Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business


Article by: Mary Hanna

Have you noticed the high price of fresh herbs , Palm Trees For Sale in the supermarket lately? It amazes me why more people aren't getting into the lucrative area of growing , Garden Sheds: Wood Finishing and Weatherproofing Tips and processing fresh herbs. , Dangers in the Garden: Animals

If you want to try your hand at herb , Read This Article if You Want to Stop Droughts farming, grow herbs , Types of Water Gardens that do well in your area. Start small, you can expand later with a green , Landscaping Ideas and Landscaping Design house, climate , Patio Bar Chairs for Comfortable Outdoor and Poolside Seating control and soil , Garden Sheds: Wood Finishing and Weatherproofing Tips manipulation. You can begin with just a hot , Garden Room Boundaries... frame to start your seeds, , Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Hydroponics Gardening System and a screened area for drying your herbs , Fountains of Refreshment away from insects and other undesirables.

Do a lot of homework before you start your herb , Patio Bar Chairs for Comfortable Outdoor and Poolside Seating farm. Go to the library or bookstore and find out what are the needs of the herbs , 5 Tips For Fish Pond Maintenance you plan , Double Your Crops to plant. , Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Hydroponics Gardening System After you know what herbs , Container Gardening you will be planting on your herb , What Type of Gazebo is Right for You? Top Questions You Need to Ask farm go through the history of that particular herb. , Viburnum in the Garden Also see if it has any folklore or medicinal uses attached to it. Make up little booklets with this information , Why Bonsai Beginners Love Baby Jade as a "give aways"¬Ě with your plants, , Types of Water Gardens it makes it more attractive to the buyer and will add to your sales and profits.

During your research, include study on which herbs , Palm Trees For Sale attract pests. , The Plant Philanthropist (Basil attracts white , Make The Most From Your Vegetable Garden flies which are difficult to eliminate). Another trick is to keep herbs , The Perfect Yellow Roses for Your Home or Garden that attract pests , Control Weeds Effectively In Your Garden away from the ones that do not on your herb , Planting Around Tree Roots farm.

If you are proficient with your computer, make up nice labels for your herbs. , A Creative Patio If not, go to a printer and have them make them for you. When you get to the stage that you are shipping herbs, , Vegetable Container Gardening always put a little information , Garden Room Boundaries... on the herb , A Creative Patio in the package. It gives your package a personal touch and your customer will be more apt to buy again.

Once you have a crop in you will need to market your inventory. Go to Gourmet Restaurants and Gourmet stores. Don't forget health food , What Type of Gazebo is Right for You? Top Questions You Need to Ask stores and caterers. Talk to the chef or owner and explain what you have. You may try to leave some of your stock at the establishment on consignment to get your customers to see the value of fresh herbs. , Palm Trees For Sale Offer to set up a display with a poster for their window. , Unifying and Separating Landscaping Planting Beds Or offer them a "special introductory price"¬Ě. You may even know some people in your area that just love to cook and would be ecstatic if they were part of your route. Exposure is key at this stage for both your name and your herbs. , Why Bonsai Beginners Love Baby Jade Go back to these potential customers often to build up your reliability.

Another important step is to write press releases that you can send to your local , A Creative Patio newspapers. Here is where the research on the folklore will come in handy. Use your gathered data on the folklore attached to herbs , Vegetable Container Gardening in the press release. These press releases will introduce you, and your products , Using Plants To Make Us Happier to the marketplace. Post them on the web , The Perfect Yellow Roses for Your Home or Garden as well, this will help you get customers from out of town. Be imaginative on the many interesting uses of fresh herbs , Handcrafted Garden Bridges Builds Traditional Arched Span Bridges with Modern Flair and of course, how to , Using Plants To Make Us Happier find you as the source.

You may want to set up a network with other herb , Fountains of Refreshment farms to buy from, at wholesale prices. This way if you get low on some herb , How To Build A Patio Cover stock you have a place , Using Plants To Make Us Happier to obtain it for your customers. Remember, they are depending on you and you want to keep their business.

An inexpensive way to advertise your business is to buy the magnetic signs that stick on your car door. , Why Bonsai Beginners Love Baby Jade Be creative, make people want to buy your products , Make The Most From Your Vegetable Garden from YOU.

So, jump in your car, go to the library and start studying on how to , Control Weeds Effectively In Your Garden become an herb , Are Robotic Lawn Mowers in Your Future? farmer.

Happy Gardening! , What Type of Gazebo is Right for You? Top Questions You Need to Ask

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Mary Hanna is an aspiring herbalist who lives in Central Florida. This allows her to grow gardens , Choosing the Right Lawn Mower inside and outside , Tidy Your Garden Up Cheaply year round. She has published other articles on Cruising, Gardening , Read This Article if You Want to Stop Droughts and Cooking. Visit her websites at http://www.GardeningHerb.com
http://www.CruiseTravelDirectory.com and http://www.ContainerGardeningSecrets.com or contact her at mary@webmarketingreviews

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