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Article by: Briscoe White

"If it were possible for every person to won a tree , Uninvited Houseguests and to take care of it, the good results would be beyond estimation"Ā¯ L.H. Bailey

Perhaps the most beneficial way an urban homeowner can help wildlife , Step by Step Pruning for New Gardeners - Part I is to create a backyard , Silk Palm Trees wildlife habitat. , 7 Natural Stone Pebble Projects For Every Home Your backyard , How to Decorate your Outdoor Space without Breaking the Bank can be beautiful , Gardening - Growing Tasty Tomatoes as well as being attractive to wildlife. , 7 Natural Stone Pebble Projects For Every Home Any yard, , Caring For Bamboo large or small, can be improved to attract more wildlife. , Flower Gardens The most natural , Grow the BEST Tasting Tomatoes and economical way to do this is by selecting the right plants. , Uninvited Houseguests Nectar-seekers, such as hummingbirds , The Great History of Roses and butterflies, require flowering plants, , Backyard Ponds which provide nectar.

As with any long-term project, the best way to start is by planning your garden. , Vacation Proofing your Determine what wildlife , Robotic Lawn Mowers Keep Burglars Away is presently using your yard , Fuchsia procumbens and decide those, which are likely to frequent it. You can create suitable habitats , Grow the BEST Tasting Tomatoes and garden , Uninvited Houseguests designed specifically to attract butterflies; all it requires is a little careful planning to include favored blooming plants. , Choosing the Right Sprinkler System Even planting a few important shrubs , Japanese Beetles in the Roses will help. You will benefit from many hours of watching these creatures visit your yard. , Orchids Are One Of Nature's Most Beautiful Flowers

Five Steps for Success:

1. Decide how much time, expense and effort you want to invest in your butterfly habitat , Choosing the Right Sprinkler System project. A successful habitat , Landscaping - Using Native Plants Saves Water will require more than one season , Orchids Are One Of Nature's Most Beautiful Flowers of planting. Howe much area will be devoted to butterflies? These considerations need to be resolved to give you the direction for a successful project.

2. Know how to , Gardening Tips for Early - Mid July manage plants. , Rosemary There are two methods of managing plants , Landscaping - Using Native s Saves Water to attract butterflies. One is to provide favorites nectaring blooms. The other is to include "preferred"Ā¯ larval food plants , Backyard Ponds to nourish the caterpillars. This second method is optional, but provides far better results. By providing larval food plants , Choosing the Right Sprinkler System and nectar blossoms, you increase your chances of attracting butterflies.

3. Know what you have. You can only expect to attract butterflies that already exist in your area, so begin by identifying the butterflies sighted in your yard , Italian Vegetable Seeds and list the plants , Using Garden Decor For a Complete Garden they visit. Field Guides are very helpful with identification.

4. Know the feeding requirements of caterpillars. Larval food plants , Gardening for Wildlife are important for female butterflies to lay eggs on. Young caterpillars require specific plants , Flower Gardens to feed on. In order to encourage caterpillars by supplying food plants, , How to Choose Between Goldfish and KOI it is important to know specific plants , Gardening for Wildlife and where they should be placed. This is not as difficult as it sounds; some butterflies require only a weed , How to Decorate your Outdoor Space without Breaking the Bank patch to rear their young. Field Guides can give you the basic information , Three Tips for a Better and Cheaper Lawn you need to start your project.

If you are interested in attracting butterflies to your garden, , Rosemary but are worried that it may be a large and complicated procedure, relax! Gardening , Backyard Ponds is for peace of mind. Your escape for the work and worries of everyday life. This is just another part of your garden. , Potting Benches: Beautiful and Practical Nobody is going to grad your work, and there are no deadlines. Read and observe from your favorite chair, , How to Decorate your Outdoor Space without Breaking the Bank site in your garden, , Design: Plant a Woodland Gardens with Minimal Effort and Expense and look around you as you tend your plants. , Garden Design: a Woodland Gardens with Minimal Effort and Expense Attracting butterflies is a step-by-step process and covers any time period you choose. There are many plants , Garden Gazebo - A Stunning Addition to any Landscape that can help you:


Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)
Beauty Bush
Bush Clematis


Catnip (Nepeta)
Shasta Daisy
In 1985, Briscoe White , Grow Herbs in your Garden for Pleasure and Profit opened The Growers Exchange in an abandoned Texaco station on a busy urban street corner in Richmond, Virginia. The facility has grown over the years, and is now 5 distinct growing environments , Orchids Are One Of Nature's Most Beautiful Flowers with 5 acres under cover. Briscoe has over 25 years of gardening , Choosing the Right Mower experience. For further information , Home for a Gnome? on gardening , Bonsai Trees For Sale: What Are Your Options? products or gardening , Orchids Are One Of Nature's Most Beautiful Flowers tips please contact Briscoe White , Discount Patio Furniture – An Easy Way to Get the Best at

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