Five Quick Tips to Get Your Kids Gardening


Article by: Katina Mooneyham

Starting a garden , Two Answers to a Poinsettia FAQ: How Can I Get My Poinsettia to Rebloom? is a rewarding task. There is a lot involved when you first invest time into gardening , Planting for Wildlife but in the end it brings many benefits including fresh and healthier food , The Many Faces of a Fence and it can even bring in the benefit of a little extra cash.

Getting your kids involved in the gardening , Hydroponics - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 10) Nutrients process is even more rewarding. The kids learn responsibility, patience and the way nature , Gardening - Plumeria Plant Care works.

But how can you start the kids on their adventure into gardening? Here are a few ideas.

Give Kids the Choice

Giving kids a voice in design , Permanently Remove Green Pool Algae and choice in the garden , Conservation matters. It will make them feel like the garden , Henry Doubleday Research Association is a more personal experience to them.

Even the younger kids can have a choice with parental encouragement. Allow the younger kids to choose which vegetable , Granite Flexible Preformed Rock Ponds to plant , Conservation in their garden , Hydroponics ing - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 10) Nutrients this year. Or allow them to help with the seed , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 10) Nutrients buying at the plant , Hardy Hibiscus nursery or home , Gardening For Birds and garden , Planting for Wildlife store.

The smallest decision can help a kid grow , Winterizing Your Roses to love the gardening , Why Bonsai Beginners Love Baby Jade experience.

Give Kids a Garden , Improve Your Yard and With an ATV Plow of their Own

Give the kids a small garden , Palm Trees For Sale area of their own even if it is just one small pot. , The Many Faces of a Fence Help them decide what would go best in that small plot.

Don't make the area too big or the kids may soon get too overwhelmed. The size of the garden , Two Answers to a Poinsettia FAQ: How Can I Get My Poinsettia to Rebloom? depends on the kid. Bigger kids can handle more and thus should have a bigger area but no more than three or four feet wide.

Give Kids Garden , How to Grow a Pineapple Jobs

Assign garden , Watering and Tending to Your Bamboo Plant Correctly jobs and chores just as you would any chore. Watering, putting away tools, , The Truth About MTD Snow Blowers and weeding are just a few chores that most kids could do on their own. Other jobs such as tilling and transplanting could be done by older kids.

Garden Science

Kids seem to have a fascination for science and how things work. Get the kids involved in the garden , Granite Flexible Preformed Rock Ponds by showing them the science of plants. , Yellow Headed Spruce Sawfly

It doesn't have to be elaborate science either. There are experiments you can do right in the garden , Designing Your Flower For Year-Round Beauty or on the back porch. , Hardy Hibiscus Plant , Winterizing Your Roses different varieties of plants , Exotic Flowers: Luxurious and Impressive for Your Home and Garden Decor and see which grow , Peonies 'Krinkled White' and 'Vivid Rose' better. Try different soils , Starting a Wildflower Garden and see which plant , I Was Asked if I Had Any Stepping Stone Molds grows faster and healthier. What about saving seeds , Concrete Curb Landscaping for next year? There are so many different science activities that could be done in the garden. , Your - Start With The Basics

Continue the Cycle

Start the kids early in life and they might just grow , Gardening For Birds up to continue the tradition with their own kids. The cycle will continue and perhaps you can garden , Container ingTips with your grandkids someday.
Katina Mooneyham is the contributing editor for Little Gardeners ( Garden , Why Bonsai Beginners Love Baby Jade and She has written various articles on gardening , 5 Most Popular Flowers for Your Garden mostly about gardening , Designing Your Flower Garden For Year-Round Beauty with kids. She maintains a blog on gardening , Palm Trees For Sale at

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