Guaranteed Gladioli, Summer Colour that Returns


Article by: James Kilkelly

Would you like a summer , Garden Sheds - More Than Just Storage bedding plant , How to Choose Between Goldfish and KOI that you do not have to renew year after year? Well by planting hybrid Gladiolus corms, you can attain mid to late summer , Finding Garden Benches: Get the Perfect Look for Your Garden colour year after year with only occasional renewal.

Colourful blooms

Sometimes called gladioli bulbs , How to Choose the Most Economical Pond Pump (more correctly gladioli corms), these South African members of the Iris family are ideal for colour , Put Your Lawn On a Diet impact. Most garden , How to Get Ideas for Designing Your centres stock gladioli in whites, , Natural Gardens pinks, , How to Choose Between Goldfish and KOI oranges, reds (best for impact), bicolour and the rare blue , A Quick Overview of Outdoor Hot Tubs flowered varieties.


Most Gladiolus flowers , Iris s Remind Me Of Mom! last approx 2 to 3 weeks, so if you're sneaky and stagger your plantings at weekly intervals you can stretch out the length of time they will be in bloom. Plant , Lawn Tractors - Buying the Right One from the start of April till the end of May in an area that receives upwards of 4 hours of sunlight a day. Plant , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening for Beginners (part 18) Gray Mould the bulbs , How to Build Fences 4 to 5 inches deep (10 to 12cm) and at an approximate spacing of 4 inches, ideally your soil , Put Your Lawn On a Diet will be rich with free drainage to prevent rotting of the bulb , How to Choose the Most Economical Pond Pump over winter. , Easy Concrete Pavers Group the bulbs , Do It Yourself: An Attractive Rock Garden Anyone Would Be Proud Of in clusters of 5 or more of the same colour , Keeping Houseplants Alive During Summer Vacation Droughts for impact, except in a cottage garden , Palm Trees where the mixing up of Gladiolus colours , Garden Delights For Midsummer is quite acceptable. It is advisable to water , How to Choose the Most Economical Pond Pump well in dry weather , Planting Roses (Bare Root or Semi Bare Root) as the foliage can be extremely thirsty. Look after the cultivation requirements and you will be rewarded by sword-like leaves topped by trumpet or funnel shaped flowers , Put Your Lawn On a Diet in vertical rows which bloom from the bottom upwards. The sword-like leaves inspires the Latin name Gladiolus which means little sword, in fact some people refer to them as sword lilies.

Flower arranging uses

Gladiolus flowers , How to Choose Between Goldfish and KOI can be cut for indoor , Ants! - 1,000,000,000,000,000 Invaders! arrangements by using 3 to 5 different colours , Attracting Birds to the Garden bunched together, just be careful not to remove all the leaves from the bulb , The Meanings Behind the Colors of Roses as this will severely weaken its bloom next season. , Iris Flowers Remind Me Of Mom!

Miniature hybrids

When purchasing your Gladiolus bulbs , A Quick Overview of Outdoor Hot Tubs in the garden , Lawn Tractors - Buying the Right One centre ask for Primulinus or miniature hybrids as these varieties grow , How to Choose the Most Economical Pond Pump to about 2ft (0.6 metre) and do not require staking like some of the larger varieties.
James Kilkelly runs a professional garden , A Leaf Blower Has More Uses Than You Think design service in Galway, Ireland. He has a regular gardening , Winterizing Your Pond column in an Irish regional newspaper. Visit his website at He also regularly posts his expert advice , Seed Starting Tips to a gardening , Put Your Lawn On a Diet community at

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