Composting for Kids


Article by: Katina Mooneyham

I'd think some kids would say yuck to the prospect of a compost , To Make Your Own Garden in a Pot bin especially when they learn of the rot and decay that go on in the pile. Some kids might think it interesting. Either way, knowing that compost , Starting a Shade Garden... helps the garden , Growing Clematis to grow , The Meanings Behind the Colors of Roses better, faster and more productive can help change , Don't Roll that Lawn a kid's mind about compost , Wildlife in Winter Ponds or make it more interesting.

What is Composting?

A compost , Gardening With Climbing Roses pile is basically rotted material used to supplement a garden , Dog Damage to Lawns area with nutrients and moisture , How to Win the War Against Slugs and Snails retention power. , An Introduction to Bonsai Maple Trees But it's more than just a pile of rot. There is a science and art to a compost , Cultivating Plants In Your Garden...What To Watch Out For pile.

Everything rots eventually. When it breaks down, it breaks down into a simpler, less complex substance. This can be stimulated by many things in the environment , Easy Care Of Phalaenopsis including weathering (erosion) and other chemicals.

The soil , Growing Tea Herbs for Fun or Profit consists of layers. The top layer is often called the organic , Adirondack Chairs - How to Care for and Clean Them material layer because it's where the plants , Starting a Shade Garden... get their nutrients. When you form a compost , Wildlife in Winter Ponds pile, you are adding to this ability to maintain the correct amount of nutrients and add a moisture , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (part 8) History retention ability, the ability to hold water , How To Design And Build A Fish Pond which the living plants , How to Win the War Against Slugs and Snails need.

Building a Compost , Read This Article if You Want to Stop Droughts Bin

Compost piles can be simple or they can be elaborate. Kids can usually dig the simple compost , Decorative Concrete - The Beginnings pile. It's simple and yet a very effective compost , Tips for Buying Plants Online pile.

Containing the compost , Gardening With Climbing Roses is the best bet because it allows you to control the pile better. It also prevents wind or animals from coming and destroying your compost , Landscaping of Hindu Religious Places pile.

Any type of container will do as long as you have some air , How To Keep Your Yard Ornamental With A Proper Sago Palm Care holes. The air , Tips for Buying Plants Online does help break down the compost , Winterizing Your Roses pile. Remember, it needs to rot. You could also take building , How To Build A Garden Bench materials such as bricks, blocks or wood , Snakes - They're Not as Slithery as Some People I Know! and build a small box or rectangular shaped container. Then make sure you have some sort of lid even just a piece of wood , Mosquito Farms? Is That What Water Gardens Are? that you place , Winterizing Your Roses on top.

Be sure to turn the compost , 'Sir Cedric Morris' Hardy Geranium at least once a day, preferably twice a day in hotter weather. , Snakes - They're Not as Slithery as Some People I Know! The compost , 7 Tips for Creating Fresh Hydrangea Bouquets pile needs to cook. Cook? Yes, it gets hot , Tips for Buying Plants Online and that helps organisms such as bacteria to further the rotting process. You can constantly add stuff to the compost , Read This Article if You Want to Stop Droughts pile as it continues to break down. It can take a little or long time to break down things depending on what it put into the compost , Teas Important Role in Reducing Disease pile.

What to Put into the Compost , Growing Sweet Peas Pile

There are many things that can be put into the compost , Growing Nostalgic "Old Roses" In Your Garden pile and there are some things you should not put into the compost , Adirondack Chairs - How to Care for and Clean Them pile. You can put leaves and grass , Snakes - They're Not as Slithery as Some People I Know! clippings from when you (or your parents) mow the lawn. , 10 Excellent Tips on Successfully Planting Your Trees and or Shrubs These help add nutrients too. You can also add table scraps such as the leftover green , The Best Types Of Fish For Your Garden Pond peas or other vegetables. , Concrete Curb Landscaping

Just be sure not to add any scraps that include meat or other material that contains oil like pastas. These can cause an odor and that might attract unwanted visitors to your compost , Read This Article if You Want to Stop Droughts pile such as raccoons, opossums and insects.

You can add some things to a compost , Wildlife in Winter Ponds pile like a compost , Adirondack Chairs - How to Care for and Clean Them starter substance that you buy at a home , The Best Types Of Fish For Your Garden Pond and garden , ing With Climbing Roses store. This contains helpful bacteria that help break down the compost , Wildlife in Winter Ponds pile faster and effectively.

Remember to turn your compost , Lawn Furniture: Wood, Metal, or Plastic? Classy, Convenient, or Cheap? pile at least once or twice a day. Turn it also when you add new stuff to mix it in good. Begin a compost , How to Grow Organic Cigar Tobacco pile today and you will have a very rich garden , Landscaping of Hindu Religious Places in the future.
Katina Mooneyham is the contributing editor for Little Gardeners ( Garden , 7 Tips for Creating Fresh Hydrangea Bouquets and She has written various articles on gardening , Compost Tumblers - Gardeners Love Them mostly about gardening , Choosing A Landscape Contractor with kids. She maintains a blog on gardening , Wildlife in Winter Ponds at

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