How Vacuum Formed Molds Are Made


Article by: Delmar Germyn

I am going to try to tell you in as few words as possible, how vacuum formed molds are made.

The first step is making the "buck". This is the name of the piece that the forming will be done over.

This has to be smooth, strong, heat , How to Sprout resistant, and free of undercuts.

The smooth part is self explanatory.

The strong part is so that it will not be crushed when the plastic , Creativity with Ponds is being formed over it.

The heat , Pond Filter resistant part is because the plastic , 3 Hillside Landscaping Tips For A Beautiful And Healthy Garden is at about 300 degrees F.

And no undercuts is so that you will be able to get your piece out of the mold without having to cut the mold off.

All these are of equal importance. They all must be done, and done right!

This is the time consuming part of making the molds.

Once this has been done the buck is placed on he table of the vacuum forming machine. The blank piece of plastic , Tulips: Anything But Typical is clamped into its frame and heated.

As soon as the plastic , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers has reached it flow temperature , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers it is pressed down onto the buck and vacuum is applied at the same time.

The plastic , Real Men Use Reel Mowers forms over the buck and cools. This takes about 15 seconds!

Once it has cooled (about 30 seconds) you pop the buck out, take the plastic , Landscaping Combo Auto Detailing Business? out of its clamp frame and trim out the mold!

That's it!!

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