Growing and Harvesting Dill


Article by: Jacqueline Carroll

Dill is one of the easiest herbs , The First-Time Vegetable Gardener -- Some Pathways to Success to grow , How To Improve Garden Soil Naturally and would make a great first herb , Landscaping Can Make or Break Curb Appeal for Homebuyers for someone who has never grown herbs , Gardening Tips for Early - Mid July before. You'll find lots of uses for both the fronds and the seeds , Books About Landscaping in the kitchen. , Hummingbirds … Attracting Those Little Flying Powerhouses A sprig of dill will perk up almost any soup, salad, , Iris - Species and Care or main dish. You can buy transplants at your local garden , Orchid Flowers center, but there is no need because dill is easy to grow , Using the Right Hedge Trimmers in Lawn Care from seeds. , Best Florists Online You won't even have to start them indoors , Books About Landscaping - just plant , Caring For Tropical And Exotic Flowers your dill seeds , How To Build A Waterfall right in the garden , How To Improve Soil Naturally where you want them to grow. , No Dig Gardens - How to Build One

When to Plant

Dill likes to be planted in cool weather. , How To Build A Waterfall In warm winter , Straw Bale Culture Technique areas that don't experience a hard frost, you can plant , Waterlilies dill in fall , Create a Hummingbird Garden Habitat or winter. , Discount Patio Furniture In cooler areas, plant , Marjoram: The Herb of Happiness dill a week or two before your last hard frost. After the first sowing, plant , Garden Pond Construction again every 10 days or so for a continuous crop.

When growing , 6 Indoor Plants That Love The Dark: A Tip From The Garden Center Nursery in containers, use a deep container to accommodate the long roots, , Patio Cover Designs and remember that you will eventually have a plant , How To Improve Garden Soil Naturally that is three feet tall. Plants , Rugosa Roses - Fragrant, Tough and Handsome Shrub Roses grown in containers may require staking.


- Here are a few suggestions to start you on your way to a healthy , Wrought Iron Patio Furniture is Easy to Clean for Summer crop of dill:

- Dill, like most herbs, , Rose Gardening: Water, Sun and Shade loves to bask in the sun, , No Dig Gardens - How to Build One but will tolerate afternoon shade.

- Dill grows , Landscape Lighting With Solar Outdoor Lighting Fixtures is a Great Way to Save Money on Decorating up to 3 feet tall, so plant , Cannibals on the Porch it in the back of your flower, , Rugosa Roses - Fragrant, Tough and Handsome Shrub Roses vegetable , Is it Really Teak Wood? Caveat Emptor! (Part One) or herb garden. , Planning Your from Scratch - the Basics

- Sow seeds , Garden Pond Construction close together. This will allow the plants, , Tips for ing an Outdoor Herb Garden which blow over easily to support each other.

- Cover the seeds , An Introduction to Bonsai Maple Trees lightly, and allow a week or two for them to germinate.

- For a continuous crop, sow repeatedly from mid spring , Soil PH...An Important "Key" To Successful Gardening--In Plain English to early summer. , How to Choose a Pond or Fountain Light

- Don't plant , Orchid Flowers near caraway, fennel or angelica.

- Caterpillars are fond of dill, and can be handpicked if they become a nuisance.

Harvesting and Preserving

The best way to use dill is fresh from the garden, , ing Tips for Early - Mid July so during the growing season, , Cannibals on the Porch cut your dill to use fresh as you need it. If not kept cut, your dill will go to seed, , Gardening - Hibiscus Plant Care so cut often until you are ready to switch to seed , Landscape Photography & Painting production.

If you find that you have cut more than you can use, dry the excess in the microwave. Spread the dill in a single layer on a paper towel and microwave on high for 3 minutes. The result is beautiful , Rugosa Roses - Fragrant, Tough and Handsome Shrub Roses and tasty - much better than dried dill you buy in the grocery store. After microwaving, remove and discard the hard stems, crumble the leaves, and store in an airtight container protected from light. , Straw Bale Culture Technique

Once seedheads begin to form, it's time to stop cutting dill for fresh use. Allow the seedheads to develop and dry completely, then cut them. You'll be able to remove the seeds , Orchid Flowers easily with your fingers.

Medicinal Uses:

To brew a stomach-soothing tea, use two teaspoons of mashed seeds , Hummingbirds … Attracting Those Little Flying Powerhouses per cup of boiling water. , Learn All About Feng Shui Money Trees Steep for ten minutes. Drink up to three cups a day. In a tincture, take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon up to three times a day. To treat colic or gas , Straw Bale Culture Technique in children under two, give small amounts of a weak tea. Many herbalists recommend combining dill and fennel to ease colic in infants.`

Culinary Uses

The taste of dill leaves resembles that of caraway, while the seeds , Landscape Photography & Painting are pungent and aromatic. Freshly cut, chopped leaves enhance the flavor of dips, herb , Planning Your Garden from Scratch - the Basics butter, soups, salads, , Hummingbirds … Attracting Those Little Flying Powerhouses fish , Using the Right Hedge Trimmers in Lawn Care dishes, and salads. , Letting Nature Grow Your Garden The seeds , Gardening Tips for Early - Mid July are used in pickling and can also improve the taste of roasts, stews and vegetables. , Lawn and Garden Care - Simple Tips For Success Try grinding the seeds , Discount Patio Furniture to use as a salt substitute. Both the flowering , Letting Nature Grow Your Garden heads and seeds , Straw Bale Culture Technique are used in flavored vinegars and oils.
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