Composting - aka: The Circle of Life!


Article by: Judy Williams

Composting is where the gardening , Want A View? Start Growing Orchids On Trees thing comes full circle. You've created your garden , Buying a Lawn Mower bed, you've nurtured your plants. , Succulent Crassula Tetragona: Drought Tolerant s for Dry Garden Landscapes or Easy Houseplants

The results have been eaten by the family...and now the plants , Decorative Stone Uses For Landscaping and refuse from the garden , Transplanting Trees can be recycled into next year's compost. It is the closed loop of nature. , Transplanting Trees

This is so simple and so obvious a thing to do, I'm still staggered that people will send this sort of rubbish to the tip. , The Cure for Common Pool Stains

When I was totally intimidated about cooking and convinced I couldn't do it, a friend of mine said 'It's just chemistry. If you add X to Y under these conditions, this MUST happen'. I think this applies big time to composting.

So what does your compost , The Basics of Plant Growth; (Part 2) Plant Energy need to work?

It needs moisture , Planting and Caring for Flower Bulbs (but not too much).

It needs heat , Buying a Lawn Mower (and will generate a good deal on it's own)

It needs air. , Hydroponics in Your Garden

It needs bugs, bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms (pretty much under the 'Build it and they will come' principle)

There are a few ways to work the compost. , The Cure for Common Pool Stains If you have a bit of room, , Ornamental Fountain build a couple of 3 sided enclosures (about 1M square) out of wood, , With Outdoor Lighting You Can Enjoy Your Garden Into The Evening Hours wire, tin, whatever is laying about the place. , Teak Garden Furniture If you're in a place , What You Should Know About Miniature Roses that gets a lot of rain, think about keeping a tarp handy so the compost , Shed Kits heap doesn't get too soggy. It should be in a shady corner of your garden. , Backyard Landscape Plan - Think About Your Family's Lifestyle First

Composting doesn't work if you continually feed just one pile. The composting is never finished in those circumstances. So start with one pile by adding waste plant , Gardening - An Expression and kitchen , Buying Teak Wood Furniture Responsibly refuse. This can include grass , Making the Most of the Front of Your Home Using Wind Chimes clippings, spent plants, , A Storage Bench Provides Much Needed Outdoor Space fruit , Decorative Stone Uses For Landscaping peelings, egg shells and non fatty kitchen , Stump Grinders - Use Stump Grinders Safely! scraps.

NEVER use fat, oil or meat in your compost. , Tomatoes: Apples Of Love They will attract vermin. Other things that will slow down your compost , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 15) Ozone include paper, rice hulls, wood , Teak Outdoor Furniture -- From the Forests to Ships to Your Patio shavings, woody cuttings and tough or oily leaves (like those from evergreens). Diseased plants , Teak Garden Furniture and weeds , Hydroponics in Your Garden should also be kept out of your compost. , Teak Garden Furniture

Fill the compost , Teak Outdoor Furniture -- From the Forests to Ships to Your Patio enclosure to 6-8 inches (15-20cm) with your refuse. Then spread a couple of scoops of agricultural lime and a handful of complete fertilizer. Continue layering to a height of about 3 feet over time. Every few weeks, turn the compost , Say Your Feelings with Flowers - Flower Meaning to encourage decomposition. If the compost , Want A View? Start Growing Orchids On Trees material is dry, give it a light , Ornamental Fountain watering after turning.

Start your second pile while this one is 'cooking'.

Your compost , Backyard Landscape Plan - Think About Your Family's Lifestyle First should be ready for the garden , Ornamental Fountain in 6-8 weeks. By continuing to alternate between the two piles, you will have a continuous supply of fresh garden , Guaranteed Gladioli, Summer Colour that Returns compost for your garden , Want A View? Start Growing Orchids On Trees beds while recycling your kitchen , With Outdoor Lighting You Can Enjoy Your Garden Into The Evening Hours refuse.
Judy Williams ( splits her time between being a media executive and an earth , How Savvy Gardeners Use Mulch To Make Garden Work Easier mother goddess. No Dig Vegetable Gardens , Shed Kits represents a clean, green , Fuchsia procumbens way to grow , Teak Garden Furniture your own food. , How to Make a Simple Homemade Aeroponics System The site covers all aspects of growing, , Teak Furniture for Your Garden: Add a Touch of Something Spectacular cooking and preserving your harvest.

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