Garden for Birds #4


Article by: Ronald Patterson

I would like to know.....................

WHO STOLE SUMMER?????????????/

What did you do with it?

And where are you hiding it?

It seems as though just last week we were celebrating the beginning of summer. , History of the Adirondack Chair

Looking forward to our yards , Whack 'Em Back - Getting More Flowers by Pruning and gardens. , Timely Tips for Getting Your Ready for Winter

Planning vacations.

Now, parents are celebrating "BACK TO SCHOOL!"

That could mean more time in our yards , Starting Seedlings Indoors and enjoying the fruits , Ferns as Indoor Plants of our labor, , Starting A Container Garden however.

Enjoying our backyard , Creating Wildlife Gardens guests.

We've seen visitors come and go.

And all the feathered families we helped raise.

Now it's time to think of visitors heading south.

Keep your feeders cleaned and filled.

Very important is a source of fresh water. , Chickens in Your Backyard for Fun or Profit

Quite often a stranger will stop for a drink and you may be fortunate enough to see your guests.

You may want to keep a camera , Fish Fertilizers handy.

It's getting time to think about fall , Water Ponds and Wildlife - How To Attract More Animals to Your Backyard projects in our yards. , Patio Umbrellas and Beach Umbrellas. Practical and Appealing.

It's time to let annuals , Think Vintage for Your Garden go to seed , Amaryllis - A Perfect Flower For the Festive Season and let some perennials , Relaxation in the Garden Starts With a Swing Bed go as well.

Say................ do you have any grasses , Fish Fertilizers in your yard?

I'm not referring to the grass , Wild Flower Garden - Recreate the Splendor of Nature in Your Own Backyard you mow, or the stuff "Cheech and Chong" made so popular either.

I'm talking about ornamental grasses. , Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Hydroponics Gardening System

Ornamental grasses , Whack 'Em Back - Getting More Flowers by Pruning for your birds. , Chain Link Fences

No,I haven't flipped my lid.

Grasses are becoming more popular in landscaping, , Chickens in Your Backyard for Fun or Profit yet have you thought of the possibilities for wildlife?

For birds?

Grasses come in many varieties from only a couple inches tall to 15 feet and taller.

They come with names like "Little Bunny" and "Giganteus"

"Flamingo" and " Little Zebra"

How about "Karley Rose" or "Karl Forrester"

Names are as unique as the grasses , Palm Tree Care are.

Grasses can work as a ground cover, erosion control, a wind brake and look good while doing it.

Ornamental grass , Gardening - What are Annuals and Biennials? can make up a border, a barrier or become a focal point in your yard. , Chain Link Fences

Grasses can also help feed and shelter birds. , Wild Flower Garden - Recreate the Splendor of Nature in Your Own Backyard

This time of year, most grasses , Palm Tree Care are flowering , Whack 'Em Back - Getting More Flowers by Pruning or have showy plumes.

Many of these plumes produce seeds , Controlling Aphids for birds , Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Hydroponics Gardening System to munch on.

Foliage left up for the winter , Adirondack Chairs: An Ole' Time Becon for Rest months provide wind brakes and protection from harsh winter , Chain Link Fences winds

Birds may also make a mad dash to flee a predator.

Not to mention that the dry foliage and plumes can give depth and motion to an otherwise drab landscape. , Growing Nostalgic "Old Roses" In Your Garden

In spring, , Planting Tips birds , Have Year Round Color by Planting for s will be using bits and pieces for their nests.

Cut back your grasses , The all important Clematis 2 to 4 inches from the ground before new growth starts.

Most grasses , The Truth About Geraniums are hardy to zone 5 and many are hardy to zone 4

There are a few hardy to zone 3.

Once established, ornamental grass , Have Year Round Color by Planting for Birds needs little care.

Grasses come in about every shade of green , Your Garden - Growing from Seed there is.

You can find shades of blue. , Controlling Aphids

Grasses with shades of yellow

There are grasses , Leaf Blowers with shades of red.

Grasses with horizontal stripes and some with vertical stripes.

Some varieties are drought , Know Your Bird Feeders, Part 1 tolerant.

Others may prefer moist conditions.

Most prefer sunny locations, , Starting A Container Garden while a few prefer shade.

The fact is, there will be a grass , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening for Beginners (part 19) Soil Based for your location. , History of the Adirondack Chair

You can even get annual grasses. , Creating Wildlife Gardens

There are so many varieties to choose from I can't go through them all.

Check with your local garden , History of the Adirondack Chair center or nursery.

Have them recommend what is good for your yard. , BBQ Food is the Mental Cue that Summer is Here

Or, do some homework and see what you may prefer instead.

I have 6 varieties of grasses , Timely Tips for Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter and I'm sure the collection will continue to grow , Ferns as Indoor Plants as I find and make room , Ginseng Benefits for them.

You are sure to be hooked on grasses , BBQ Food is the Mental Cue that Summer is Here when you see a bird , BBQ Food is the Mental Cue that Summer is Here hanging onto a stalk and dancing in the wind.

An added bonus, grasses , Lawn Care and Fertilizer Tip to Create a Great Lawn are deer resistant.

Check out the yards , Whack 'Em Back - Getting More Flowers by Pruning around you.

Hit the local garden , Discount Benches centers and nurseries.

I'm sure you can find a grass , Your Garden - Growing from Seed for your yard. , Wild Flower Garden - Plan to Plant

Remember, fall , Think Vintage for Your Garden is the best time to plant. , Five Key Factors that Affect your Potted s in Winter

Well friend, it is time to get this letter sent out so I best get going.

Do have a blessed week and continue to smile.

Until next time.

Your friend,

Ron Patterson has been caring for wild birds , The all important Clematis since he was 10 years old. He has discovered many things along the way.

An avid gardener as well, Ron is a Michigan Certified Nurseryman.

With his expertise in birds , Creating Wildlife Gardens and gardens, , Wild Flower - Recreate the Splendor of Nature in Your Own Backyard he writes a weekly newsletter called "Backyard Birding Tips"

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