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Here is a short file on making a horse plaque to hang on your barn. Maybe make two and hang them on each side of the door. , Starting a Wildflower Garden If these are going to be outdoors , Gallica Roses use concrete. , Hydroponics Lighting: Blue Spectrum V.S. Red-Orange Spectrum

You could cast these in plaster if they will not be outdoors. , Treating Rust on Metal Railings

To get started you should organize your materials. I always get my cement and sand , Wooden You Like to Know? A Primer to Wood Outdoor Furnishings measured out before I start. First fill your mold with water, , Landscaping Lessons-Proper Placement Of Trees In Landscape Design then pour the water , A Storage Bench Provides Much Needed Outdoor Space into a measure of some kind. An empty margarine container is Ok for this. This will give you a rough idea how much concrete , 3 Easy Steps to Growing Plants from Seed to mix.

I would use a 3 sand , Hydroponics Lighting: Blue Spectrum V.S. Red-Orange Spectrum to 1 cement for this, as it brings out detail nicely.

set your mold up in your sandbox. After you have it settled in nicely carefully take it out and coat the inside , Your Step By Step Guide To Planting The Perfect Lawn with whatever you use for a release agent. When you have coated it put it back in the sandbox.

Now mix your concrete , Viburnum adding water , How to Choose Your Garden Furniture and Make It Last to get a "pancake mix" that will pour out of the container. When you are happy with your mix, pour it into the mold. I fill about 'half way and wait 5 minutes or so. This lets any air , 5 Tips On Caring For A Bonsai Tree out. Then I fill to the top.

Let it sit about 15 minutes and then put in your hanger. I put a stick under the hanger so it will not sink. You can take it out when the concrete , Soil PH...An Important "Key" To Successful Gardening--In Plain English is cured. Once the hanger is in I cover with a cloth and put a piece of plastic , Saving Seeds from Your Garden over that.

Now comes the hard part! Waiting! Wait at least 24 -36 hours. If it is cold , The Secret To Healthier Plants? Let's Ask My Grandfather then 48 would not be to long. You cannot rush this part. I have tried! I have a terrible time with this part. I always want to see how it looks. Do not be like me. You will have a huge pile of useless, broken concrete , Re-Potting Your Orchids if you look to soon. Believe me, I know!

After you wait, de mold your casting and keep damp for another week. After that you can let it dry and paint , Taming Your Outdoors it if you want. If you have a big enough container, fill it with water , Growing Tomatoes – A Hobby for Everyone and put the casting in. This is easier than spraying water , Landscaping Lessons-Proper Placement Of Trees In Landscape Design on it every day. You could also put it in a plastic , How to Choose Your Garden Furniture and Make It Last bag, that will keep it from drying out. Be sure to store in a cool place, , Trees not out in the sun , Vegetable Garden Layout where it will get hot. , Taming Your Outdoors

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My web , 3 Easy Steps to Growing Plants from Seed site is setup to help you and I learn more about molds and casting in general.


Articles on how to , Your Rose Garden Planting mix your concrete, , Learn How to Enhance Your Habitat hypertufa, etc for different uses.

Free information , Your Rose Garden Planting on how to , Your Rose Garden Planting make your own molds. Tips , Taming Your Outdoors and hints on their use and care.

Free information , Step by Step 'Leaf' Stepping Stones on making and using various types of molds to cast concrete, , Gallica Roses plaster, cement, ceramics, and molding with hypertufa.

Suggestions for projects that you can do in a couple of hours that will make your yard , Soil PH...An Important "Key" To Successful Gardening--In Plain English / garden , Starting a Wildflower look great.

All the information , Free Concrete/Hypertufa Mixer Plans on the site is free to use and share.

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I am hoping that when you see what I have (or have not) set out you will send in your tips , The Truth About MTD Snow Blowers and stories.

By sharing we can all learn from each other. We can also help newcomers to the hobby / business.

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