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Article by: Michael McGroarty

Mulching beds , Automate Your Lawn Work has become extremely popular these days, and mulch can be really beneficial to your plants , Improve Your Yard and Garden With an ATV Plow and the soil , Wicker Patio Furniture is Gorgeous with Colorful Patio Furniture Cushions in your planting beds, , The Advantages of Silk Flowers but there are things you need to watch for.

Here in Ohio the most popular type of mulch that people use is shredded hardwood bark mulch, which is a byproduct of the timber , 5 Easy Steps To A Successful Residential Landscaping Project. industry. When they haul the logs into the sawmill the first thing they do is debark them. Years ago the bark was a huge problem for the mills because there didn't seem to be a useful purpose for it, until people realized the hidden benefits that it held. Still to this day, the bark is a headache for the saw mills, and they don't always understand how to , Beauty With Indigenous Species properly handle it.

They like to pile it as high as they can so it takes up less space in their yard. , A Creative Patio The mulch really tends to back up during the winter , How To Keep Your Yard Ornamental With A Proper Sago Palm Care months because there is little demand for it. In order for the mills to pile the mulch high, they literally have to drive the large front end loaders up onto the pile. Of course the weight of these large machines compacts the mulch in the pile, and this can become a huge problem for you or I if we happen to get some mulch that has been stacked too high, and compacted too tightly.

When the trees , Injury to s and Shrubs are first debarked the mulch is fairly fresh, and needs to decompose before we dare use it around our plants. , Xeriscaping is Waterwise Gardening The decomposition process requires oxygen and air , Add Color and Fragrance to Your Garden with the Korean Spice Viburnum flow into the pile. When the mulch is compacted too tight, this air , Japanese Gardens – Basic Design Questions That Should Be Addressed flow cannot take place, , Add Color and Fragrance to Your Garden with the Korean Spice Viburnum and as the mulch continues to decompose it becomes extremely hot , Growing Roses - The Guide for Fans of Roses as the organic , Plants, Birds, Love and Deer Hate matter ferments. Sometimes the extreme heat , Sheltering Butterflies in Your Garden combined with the inability to release the heat , Growing Roses - The Guide for Fans of Roses can cause the pile to burst into flame through spontaneous combustion.

In other cases the mulch heats , Hot New Sunflowers to Grow up, cannot release the gas, , Outdoor Living Cleanses The Mind, Body, and Spirit and the mulch actually becomes toxic. When this occurs the mulch develops an overbearing odor that will take your breath away as you dig into the pile. When you spread this toxic mulch around your plants , Attracting Birds to the Garden the gas , Some Great Ideas for Spring Patio Furniture it contains is released, and this gas , Beauty With Indigenous Species can and will burn your plants. , Reblooming Poinsettia

It has happened to me twice. Once at my own house, , A Few Gardens Built By The Moghuls and once on a job I was doing for a customer. This toxic mulch is very potent. We spilled a little mulch in the foliage of a Dwarf Alberta Spruce that we were mulching around, and just a few minutes later brushed the mulch out of the plant. , Attracting Birds to the Garden The next day my customer noticed that one side of the plant , s, Birds, Love and Deer Hate was all brown. The mulch had only been there for a matter of minutes.

Not only did I have to replace the Dwarf Alberta Spruce, but the mulch also damaged at least 10 other plants , Discount Patio Furniture - An Easy Way to Get the Best that I had to replace. I once saw where somebody ordered a truck load of mulch, had it dumped in their driveway, and as the toxic mulch slid out of the dump truck onto the asphalt the toxic gas , Wooden Garden Benches that was released settled on the lawn , Discount Patio Furniture - An Easy Way to Get the Best next to the driveway.

The gas, , Injury to Trees and Shrubs not the mulch, turned the grass , Wicker Patio Furniture is Gorgeous with Colorful Patio Furniture Cushions brown next to the mulch pile.

This same person spread several yards , Injury to Trees and Shrubs of the mulch around their house , Discount Patio Furniture - An Easy Way to Get the Best before they realized the problem, and it ruined many of their plants. , How To Build A Waterfall

Now here's the hard part; trying to explain to you how to , Decorative Garden Accents identify toxic mulch. It has a very strong odor that will take your breath away. But then again almost all mulch has a powerful odor. This is very different than your typical mulch smell, but I can't explain it any better than that.

The mulch looks perfectly normal, maybe a little darker in color , How to Make a Simple Homemade Aeroponics System than usual. If you suspect a problem with the mulch you have, take a couple of shovels full, and place , Attracting Birds to the Garden it around an inexpensive plant. , Wooden Garden Benches Maybe just a couple of flowers. , 5 Easy Steps To A Successful Residential Landscaping Project. When doing this test use mulch from inside , Controlling House Plant Pests the mulch pile and not from the edges. The mulch on the edge of the pile has more than likely released most of the toxic gas , Flowers For U that it may have held.

If after 24 hours the test plants , Soil is the Foundation of Every Garden are okay, the mulch should be fine. The purpose of this article is not to induce panic at the mulch yard, , A Creative Patio but toxic mulch can do serious damage. At my house , Wooden Garden Benches it burned the leaves right off some of the plants , 5 Easy Steps To A Successful Residential Landscaping Project. in my landscape, , Lawn Care Business Owners - Don't Buy Yourself A Job and burned the grass , How Do I Keep My Pond From Turning Green? next to the bed , Ten Considerations Before You Buy A Bird House all the way around the house. , Low Maintenance Teak Furniture It looked like somebody had taken a torch and burned the grass , Hot New Sunflowers to Grow back about 2" all the way around the bed. , A Storage Bench Provides Much Needed Outdoor Space If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it.

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