How to Choose a Pond or Fountain Light


Article by: Mike Guista

Choosing a Pond , November Gardening Tips or Fountain Light: LED or Halogen?

Basically, there are two kinds of lights , A Guide to Vines and How to Vine Beauty with Your Garden available for ponds, , Selecting Your Gardening Tools halogen lights , The Flower Drying Game - Part 3: An Affordable Home Flower-Press (which have been around for quite a while), and LED, which are more recent developments. Here are some differences between the two. Note that here we are addressing 12volt systems only.

Some advantages of LED:

Focused light
Solidly built and hard to break, durable
Last twice as long as best fluorescent bulbs , Bonsai Trees For Sale: What Are Your Options? and 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs , Benefit from the Expertise of a Landscaping Contractor LEDs also are more efficient per watt, produce greater lumens per watt than incandescents or halogen bulbs. , Winter Gardening Looking Towards Spring LEDs can be built in a number of colors , Put Your Lawn On a Diet so do not require a filter, which greatly reduces efficiency of light. , Revolutionary New Pond Combines Both Preformed Pond with Watercourse Finally, LEDs run cooler and are less likely to warm the pond , How to Choose the Right Bulbs for Your Spring Flower Garden or for their seals to get damaged because of the cooler running temperatures. , The Flower Drying Game - Part 3: An Affordable Home Flower-Press

Some Disadvantages:

LED lights , A Guide to Vines and How to Vine Beauty with Your Garden are still quite expensive and it is taking a while for the price to drop. Also, it is difficult to find an LED system that produces high wattage. Fountain Tech produces the highest pond light , Why Should You Own a Greenhouse? wattage we know of at 8 watts per light , Viburnum in the Garden fixture. And a total of 130 separate LEDs are used in the fixture to do this!


Some Advantages

These are good lights, , Rose Gardening: Water, Sun and Shade not as durable as LEDs but pretty durable all in all. The most common sizes are 10 watt, 20 watt, 35 and 50, though you can also find 75 watt lights. , A Guide to Vines and How to Vine Beauty with Your Garden You can usually buy lens covers to change , Winter Gardening Looking Towards Spring the color , Bonsai Trees For Sale: What Are Your Options? of the light, , Have Fun and be Creative - Get the Look for Less though lens filters do reduce the luminosity a great deal. In general, it is more efficient to use colored bulbs. , Storage Sheds Still, you will find less light , Garden On The Cheap from a colored bulb , How to Buy a Porch Swing than a clear one. LED is the way to keep luminosity efficient when using colored light. , Storage Sheds You can find a good selection of both at Cheap Pumps. , Make the Best of Your Patio Playtime: Finding the Perfect Patio Furniture for You Some Disadvantages:

These light , Viburnum Dilatatum 'Cardinal Candy' bulbs don't last nearly as long as LEDs, though they still last a long time. They burn quite hot , Growing Grass Under Trees and sometimes the high temperatures , Is Your Fertilizer Poisoning You? burn the O-rings and the fixtures leak.

About transformers:

Transformers that will be used outside , Selecting Your Gardening Tools (as almost all will!) really need a 3-prong plug. Beware of the "for indoor , Storage Sheds use only"Âť transformer as, in order to find an indoor , Have Fun and be Creative - Get the Look for Less plug and then run the cable to your fixture outdoors , Benefit from the Expertise of a Landscaping Contractor these are often more trouble than the price savings is worth. Find a UL-approved transformer that can be used in or out of doors. , Viburnum Dilatatum 'Cardinal Candy' That's our recommendation.
Michael Guista is president of Fountain Mountain and has published two books. You can see some of his company's products , Wood Fences: Installing Wood Fences for the Homeowner at

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