Container Gardening Is For Everyone


Article by: Steve Silk

Container gardening , Use Floating Row Covers to Grow Better Cucumbers Without Spraying is for everyone. Whether all your gardening , Garden Delights For Midsummer is done on a deck, , Tips for Preparing a Planting Bed in window , Discount Garden Benches boxes, even if you have an eighty by fifty foot garden, , Fertilizing to Create More Blossoms on Your Flowers, Flowering Shrubs, and Trees plants , June Gardening Tips in containers will always have their place , Slugging It Out In The Trenches - can always be used to highlight, illuminate, accent and decorate , Hydroponics in Your Garden your out-door living areas and places , Palm Trees For Sale of visual prominence.

Metal pans, clay urns, terra cotta pots, , Orchids Are One Of Nature's Most Beautiful Flowers wine tubs, wood , Garden Benches boxes, bath tubs, glass , Garden Pond Liners bowls, wire baskets, sisal rope planters, cement hollows, hyper tufa hand crafted , The Garden As Healer containers and broken crocks - to mention a few, all work well as planters.

Real wine tubs are excellent because they are already naturally 'cured' so resist rot. Redwood and Cedar are the most expensive woods , Basic Chainsaw Maintenance but they last wonderfully well outdoors, , An Autumn Garden for Halloween need no weather , An Autumn Garden for Halloween treatment beyond a quick spraying of a preservative and are a pleasure to see, but beware. Many ready made planters are built of solid cedar on the outside , Discount Garden Benches but use toxic treated pine on the inside. , Patio Chairs - Why My Green Patio Metal Bench Is Giving Me Immense Satisfaction Look for a sickly greenish yellow color. , Reblooming Poinsettia If it doesn't look inside , Furniture Benches Are Perfect For Every Outdoor Space like the same wood , How to Grow Blueberries on the outside, , How to Grow Hydrangeas don't buy it, or put a liner in it.

Liners can be made of metal, , Hydroponics in Your Garden fiber glass , Tips for Preparing a Planting Bed or plastic, , Garden Pond Liners none of which is ideal because they don't breathe but all of which will work. If you use a liner be sure to provide holes for good drainage.

Redwood planters are often dyed and that dye is questionable, as are those planters' method of binding, (often flat , The Cottage Garden metal bands which break before the wood , Spring Planting Tips has deteriorated.) If you choose a planter of this kind, you will do well to give it extra support before the binding breaks.

When selecting or making wood , Green Grass Cutting: Reel Lawnmowers planters keep in mind that the more soil , Garden Ponds surrounding the roots , Green Grass Cutting: Reel Lawnmowers of the plants , The Secret to Pruning Apple Trees the less tendency there is for desiccation and for freezing so keep them as large as space and pocket allow.

Terra Cotta pots , Basic Chainsaw Maintenance are better than glazed clay or plastic pots , How to Grow Blueberries because their permeability allows the passage of air. , Planting for Wildlife If you have a particularly pretty glazed pot, , Dealing With Pests In a Hydroponic Garden you're better off planting in a plain pot , How To Start Your Garden From Seeds The Right Way and putting that inside , Patio Accessories – Complete The Great Outdoors the decorative one.

Container Making

With a little labor , Slugging It Out In The Trenches you can make your own attractive pots , Flowers and Butterflies, the Perfect Combination! and basins. Here's how:

If you have access to a level of ground: Dig a hole to the desired depth of pot , Use Floating Row Covers to Grow Better Cucumbers Without Spraying you want. Take a plastic , Furniture Benches Are Perfect For Every Outdoor Space container, ( a child's bucket, a water , Patio Design and Patio Furniture - The Use of Focal Points jug with the pointed end cut off, etc.) and put a round hole or two in the bottom. Coat the outside , Garden Benches with vegetable , Garden Benches oil and place , Spring Planting Tips it upside down in the hole over a mound of earth , Garden Delights For Midsummer leaving, about two inches evenly all around between the container and the surrounding soil, , Patio Accessories – Complete The Great Outdoors and between the top, which will become the bottom of the pot, , Garden Ponds and the ground.

