How to Build a Pond: Basic Considerations


Article by: Dan Eskelson

Those of you familiar with my writing are accustomed to raves and rants about doing things in cooperation with nature , You Can Grow Your Own Herb Garden - Part 1 instead of fighting against her; many years of trying it both ways have convinced me that the natural , No Dig Gardens - How to Build One way is less costly to install and maintain, is easier on our fragile natural , What to Feed Your Fish During Colder Winter Months resources - and more fun!

So when I began researching water , Landscape Photography & Painting features several years ago, I was concerned with the most natural, , The Value of Mulch low maintenance systems. My research unearthed numerous horror stories of thick, "pea soup" green , Aluminum Sling Patio Furniture. Comfortable Seating for Outdoor Settings ponds which had become nightmares to their owners. Drastic measures were taken to rid the ponds , Preserving Dried Flowers- Few Tips for Best Results of the algae problem - extensive, sand-based filter systems and extremely expensive ultraviolet light , Daylilies - The Perfect Perennial sterilizers were used in an attempt to solve the problem.

I felt that the above "solutions" were merely treating the symptoms rather than the causes...the UV light , The Secret to Pruning Apple Trees did indeed kill the algae, but also killed all the beneficial pond , Winter Injury to Trees organisms - those that contributed to the reduction of algae - so the problem returned soon with even greater severity.

I finally found a system based on cooperation with natural , Wild Flower Garden - Yours to Design and Plan systems - one that was inherently low maintenance; following are several of the basic principles of this system, principles that contribute to a healthy, , Landscaping of Hindu Religious Places low maintenance water , Common Landscape Design Features feature.

One of the most important conditions to provide in the pond , The Value of Mulch is a rock and gravel floor. , Weed Control Facts - Winning the Battle of the Weeds ..the millions of tiny spaces created are colonized by beneficial microorganisms which break down organic , Hydrangea Forever & Ever Red waste deposited by fish , Hydroponics in Your Garden and decomposing plant , Hydroponics in Your Garden parts. Using rocks and gravel , Weed Control Facts - Winning the Battle of the Weeds creates a huge biological filter, reducing maintenance for the separate filter and creating a clean, healthy environment. , The Care of Cattleya Orchids

Rocks and gravel , Hydroponic Plant Systems - What, No Dirt? also: (1). provide a home , Foraging In The Forest: Finding Materials That Link Your To The Great Outdoors for helpful aquatic insects and snails (2). protects the liner from sun , Lawn Mowers Guide - Cut a Fine Figure of Your Lawn and damage from larger animals (3). is more natural , Vermiculture: Indoor Composting and Organic Soil Improvement looking than a smooth surface (4). is not slippery like smooth surfaces (5). will hold the liner securely in place. , The Secret to Pruning Apple Trees

Including aquatic plants , In Garden Design, Less Is More in your pond , Safe Pest Control Tips also contributes to a healthy , You Can Grow Your Own Herb Garden - Part 1 ecosystem; plants , How To Improve Garden Soil Naturally use the carbon , The Secret to Pruning Apple Trees dioxide and nutrients that are produced by the beneficial organisms in the gravel , Daylilies - The Perfect Perennial and in the biological filter. Without plants, , Solar Garden Lights there would be a nutrient overload in the pond, , Caring For Tropical And Exotic Flowers resulting in toxic conditions for other pond , Spurce Up Your Garden With Decorative Birdhouses life. And yes, algae is plant , Lawn Mowers Guide - Cut a Fine Figure of Your Lawn life - a small amount of algae is normal, and even beneficial, to the pond , Mulch Your Spring Bulbs In The Fall For A Beautiful Spring Display ecosystem... we just don't want the algae to get out of control.

Aquatic plants , How To Improve Garden Soil Naturally also provide: (1). beauty for the pond , Save Your Fish -- Heron-Proof Your (2). oxygen for pond , Save Your Fish -- Heron-Proof Your animals (3). shade from intense sunlight (4). food , Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening and Tips for Its Maintenance for insects and fish , How To Improve Garden Soil Naturally (5). shelter for small pond , Save Your Fish -- Heron-Proof Your creatures.

Other factors contribute to the beauty and health of the low maintenance pond , Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces on a Budget! ecosystem. Colorful fish , In Garden Design, Less Is More provide hours of relaxing entertainment, as well as feasting on algae, mosquito larvae and other insects. Though most pond , Invisible Fences owners feed a small amount of food , Caring For Tropical And Exotic Flowers to their fish, , Safe Pest Control Tips in a well-balanced pond, , The Amazing Hummingbird fish , Hydroponics in Your Garden can feed themselves.

It's also important to provide an efficient skimmer to catch the larger surface debris, and a biological filter, through which the pond water , Hydroponic Plant Systems - What, No Dirt? is pumped.

In conclusion, a healthy, , Winter Injury to Trees clean and beautiful pond , How To Improve Garden Soil Naturally ecosystem relies on the interrelationship of all parts. Each link is important for the survival of the whole.

My initial research into water , Hydroponic Plant Systems - What, No Dirt? features turned up a multitude of systems and options - along with a lot of conflicting ideas and advice. , Thyme: The Herb of Courage The systems that impress us as the most user-friendly, lowest maintenance and most compatible with nature , The Amazing Hummingbird are now produced by several manufacturers. , Replacing Tree Blossoms with Hanging Baskets ..we've been providing these systems to satisfied clients for over five years.

If you have any general or specific questions or concerns about water gardening, , The Care of Cattleya Orchids feel free to contact me.
Visit Our Website for Interactive Landscape , Hydroponic Plant Systems - What, No Dirt? Design Online, , How To Improve Garden Soil Naturally Earth-Friendly Garden , Solar Lights Products and Free Landscaping Tips , Thyme: The Herb of Courage for the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner.

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