How To Divide Bulbs For Bigger Gardens


Article by: Lee Dobbins

Flowering bulbs , Fragrant Fine Art: Give your Garden a Design That's All Your Own are a favorite of many gardeners due to their diverse array of color , Gardening For Birds and the fact that they bloom for many seasons , Resin Patio Furniture - Robust Furniture Ranges For Outdoor Areas without replanting. One added bonus with bulbs , Flower Delivery is that they can be divided and transplanted to other parts of the garden. , Sculpture Can Bring Life to Your

Many bulb , Dream Yard patches, if not tended to properly, become overcrowded and the health of the plants , Small Garden Bridges You'll Love To Cross! starts to deteriorate. In this case you need to prune , Sculpture Can Bring Life to Your Garden out the patch to restore both the health and the beauty of the landscape. , Gardening - What are Annuals and Biennials?

It is generally easy to tell when a planting of bulbs , Landscaping Ideas and Landscaping Design needs to be divided. One sure sign is when a previously well blooming planting of bulbs , Tips for Planting Flower s has begun to provide only sparse blooms. Most times the culprit is overcrowding, and the solution is to divide those bulbs. , Fall is the Time to Get Your Garden Trees and Shrubs Ready for Winter: Here's What to Do Properly dividing the bulbs , Patio Awnings Add Space to Your Living Area will reduce the overcrowding and allow the remaining bulbs , Gardening Soil to bloom for vibrantly.

There are 5 types of bulbs , Some Simple Gardening Tips to keep your Garden Tip-Top after the Winter Months corms, tubers, true bulbs, , Pond Liners rhizomes, and tuberous roots , Garden Makeover On A Budget and each has a different method of division.

True bulbs
To divide a true bulb, , Improve Your Yard and Garden With an ATV Plow you should begin by carefully separating the original bulb , Solar Garden Lights from the smaller bulb , Controlling Aphids growing at its base. When dividing lily bulbs, , Invisible Fences you should be careful to first remove the outer scales from the basal plate. After the outer scales are removed, the ends of the bulb , This Autumn, Postpone the Winter Blues for Your Lawn should be dipped in a rooting hormone, and the bulb , Preliminary Considerations Before Building Your Own Backyard Garden Pond should be planted immediately.

Corms renew growth each year by producing a new corm. Sometimes they will grow , Resin Patio Furniture - Robust Furniture Ranges For Outdoor Areas small corms (or cormels) at the top of the parent corm. Wen you divide corms, just seperate any new corms or cormels from the original plant. , Gardening - What are Annuals and Biennials?

As tubers mature, they increase both their size and the number of growing , Why a Flower Bed Should Look Bare When You First Plant It points. However, most tubers do not form distinct increases. Therefore, to divide tubers, a large tuber should be cut into two or more sections, being sure that each section contains at least one growing , Industrial Blowers point.

Rhizomes produce new plants , Gardening Supplies from growth areas on their sides. You can divide them by breaking each section off - be sure that each of the new divisions has at least one growth point on it.

Tuberous roots
A tuberous root , Industrial Blowers will contain several growing , This Autumn, Postpone the Winter Blues for Your Lawn points. Some, like daylilies, form separate and distinct plants, , This Autumn, Postpone the Winter Blues for Your Lawn which can simply be pulled apart. This type of sectioning is generally done in fall , Dandelion: Miracle Gift from Mother Earth or summer , 6 Important Tips for Beginner Bonsai Tree Caretakers while the plant , Landscaping - Put A Pond in Your Back Yard is still in its growth stage. Other tuberous root plants, , How To Build A Waterfall such as dahlias, are more difficult to separate. In order to separate more difficult plants , Grow Some Interesting s You Won't Find At Your Local Greenhouse like dahlias, you will need to cut the clumps apart so that each root , Dandelion: Miracle Gift from Mother Earth has a growth bud , Finding the Right Landscaping Company from which to start. With these types of plants, , Tulips it is best to separate them in early spring, , Pond Liners before planting.
Lee Dobbins writes for Backyard Garden , A Quick Guide To Fish Pond Bridges and Patio , Resin Furniture - Robust Furniture Ranges For Outdoor Areas where you can find more articles on gardening, , Backyard Landscaping Ideas - A Guide To Evergreen Trees And Shrubs garden , Pond Liners ponds, garden , Some Simple ing Tips to keep your Garden Tip-Top after the Winter Months decor and much more.

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