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Article by: Michael McGroarty

As a home , Landscape Photography & Painting gardener, fall , Basics of Landscaping should be a very special time for you. Fall , Natural Garden Pest Control is the best season , Growing African Violets in Natural Light of the year for plant , Solar Lights for Walkways - Cut Costs propagation, especially for home , Relaxation in the Garden Starts With a Swing Bed gardeners who do not have the luxury of intermittent mist. The technique that I am going to describe here can be equally effective for evergreens as well as many deciduous plants. , A Rather Shady Affair

The old rule of thumb was to start doing hardwood cuttings of evergreens after you have experienced at least two hard freezes. After two hard freezes the plants , How To Build A Waterfall are completely dormant.

However, based on my experience it is beneficial to start doing your evergreen cuttings earlier than that. So instead of doing "by the book" hardwood cuttings you're actually working with semi-hardwood cuttings. The down side to starting your cuttings early is that they will have to be watered daily unless you experience rain showers. , Garden Gnomes Inspire Cult Following Worldwide The up side is that they will start rooting sooner, and therefore are better rooted when you pull them out to transplant them.

To prepare an area in which to root , Conservation cuttings you must first select a site. An area that is about 50% shaded will work great. Full sun , Landscape Photography & Painting will work, it just requires that you tend to the cuttings more often. Clear all grass , Fabric Hammocks or other vegetation from the area that you have selected. The size of the area is up to you. Realistically, you can fit about one cutting per square inch of bed , Fabric Hammocks area. You might need a little more area per cutting, it depends on how close you stick the cuttings in the sand. , A Rather Shady Affair

Once you have an area cleared off all you have to do is build a wooden , Marsh Marigold frame and lay it on the ground in the area that you cleared. Your frame is a simple as four 2 by 4's or four 2 by 6's nailed together at each corner. It will be open on the top and open on the bottom. Just lay it on the ground in the cleared area, and fill it with a coarse grade of sand. , Robotic Lawn Mowers Keep Burglars Away

This sand , Marble Mosaic Art should be clean (no mud or weed , Lose That Ugly Algae! seed), and much coarser than the sand , Growing African Violets in Natural Light used in a play box. Visit your local , Amaryllis Secrets builders supply center and view each sand , Marble Mosaic Art pile they have. They should have different grades varying from very fine to very coarse. You don't want either. You want something a little more coarse than their medium grade. But then again it's not rocket science, so don't get all worked up trying to find just the right grade. Actually, bagged swimming pool filter sand , Beauty After life - Plants For Drying - Grasses also works and should be available at discount home , Lawn Furniture: Wood, Metal, or Plastic? Classy, Convenient, or Cheap? centers.

Once your wooden , A Quick Guide To Yard Bridges frame is on the ground and filled with sand, , Robotic Lawn Mowers Keep Burglars Away you're ready to start sticking cuttings. Wet the sand , Landscape Lighting With Solar Outdoor Lighting Fixtures is a Great Way to Save Money on Decorating the day before you start, that will make it possible for you to make a slit in the sand , Landscape Photography & Painting that won't fill right in. In this propagation box you can do all kinds of cuttings, but I would start with the evergreens first. Taxus, Junipers, and Arborvitae.

Make the cuttings about 4" long and remove the needles from the bottom two thirds of the cuttings. Dip them in a rooting compound and stick them in the sand , Concrete Curb Landscaping about an inch or so. Most garden , Working with Landscape Contractors centers sell rooting compounds. Just tell them that you are rooting hardwood cuttings of evergreens.

When you make the Arborvitae cuttings you can actually remove large branches from an Arborvitae and just tear them apart and get hundreds of cuttings from one branch. When you tear them apart that leaves a small heel on the bottom of the cutting. Leave this heel on. It represents a wounded area, and the cutting will produce more roots , Lose That Ugly Algae! because of this wound.

Once the weather , How to Use Garden Ornaments gets colder and you have experienced at least one good hard freeze, the deciduous plants , The Perfect Beginner Perennial Flower should be dormant and will have dropped their leaves, and you can now propagate them. Just make cuttings about 4" long, dip them in a rooting compound and stick them in the bed , Fertilizing Your Water Lilies... of sand. , Free Concrete/Hypertufa Mixer Plans Not everything will root , Working with Landscape Contractors this way, but a lot of things will, and it takes little effort to find out what will work and what won't.

This is a short list of just some of the things that root , Fertilizing Your Water Lilies... fine this way. Taxus, Juniper, Arborvitae, Japanese Holly, Blue , Hammock Chairs - Relax in Style Boy/Girl Holly, Boxwood, Cypress, Forsythia, Rose , Lose That Ugly Algae! of Sharon, Sandcherry, Weigela, Red Twig Dogwood, Variegated Euonymus, Cotoneaster, Privet, and Viburnum.

Immediately after sticking the cuttings thoroughly soak the sand , Garden Gnomes Inspire Cult Following Worldwide to make sure there are no air , Wild Flowers pockets around the cuttings. Keep the cuttings watered once or twice daily as long as the weather , Teak Planters - Accent Your Outdoor Space with One is warm. Once winter , Conservation sets it you can stop watering, but if you get a warm dry spell, water , Unique Flowers make a memorable gift! during that time.

Start watering again in the spring , A Quick Guide To Yard Bridges and throughout out the summer. , Robotic Lawn Mowers Keep Burglars Away The cuttings should be rooted by late spring , Why Patio Benches are a Great Place to Relax and Enjoy and you can cut back on the water, , Coping With Algae in the Garden Pond but don't let them dry out to the point that they burn up.

By fall , Tidy Your Garden Up Cheaply you can transplant them to a bed , Concrete Curb Landscaping and grow , Tidy Your Garden Up Cheaply them on for a year or two, or you can plant , Free Concrete/Hypertufa Mixer Plans them in their permanent location. , Lose That Ugly Algae! This technique takes 12 months, but it is simple and easy.

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