Exotic Flowers: Luxurious and Impressive for Your Home and Garden Decor


Article by: Anne Clarke

There are several types of exotic flowers , Common Landscape Design Features to best suit any occasion. And of course, depending on your personal taste, you will want to choose the best exotic flowers , Wooden Greenhouses you can obtain to be the perfect flowers, , How to Clone with Success the most adequate for the purpose they will be serving. For example: at someone's funeral, you may want to choose bouquet of flowers , Hummingbird Migration that the deceased would have loved. Here are some other examples (after all, these flowers , Dill: Scandinavia's Most Important Culinary Herb are for happy occasions as well as the more tragic ones.


The Chinese Musa flower , Learn How to Enhance Your Habitat is a stunning example of the kinds of exotic flowers , Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Safe? that are perfect for gardens , On The Cheap or bouquets.


The exotic flower , The Use of Color in Your Landscape called the Genus Calathea is in the Marantaceae family of plowers, however it differs from other genera. The Marantaceae family of exotic flowers, , Getting Rid of Garden Pests with Less Chemicals in which Maranta and Ctenanthe are included, are unbranched inflorescences cone-like clusters.

The calathea comes from tropical , A Portable Perennial Garden South America, Calathea, it has about three hundred different species. These flowers , Planning Tips for Compact Courtyard Gardens love the shade and humidity, they are virtually all grown in much of the world only indoors. , February Plants are Going to Pot These flowers , Online Florists require full shade from the sun. , Spruce Budworm However, if they must, they can handle a small amount of morning sun. , Tips On Growing And Caring For Orchids These exotic flowers , A Portable Perennial Garden need their soil , Planting Your Garden to be moist but well-drained soil, , Easy Landscaping and Curb Appeal for Florida Homes the use of a fertilizer is recommended.

When, on the rare occasion that these exotic flowers , Orchid Care - What The Root Tells Us are grown outside"”you must be sure that they are healthy, , Flower Shops they must be free from all pests , Orchid Care - What The Root Tells Us and diseases. , A Portable Perennial Garden Some of calathea will die midwinter, but will return again midsummer.


Cymbidiums contain approximately forty-four species they are found in the tropics of the old world. The elegant, large flowered types of cymbidiums come from the higher regions of the Himalayas, and they must be kept in cool conditions in order to bloom well.


Dendrobiums actually have about one thousand different species in their enormous family, they have countess hybrids as well. However, there are many varied growing , Dill: Scandinavia's Most Important Culinary Herb conditions for this type of exotic flower. , For The Most Luxurious Dining Outdoors: Ready Or Not, Outdoor Kitchens Are Here! It is recommended that one establish from where in the world, and at what altitude their plant , Spruce Budworm is accustom to, in order to determine how to , Backyard Landscaping Ideas To Make A Difference In Your Home best take care of the plant. , For The Most Luxurious Dining Outdoors: Ready Or Not, Outdoor Kitchens Are Here!


Miltonias are referred to as the Pansy Orchid , Revolutionary New Pond Combines Both Preformed Pond with Watercourse sometimes. There are approximately ten different kinds of species, and miltonias are found primarily in Brazil, therefore they are warm-weather flowers, , Wood Sheds and there are many hybrids with wonderful fragrance, because the militona is such a fragrant flower , Tool Sheds to begin with. These flowers , Landscaping of Hindu Religious Places will add a wonderful sensory ambiance to their surroundings, because in addition to their scent they are extremely pleasing to the eye.


Odontoglossums also have a wide range of species, approximately 0ne hundred and seventy-five. These exotic flowers , Orchid Care - What The Root Tells Us originated in the mountains of South America, as well as in higher altitudes and are used to wet clouded forests. Thus these wonderful flowers , Light Up the Night! Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting must be tended to under cool conditions, many hybrids exist as well, so there are many types to choose from.