Into the holes of the container place , Myths About Lawns snug fitting dowels or sticks extending above ground level. (The cement is going to go over the bottom of the plastic , Reblooming Poinsettia container and the dowels will stick through it, for drainage holes.)

Purchase a bag of sackrete, (a ready mix of sand, , Basic Chainsaw Maintenance gravel , Avoid Common Gardening Errors and cement), and a small bag of peat moss. Mix a batch of sackrete, (follow directions on the package, making it the consistency of thick soup), adding a couple handfuls of peat, and if you like, of soil , Spring Planting Tips for an earthier look.

Pour this mixture into the hole and over the top of the plastic , Reblooming Poinsettia container being sure the sticks are protruding through, and tamp it down. When the mix becomes firm, but not hard, carefully twist out the sticks.

When the concrete , Myths About Lawns is hardened, (there are different kinds of mixes so read the bag label to see when this should be), remove your pot , Green Thumb Gifts: Beyond Gardening Gloves from the ground. The plastic , Planting for Wildlife container should slide out readily. Wire brush or hose off the pot , Tips for Preparing a Planting Bed and plant , Reblooming Poinsettia it up.

If you don't have access to a level of ground: Get two cardboard boxes, one of which fits into the other with about an inch or two of space between all around. Unless they are very strong, reinforce them with tape around the sides and over the corners. Smear some vegetable , How to Grow Hydrangeas over the inside , Use Floating Row Covers to Grow Better Cucumbers Without Spraying of the larger and the outside , Hydroponics in Your Garden of the smaller. Cut several candles each to two inches in length and fix these to the bottom of the larger box, evenly spaced. Make the mix as described above and fill the larger box to the tops of the candles.

Place the smaller box inside , Flowers – One of Life's Small Pleasures the larger, resting on the candles, and put a little weight in it. Work the sackrete mix between the boxes to whatever height you want the sides of your container to be. If necessary you can put small blocks of wood , The Garden As Healer between the two boxes to keep the spacing right.

When the concrete , Garden Pond Liners mix is hardened, pull away the boxes. If the candles don't easily pull out of the bottom you can drill through them.

Experimenting with these two methods you can fairly easily make a variety of shapes and sizes of attractive containers.

Designing With Containers

If you are grouping containers together, such as on a deck, , How to Find and Work With a Porch Swing Contractor To Install the Porch Swing of Your Dreams a variety of sizes gives the best look. Aesthetically, you are better off with say, one large container and two smaller rather than three medium sized pots. , Garden Delights For Midsummer In addition, they needn't all be on the same plane.

Put a few on benches , Concrete Curb Landscaping or tables or inverted pots , Discount Garden Benches and if possible, use hanging baskets and wall , Green Thumb Gifts: Beyond Gardening Gloves planters as well. All manner of old tubs and basins can be effective design , Concrete Curb Landscaping elements in a container garden , The As Healer and as with size, a variety will give a richer look than will a collection of pots , Hydroponics in Your Garden all of the same kind. Do have a repetition of textures, however, as overly eclectic can look too busy.

As with containers, a variety of plants, , Patio Chairs - Why My Green Patio Metal Bench Is Giving Me Immense Satisfaction from small ornamental trees , Garden Benches through shrubs , Fertilizing to Create More Blossoms on Your Flowers, Flowering s, and Trees and vines to perennials , The Use of Color in Your Landscape and annuals , Planting for Wildlife creates the most satisfying container garden. , The Cottage The idea, generally, and if space allows, is to create an environment, , Green Grass Cutting: Reel Lawnmowers an little ecosystem comprised of members from several plant , Furniture Benches Are Perfect For Every Outdoor Space groups. Hanging baskets contribute to this effect too, bringing the garden , Green Grass Cutting: Reel Lawnmowers upward and allowing it to reach downward. A future edition will be dedicated to hanging baskets and wall , Slugging It Out In The Trenches planters.


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