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Article by: Debbie Rodgers

When hot, , Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) 'White Ball' sticky days hit, try to use all your senses to keep cool. Sight and sound have amazing psychological effects, even when the thermometer soars.

One of the most cooling and relaxing sounds I know is that of a trickling spring. , Zucchini: A Power House of Nutrition It relaxes my mind and helps my body unwind. In the city, it can drown out the sounds of the daily hustle and bustle of life, calming and refreshing the spirit. I also love the glinting, reflective surface of water. , Are There Really Black Roses? You can have the soothing coolness of water , How to Create a Zen Garden without a huge space so why not recreate this in your outdoor , Growing Clematis living area?

Some small water , For Lighting Fixtures and Landscape Lighting Get Solar Power Installed features have still water , Planning Saves Money, When Landscaping Your Property and aquatic plants , Zucchini: A Power House of Nutrition but with the fight to remove stagnant water , In Garden Design, Less Is More where mosquitoes can breed, many people now prefer items with moving water. , How to Use Garden Ornaments

The most popular "moving water" items are tabletop fountains, statuary fountains and spitting creatures. All rely on a pump , Annuals For Shade to circulate water , Names Of Spring Flowers through the feature. , Conservation The water , Orchids Versus the Traditional Rose is pumped up through plastic , Three Tips for a Better and Cheaper Lawn tubing and released into the fountain, returning to the bottom where it is pumped up the tubing again. Most pumps , Guaranteed Gladioli, Summer Colour that Returns run on an electrical connection but some smaller tabletop fountains have batteries. There are also solar , Cattleya Orchid Plant - Why They Are Not Popular units available that require no electrical hook-up.

Simple or elaborate, all fountain features , Permanently Remove Green Pool Algae have the following elements:

  • a "bottom" where the pump , Conservation where will be located and the water , Guaranteed Gladioli, Summer Colour that Returns returns. This can be a large pot, , April Gardening Tips - Southwest Region an urn, a trough and so on.

  • a "top" from which the water , Permanently Remove Green Pool Algae will emerge. This can be a small pot, , Basic Lawn Care - Mowing, Scarifiers, Aeration, and Watering Tips a fanciful creature such as a frog, a conch shell, etc.

  • a "middle" - the water , Patented Plants course which will receive the water , Permanently Remove Green Pool Algae from the top and return it to the bottom. This can be pots, , Outdoor Sports Lighting pebbles, shells, marbles, or even empty space, creating a freefall.

  • a pump. , A Bit About Bare Root Roses... Give crucial attention to two features , Corylopsis (Winterhazel) - Spicata of the pump: maximum gallons per hour (gph) and maximum lift.

The gph can vary from 35 gph for a small battery-operated tabletop unit to over 600 gph for large garden , Tomatoes: Apples Of Love fountains. Choose one appropriate to the size of your water , Cattleya Orchid Plant - Why They Are Not Popular feature - more is not necessarily better. A low gph will give you a gurgling effect in the same fountain that a higher gph pump , How to Create a Zen Garden would provide a steady stream - or even splash. It's strictly a personal preference within the range recommended for the fountain size.

The maximum lift figure tells you how high you can expect your "little pump , How to Create a Zen Garden that could" to push the water. , Conservation A small pump , Gypsum Valuable Input for Agriculture that has a lift of "up to 2 feet", for example would not be appropriate for your 3-foot wall , Traditional Wisdom or Old-fashioned Nonsense? mounted lion's head.

You will also want to consider the length of the electrical cord if applicable, and whether the unit has an on/off switch, if that's important to you. Remember, though, that water , Tractors and Their History left sitting will stagnate.

If you are making your own fountain, the pump , Japanese Beetles in the Roses is the most important part. Pump , Basic Lawn Care - Mowing, Scarifiers, Aeration, and Watering Tips kits are available that include pump , Traditional Wisdom or Old-fashioned Nonsense? and tubing but tubing is quite inexpensive (about 60¢ per foot) and can be purchased at most garden , Patio Umbrellas centers.

You can make a fountain from something as simple as terracotta pots , Want A View? Start Growing Orchids On Trees and pebbles. For instructions, visit

So soothe your senses with the calming sounds of moving water , Garden Heating the Traditional Way and keep cool in your outdoor , Patented Plants space!
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Debbie Rodgers owns and operates Paradise Porch, , Making a Garden Pond With a Pond Liner and is dedicated to helping people create outdoor , Garden Heating the Traditional Way living spaces that nurture and enrich them. Visit her on the web , Garden Sheds: Wood Finishing and Weatherproofing Tips at and get a free report on "Eight easy ways to create privacy in your outdoor , Wood Sheds space". Mail to

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