Forever & Ever Double Pink Hydrangea


Article by: Alan Summers

A Repeat Blooming Hydrangea with Double Blooms

Hydrangea Forever and Ever Double Pink , Azalea 'My Mary' is a beautiful , Orchids Plus More Newsletter - December, 2004 new introduction for 2006 that comes from a Japanese breeder and is very floriferous and long-blooming.

Like the widely popular Endless Summer , Vermiculture: Indoor Composting and Organic Soil Improvement Hydrangea, Forever and Ever Double Pink , Using Push Reel Mowers blooms on both old and new wood , Teak Adirondack Chairs and blooms repeatedly throughout the season. , Landscape Wallpaper Double pink's unique multi-petalled flowers , Gardening - What are Annuals and Biennials? create a billowy mound of full 6 inch clusters that almost cover the plant , Gardening - What are Annuals and Biennials? when it blooms. The mounding habit reaches about 24-30" tall and grows , Birdbaths to about 36" wide.

Forever and Ever Double Pink's compact habit makes it perfect for containers or small gardens. , Room Basics The fact that it blooms on new wood , Birdbaths makes it great for northern areas where it is traditionally difficult to have hydrangeas bloom.

Planting and Care

  • For best results plant , Make The Most From Your Vegetable Garden in early spring , Why Patio Benches are a Great Place to Relax and Enjoy to late summer. , Mowing the Lawn
  • Prefers an area with morning sun , Vegetable Gardening and afternoon shade.
  • Will perform best in moist, but not wet, soil. , Flower Crabapples: A Baker's Dozen Add Soil , Recipes for Concrete and Hypertufa Moist if you think the soil , Tips for a Bulb-o-licious Garden is too dry.
  • Plant so the top of the root , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 7) - Hard Water ball is a half inch below the surface of the soil. , Feng Shui In the Garden
  • For the best pink-toned blooms, use Chesapeake Blue , Birdbaths Crab Compost, , Bonsai Trees For Sale - Things To Know Before You Buy with a handful of Bulb-Tone and a handful of Lime at planting.
  • Top-dress with a handful of Bulb-Tone and, in acid soils, , Erosion Control a handful of Lime every year in late November and early March.
  • Hardy in zones 5 to 9.

Cick here to view Hydrangea Forever and Ever Double Pink , Patio Umbrella Covers on the Carroll Gardens , Tips for a Bulb-o-licious website.

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