Fleur De Lotus: Purity in a Sullied World


Article by: Nur Syahid

Rising from a muddy pond, , Reblooming Poinsettia a lotus flower , Water Garden - Pond Pumps To Pump Up The Volume blossoms. Such epitome of purity in a turbid environment , Hummingbird Migration has sparked off much inspiration in ancient oriental literature and Buddhist teachings, shaping a repertoire of odes to the graceful demeanour and refreshing fragrance of the lotus.


The lotus has played a vital role in the creation of the world, according to Egyptian mythology. Before the universe came into being, there was an infinite ocean of inert water , Tulip Bulbs which constituted the primeval being named Num. Out of Num emerged a lotus flower , Backpack Blowers and when it blossomed, the self-created sun , How to Choose a Pond or Fountain Light god, Atum, stepped out as a child. In fact, the lotus flower , Hummingbird Migration is featured extensively in the artwork of ancient Egypt.

Ecologically, the first stirrings of life in the world arose in water. , Colour in the Garden Premised on the botanical understanding that the lotus is one of the world's first flowering plants, , Finding the Right Landscaping Company it is conceivable that lotus is a living fossil.

In Indian culture, the lotus is symbol of rebirth and a manifestation of truth, ideals, beauty, peace and enlightenment.

Since ancient times, lotus has always been a gastronomical delight in Chinese cuisine, with recipes ranging from rice wrapped in lotus leaf to lotus roots , Organic Gardening Intro soup.


The lotus is an Asian water , Pond Liners lily that possesses an amazing ability to flourish in a variety of environments , Professional Lawn Watering Techniques - Wireless Sensors for Lawns in Drought Areas ranging from clear ponds , Concrete Mold Buying Tips to muddy marshes. It is also renowned for its hearty seed , Tulip Bulbs pods, which often plant , Pond Liners themselves away from its source, spreading the beauty of the lotus blossoms far and wide.

Most lotus seeds , Finding the Right Landscaping Company remain quiescent during the cold , Soils, the Natural Solution or dry season , Amaryllis Secrets and germinate only under favourable growth conditions.

The exquisite lotus flower , Solar Garden Lights is usually white , Water Conservation in the Garden - Use a Rain Barrel to Harvest Rainwater or pink , May Gardening Tips for the Southwest in colour , Reblooming Poinsettia with 15 or more oval petals that spread out in elegance and a peculiar, flat , The Best Types Of Fish For Your Garden Pond seedcase at its centre.

Health Notes

All parts of the lotus provide a range of health benefits, making the lotus a plant , Garden On The Cheap with comprehensive healing properties. , Growing Great Asparagus

A good and mild tonic in its own right, the lotus seed , Pond Liners is used primarily as an astringent to aid tonic formulations in the kidney and spleen. It prevents the loss of essences from our body and has a stabilising effect on the mind. Tests have shown that it can also slow down the aging process.

Lotus leaves are able to strengthen heart and liver functions. They also help to lower body temperature , Tulip Bulbs and restore proper functions of the body, by improving the ability of our tissues to metabolise nutrients and eliminate wastes.

Lotus roots , Easy Lawn Care - Use Clover - Ditch the Pesticide are beneficial for the lung and stomach and help to curb bleeding. Lotus also acts as a booster for our flora and fauna.

Lotus essence is able to intensify the effects of other flower , The Best Types Of Fish For Your Garden Pond essences. As lotus is one of the flowers , Urban Water Lilies with the highest vibrations, it encourages a gentle unfolding of the highest potential within animals and provides solace to abused or neglected animals, enabling them to rise above their suppression.

With its delicate fragrance, quiet elegance and unsullied characteristics, Bel'Air's Fleur De Lotus essential oil can likewise engender an oasis of tranquillity for meditation, to elevate our spiritual health to a higher level.

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