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Article by: JoMarie Thomson

When we moved into our south Anchorage log home , Taming Your Outdoors I had glorious plans , Outdoor Waterfalls for the 1/3 acre lot. Some previous owner had chopped down every tree , Making a Garden Pond With a Pond Liner counting on the neighboring woodlands for green , scapes: Energy Efficient Landscaping and shade. The house , Exotic Flowers: Luxurious and Impressive for Your Home and Garden Decor was near the street with a lumpy hilly and narrow backyard , Step by Step 'Leaf' Stepping Stones that ended in the neighbor's goat pen. I was young, enthusiastic and confident that my green , Soil, Drainage, and Water thumb could transform our piece of Alaska into a glorious landscaped garden. , Earthworms in the /Earthworm Facts Now, 20 years later the neighborhood has evolved from birch/spruce woods , Dill: Scandinavia's Most Important Culinary Herb to suburban sprawl and I'm still working on the transformation and enjoying every season. , How Bat Houses Can Improve Your Backyard Experience

It was very important in those early days, to work on the cheap. With 5 small children the vegetable garden , Step by Step 'Leaf' Stepping Stones was more important than ornamentals. Composting was the only way I could afford to enrich a flower , Secrets To Beautiful Shade Gardens bed. What was once a necessity became a passion - creating self-sustaining perenial flowerbeds for less than $20/year.

Twenty years later, my garden , A Few Simple Facts About Purple Martins is still a work in progress. I can and do spend money on plants , Soil, Drainage, and Water now. And yet, gazing at my sitting garden , Hedge Trimmers Are Tools Not Toys I'm surrounded by the memories of those early days and the decendents of the first little slips of green , Tulip Divisions - Garden Tulips and Their Identities I nurtured so carefully.

Zone 3 gardening , Azalea 'My Mary' on a budget isn't as hard as it sounds.

I started with a small clump of siberian iris that grew in the loose gravel , Know Your Bird Feeders; Part 2 driveway that first spring. , This Autumn, Postpone the Winter Blues for Your Lawn One clump became 5, 5 became 10 and every year my irises are the center point of the growing season. , Dealing With Pests In a Hydroponic Garden With a little luck I won't have to divide my irises for a few more years, but think I know where I can add the next batch...

Near the front porch , Landscaping for Wildlife a shock of Maltese Cross is in full bloom. I rescued 3 plants , Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business from the woodpile behind the shed , Vegetable Growing for Beginners that first year, not knowing what they would be or how tall they would grow , Landscaping Lighting Techniques when cared for. I get more comments and compliments on these reclaimed wildflowers , Your Garden - Growing from Seed than any of the exotics I've tried. In the enriched bed, , Reasons to Garden Organically my Maltese Cross grow , The Use of Color in Your Landscape 3 feet tall with fist sized red flower , Mustard: The Greatest Among The Herbs clusters. Over the years, I've easily divided these plants , How To Choose a Landscape Contractor and use them effectively in my borders.

More treasures that first year included a rosebush that had been nearly choked to death by siberian peas. We've called it a sitka rose , Books About Landscaping but can't be sure. She's now a mother many times over as we've helped deliver healthy , Know Your Bird Feeders; Part 2 suckers that have grown into shrubs , Landscaping Lighting Techniques nearly 5 feet tall and more around.

Daisy's of course were and continue to be a beautiful pest. , Vegetable Growing for Beginners My oldest son took over a small "daisy garden" that I was threatening to burn to the ground. Not that he had to do anything more than help me keep the daisy's from taking over the rest of the yard, , Know Your Bird Feeders; Part 2 flower , Dill: Scandinavia's Most Important Culinary Herb and garden , How Bat Houses Can Improve Your Backyard Experience beds!

The second summer , Ceiling Patio Heaters I used my budget at a close out table from a nursery in early July. By July, nurseries have little selection and many of the plant , Orchids: A Luxurious Look That's Really Not Hard To Achieve markers have disappeared. However, this is my favorite time to shop for plants , Garden Swing for Heart and Soul because the mark downs are practically giving plants , The Advantages of Both a Liner Pond and a Preformed Pond, Rolled Up Into One Box! away. Every year since, I've added some treasure from one of these sales. The first was a spreading Veronica (who knows what variety), that grows , Garlic: The Stinking Rose so prolifically, I can use them for garden , Vegetable Growing for Beginners trades every year.

The third summer , How To Divide Bulbs For Bigger Gardens I discovered wildflower seed , The Advantages of Both a Liner Pond and a Preformed Pond, Rolled Up Into One Box! mix. That was the end of bare spots for my yard , Ceiling Patio Heaters and provided the original plants , How To Choose a Landscape Contractor that have now been moved to more organized and cared for beds. , Know Your Bird Feeders; Part 2 Columbine, forget-me-nots, lupin, and several varieties of poppies continue to thrive and surprise me.

My favorite plants , Tulip Divisions - Garden Tulips and Their Identities are are the one's that were free or practically free. The frugal gardener can find dozens of ways to create a sea of color , Landscaping Lighting Techniques without spending any green. , Taming Your Outdoors Some of my most successful tips , How To Divide Bulbs For Bigger Gardens include:

  • Recover/rescue. Abandoned gardens , Books About Landscaping often have plants , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (part 4) Environment that will thrive with a transplant and a bit of loving attention.
  • Divide and conquer. As your established plants , Some Favorite Garden Bulbs spread, find new homes , Landscaping Lighting Techniques for their babies.
  • Trading Treasures. When you divide a favorite plant, , Reasons to Garden Organically set aside some of the babies to trade with other gardeners.
  • Search the sales. Your garden , Hydroponics ing - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (part 4) Environment is a process that usually takes years. Don't think your planting season , Ceiling Patio Heaters is over just because summer's nearly over. Hit the nurseries throughout August for a great deal.
  • Beautification programs. Every once in a while, communities and businesses will sponsor giveaways that can really payoff. We've added several trees , Landscaping Lighting Techniques from Arbor Day and Earth , How to Grow Hydrangeas Day programs.

A word of caution though. Many areas have laws prohibiting you from digging up native plants , Starting A Container Garden from wilderness areas. These natural , Planting and Propagating Bulbs habitats are not free-for-alls and should be left alone. When in doubt, call , Starting A Container Garden the appropriate government agency and ask. While I don't "steal" from state parks, I've been given the go ahead to "rescue" lilacs, rubarb, and other abandoned plants , Mustard: The Greatest Among The Herbs from city land taken by eminent domain before a road or bike path , Some Favorite Garden Bulbs was constructed.

Your patch of yard , How Bat Houses Can Improve Your Back Experience can become a garden , How To Divide Bulbs For Bigger s no matter how tight your budget. Just get a bit creative and never be afraid to ask for cuttings. Compost , Mustard: The Greatest Among The Herbs for black gold and remember to think long term. You'll never be poor when you live surrounded by flowers. , How Bat Houses Can Improve Your Backyard Experience
JoMarie Thomson was transplanted to Alaska over 25 years ago. Editor and Publisher of she is known to run her websites and web design , How To Choose a Landscape Contractor company, with a laptop from her South Anchorage garden. , How To Choose a Landscape Contractor Beauty, JoMarie insists, inspires beauty.

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