These are among the most popular exotic flowers , Orchid Care - What The Root Tells Us and there are approximately six hundred different species in existence. They come from the tropics of the Americas, and few of them even grow , Tool Sheds in high altitudes, these also must be supervised under cooler conditions. Fortunately, the hybrids are more tolerant than the species, you will find that this is true for most plants. , ing Your Garden


Paphiopedilums, the root , Slugging It Out In The Trenches word being Paphinia"”who was the greek Goddess that the Romans later named Venus. Around sixty species exist, coming from Asia India and New Guinea. There are species with mottled leaved which need to be kept in warm conditions. And the paphiopedilums that are plain leaved and single flowered require intermediate/cool conditions, and plain leaved multiflowered species have to have warm environments , Easy Landscaping and Curb Appeal for Florida Homes to survive.


Phalaenopsis, or the exotic flower , Garden On The Cheap that is often called the Moth Orchid , February Plants are Going to Pot comes from Java and the South Seas, the Phillipines and Queensland Australia. Therefore, they are definitely warm weather , Grass Clippings growers, and they do prefer to be in the shade. Phalaenopsis would make the perfect houseplant, , Orchid Care - What The Root Tells Us they are very free flowering , February Plants are Going to Pot and also make great gifts.


Vandas have approximately fifty species. Several hybrids have been derived from the tropics, Asia, and the orient"”as far down as Australia. These hybrids require a warm environment , Planting Your Garden that includes plenty of bright light. , Grass Clippings Many people hang them in their homes , How to Clone with Success or gardens , Getting Rid of Pests with Less Chemicals from wooden , Flower Shops baskets.

Water Gardening:

Water Lilies and Lotuses are a beautiful , You Can Grow Your Own Herb Garden - Part 2 touch to your pond, , Tips On Growing And Caring For Orchids or waterfall , Light Up the Night! Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting etc. Major cultivars of water , Wood Sheds lilies and lotuses"”almost all of which are hybridizers"”explore the best landscapes , Light Up the Night! Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting in which to grow , How to Clone with Success these exotic flowers. , You Can Grow Your Own Herb Garden - Part 2

Nymphaea and Nelumbo:

The genera Nymphaea and Nelumbo are beautiful , Preaparing Your Plants For Winter species of exotic flowers, , Learn How to Enhance Your Habitat other genera in the waterlily family include Nuphar, Victoria, Euryale, Barclaya


Draecena (otherwise known as the dragon's tree) is an exotic flower , Learn How to Enhance Your Habitat that neither requires regular watering, nor does it need much light , Hummingbird Migration at all. It's a symbol of power , Tool Sheds and prosperity. These flowers , Shops may live up to one thousand years. A perfect gift for yourself , Outdoor Waterfalls or a friend or family member who does not have that much time for gardening, , Dill: Scandinavia's Most Important Culinary Herb but would love to have a beautiful garden, , Shed Kits however small, and something elegant and exotic to pass on for generations to come.

Anyone can add a striking touch of color , Wooden Greenhouses to their home, , Step by Step 'Leaf' Stepping Stones or even the office with the elegant of wild exotic flowers. , Getting Rid of Garden Pests with Less Chemicals Exotic plants , Easy Landscaping and Curb Appeal for Florida Homes and flowers , February Plants are Going to Pot add a beautiful , Grow Some Interesting Plants You Won't Find At Your Local Greenhouse touch to any garden, , Outdoor Waterfalls home, , Why I Decided To Plan My Next Years Garden Last Fall, And Why patio , Revolutionary New Pond Combines Both Preformed Pond with Watercourse or yard, , Wood Sheds as well as weddings, celebrations, banquets, and more solemn occasions.
5Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, , New Uses For Old Plants parenting, fashion, and home , Outdoor Waterfalls decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. , 7 Timeless Garden Decor Practices For more of her articles on gardening , Easy Landscaping and Curb Appeal for Florida Homes please visit Exotic Flowers. , Learn How to Enhance Your Habitat Exotic Plants , Tips On Growing And Caring For Orchids and Flowers. , Growing and Harvesting Rose Hips

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