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Article by: Kirk Gordon

Myths and facts
A misconception about bamboo , Teak Furniture: The Premier Outdoor Furniture is that they spread like wildfire. This is not entirely true as only a some species of bamboo , Landscaping Your Patio will be invasive. Spreading, however, can easily be controlled if it becomes a problem. Many people also think that bamboos , Garden Etiquette - How To Act When In Another's Garden will die when the temperature falls , Landscaping - Using Native Plants Saves Water below freezing. This myth is also false.

Designing with bamboo
Bamboos can create a wall , Garden Etiquette - How To Act When In Another's Garden or screen to provide privacy, used in containers for your deck, , Fabric Hammocks terrace , Garden Etiquette - How To Act When In Another's Garden or patio, , Planting for Wildlife or create a bamboo , Choosing the Right Mower forest, maze or retreat - whatever you like!

Bamboos compliment perennials , How to Grow Apples and annuals , Rosemary: The Herb of Remembrance and Friendship well and can be used as a background or an accent plant , Storage Sheds or low border depending on the variety of bamboo , Dutch Tulips used.

Bamboos are actually a grass , Cheap Pond Liners colony plant , 6 Important Tips for Beginner Bonsai Tree Caretakers with over 1200 species world wide. Approximately 200 species can be grown without complications in North America.

Additional information , Fabric Hammocks about bamboo
Certain species of bamboos , Planting for Wildlife are runners while others grow , Lawn Mower Safety in clumps. Some bamboos , Tips for Preparing a Planting Bed have narrow leaves and others have wide leaves. When the main stem (known as culms or canes) emerge from the ground or media, they sprout at the diameter they will remain into maturity. Successive clumps will emerge with wider and taller than previous season's.

Running bamboo
The clum is typically hollow except at the nodes, the area where horizontal branches grow. , Choosing Gardening Tools A rhizome is a horizontal "creeping" stem on or just above the ground, from which new shoots grow , The Heralded Teak Furniture Manufacturer: Kingsley-Bate and roots , Gypsum Valuable Input for Agriculture descend.

Running bamboo's rhizomes may spread a considerable distance from the mother plant. , Teak Furniture: The Premier Outdoor Furniture On the contrary, clumping bamboos grow , Storage Sheds in-place and do not spread out as much (some pruning , Landscaping - Using Native Plants Saves Water may be necessary).

Selecting a variety of bamboo
Bamboos have two types of root , Teak Furniture: The Premier Outdoor Furniture systems. First are the runners, which is found in temperate environments , Lawn Mower Safety and is known as runners. The second types are the "clumpers" which are typically found in tropical , Create a Great Water Garden varieties. This variety will also spread, however, it's not as invasive and only requires pruning , Pond Supplies - A Must For Your Pond to control.

Bamboos are available in various heights and can be trimmed if it gets too tall. A general rule is that taller bamboos , Dutch Tulips require more sunlight than smaller varieties. Tall-growing varieties, like the yellow groove prefers several hours daily, while a smaller variety may tolerate partly shaded environments , Rosemary: The Herb of Remembrance and Friendship well.

During the spring, , Cedar Benches: A Fine Choice for Your Garden the leaves will yellow and fall , Cheap Pond Liners from the plant. , The Heralded Teak Furniture Manufacturer: Kingsley-Bate The loss is gradual as with other types of plants , How To Use Feng Shui Oustside Your Home and the leaves are replaced with new foliage.

Health condition
Healthy bamboos , How to Care for Long Stem Roses should have a combination of yellow leaves, new unfurling leaves, and green , The MorrowPond Garden - Soil Management leaves. If the foliage is yellowing, falling off and shows no signs of new growth then the bamboo , Fabric Hammocks is possibly saturated in water. , Gypsum Valuable Input for Agriculture If the leaves are crisp then it's possible the bamboo , Treating Rust on Metal Railings is quite dry and needs water , Fabric Hammocks immediately.
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