swing is A Great Way to Relax one of America's preeminent nurseries, having introduced more than 20 new perennials , You Say Tomato I Say Mosquito and woody shrubs , The Truth About Mosquitos and Water Gardens over the years and reintroduced numerous "lost" cultivars back to American gardeners.

    Carroll Gardens , Building Liner Ponds publishes a weekly online , Coneflower or Echinacea - the Best Thing in Your Bed newsletter written by Alan. It contains valuable gardening , Watering and Tending to Your Bamboo Plant Correctly advice and tips , Teak Furniture - How to Care for it Properly and answers to customer questions. Click here to sign up for the Carroll Gardens , How to Make a Simple Homemade Aeroponics System weekly enewsletter.

    Every Saturday, Alan hosts a call-in gardening , Wood Fences: Installing Wood Fences for the Homeowner forum on WCBM radio - 680 AM. For those outside , Riding Lawn Mowers of the WCBM listening area, they can listen to radio show via the internet. , 5 Tips On Caring For A Bonsai Tree

    Visit CarrollGardens.com to learn more.

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