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Article by: John Morris

There are times that we can never curb the forces of nature. , Landscape and Outdoor Lighting - Less is Definitely More This just goes to show that nature , Organic or Chemical Feeding of Plants - What's Best is, indeed, powerful and can destroy anything and everything. So, the only way we can do is to provide protection from the raging effects of nature. , Lawn Care and Fertilizer Tip to Create a Great Lawn

One way to do this is through waterproofing. It has been a great technique in preventing the penetration of water , Natural Pond Filters - Let Nature Do the Hard Work! to any material.

Whenever you waterproof a material, you apply a certain waterproof matter that is designed to provide utmost protection against the imminent effect of water. , Basic Chainsaw Maintenance This, in turn, serves as a wall , Growing African Violets in Natural Light between the material and water. , Vegetable Garden Ideas

There are many types of waterproofing. One of them is canvas waterproofing. This method is used particularly on materials made of canvas.

In most instances, the typical type of cotton canvas is already a waterproof material. Therefore, it does not need any waterproofing. Its fibers puff up whenever they are exposed to water, , Organic or Chemical Feeding of Plants - What's Best thus, it closes the knits of the canvas.

However, because of the canvas' vulnerability to mildew and "bird droppings," it is still subjected to canvas waterproofing. This is because canvas waterproofing does not only protect the canvas from water , Teak Garden Furniture alone but also from other substance that can cause damage on the item.

So, for those who want to know canvas waterproofing, here are some pointers you need to know:

1. Do not use silicone-based canvas waterproofing.

Never attempt to use silicone-based canvas waterproofing on acrylic canvas. Silicone is clashing to the original application.

Normally, acrylic canvas primarily contains a canvas waterproofing chemical known as fluorocarbon, which in turn, repels the silicone material when applied. If this happens, it will result into an erratic treatment. Silicon can also eliminate the "stain-resistance" substance in the acrylic canvas.

2. Use a product , Don't Forget the Birds this Winter with fluoropolymer.

When doing a canvas waterproofing, it is best that you use a fluoropolymer-based substance. This type of canvas waterproofing is compatible with the acrylic canvas. Hence, it will result into a more durable and sturdy acrylic canvas.

3. Use a waterproof material that contains petroleum.

Petroleum-based material has long been proven to be effective when doing a canvas waterproofing. It is very compatible with acrylic canvas. Petroleum-based substances work best in canvas waterproofing than those substances that are water-based.

The best way to identify a petroleum-based substance to be used in canvas waterproofing is to through its pungent smell.

4. When performing a canvas waterproofing, do it outdoors. , Organic Gardening - The Pros And Cons

It is best that you do canvas waterproofing outside , Japanese Beetles - The Plain Truth About Traps... And A Tiny New Winged Hope! the house , Preserving Dried Flowers- Few Tips for Best Results because of the substance's very strong odor. You might get suffocated once you do it inside , Traditional Wisdom or Old-fashioned Nonsense? the house. , Abatement Regulations Often Confuse and Do Not Make Sense Therefore, it is best that you do canvas waterproofing where there is proper ventilation.

Besides, these strong substances used in canvas waterproofing can also damage your furniture , Vegetable Garden Ideas made of plastics. , In Garden Design, Less Is More So, it is a must that you take extra care when doing canvas waterproofing.

5. Use protective covers for sensitive furniture. , Japanese Beetles - The Plain Truth About Traps... And A Tiny New Winged Hope!

If you will do a canvas waterproofing on a canvas dodger, it is best that you protect your plastic furniture , An Autumn Garden for Halloween first before you start with the process. You can do this by placing foil over the plastic , The Exotic Rose of Sharon materials.

6. Do a spot test first.

It is best that before you start the process, do a spot test first. This is to know whether the substance used in canvas waterproofing will not discolour your canvas or cause further damage.

7. Remove the canvas from the boat.

It is best that before you start waterproofing, you should first remove the canvas from the boat. This is to ensure that the hard surfaces will not slick. Also, there are waterproofing substances that can cause a damaging reaction against gelcoat.

However, if you find this tedious and very unworkable, try to protect all areas vulnerable to "overspray" instead.

8. Let it dry first.

After waterproofing, let the canvas dry first before reinstalling it. In this manner, the pungent smell will soon be eliminated.

However, experts strongly suggest that after the canvas has been dried, it would be better to apply a second dose of waterproofing. This is to ensure durability on the material. It is still safe , Garden Tips for Planting Super-Sweet Grape Tomatoes to do this and will not affect the fabric's overall condition.

9. Reapply when necessary.

Repeat the process whenever the canvas is exposed in callous condition. Though, experts say that after doing a waterproofing, the protection is guaranteed for one year at the least.

So, now that you know how to , Lawn Furniture: Wood, Metal, or Plastic? Classy, Convenient, or Cheap? do canvas waterproofing, you can be assured that your canvas will always stay in top condition. As they say, it is better to prevent damage than to cure it.
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