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Article by: John R. Haughton

How well do you know your nutrients?

There are many different plant , Choosing the Right Lawn Mower nutrients on the hydroponics , Control Weeds Effectively In Your Garden market today. Their function is to provide the optimum mix of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium and various other trace elements, in order to sustain growth, improve yields and allow the plant , Trees to achieve its potential. The plants , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 6) The Autopot requirements will vary to some extent as it develops. Concentrations and plant , ing a Garden Pond food components may also vary with differing growing , Building a Deck – Things to Check if Using Softwood Species mediums. The food , Planning Your Garden from Scratch - the Basics is absorbed through the plants , Starting Seedlings Indoors roots and transported to the leaves, where it is converted into the sugars that the plant , Riding Lawnmower - Choices are Wide Open needs for energy. , Easiest Homemade Hydroponics System

The most important thing to remember about plant , Pesticides nutrition is that the NPK, (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) Calcium and trace element ratios are correct. There can be a wide variation of ingredients in the various mixes for sale.

Because the plant , The Endearing Language of Flowers will take whatever it requires from the elements available and leave the rest, the balance will alter as unused elements build up in the solution. If left unchecked this will result in a toxic build up of salts and a subsequent drop off in growth followed eventually by the death of your, well loved and nurtured, plants. , Vegetable Garden Layout This same result will occur if the water , Planting a Garden Pond content is not replaced and the mixture strength increases. If the plant , Commercial Ponds transpires 50% of the water , Best Perennial Plants for Summer Color from the supply tank, the concentration of elements within the solution will become dangerously high.

The concentration of salts in the feeding solution is measured using an Electrical Conductivity (EC) meter. The EC meter measures the strength of the solution in parts per million. This means that in a 1000 PPM solution there are 1,000 units of dissolved salts to every 1,000,000 units of water. , Building a Deck – Things to Check if Using Softwood Species The meter measures the total salt concentration in solution and does not discriminate between Potassium salts say and Calcium salts. It cannot tell the difference between a good and a bad mix, only their relative strengths.

The EC meter works by measuring the speed at which electrons travel between probes immersed in a solution. In distilled water, , Starting Seedlings Indoors the electrons cannot find any impurities to use as footholds to cross the water , Riding Lawnmower - Choices are Wide Open and so the meter returns a 0 reading in mMho or mS (these are units used to measure electrical conductivity). As food , Control Weeds Effectively In Your Garden is added to the water, , Kirengeshoma palmata the concentration of impurities in the form of salts increases and the electrons can find more footholds, and so cross the water , Starting Seedlings Indoors faster. Thus the meter reading rises. Of course this is a very simplified explanation, but it should serve to give you an idea of the basics. One other important thing to remember is that as in all things chemical temperature , Buying or Building Your Own Water Fountain plays an important part. The higher the temperature, , Hibiscus Flowers the faster the electrons move and the higher the EC reading. This means that that in order to accurately assess your mixture's EC you must record the PPM as mMho (mS) at a specific temperature. , Pesticides

As the PPM reading is a conversion from an electrical reading and as each addition of a different salt will alter the electrical properties, , Easiest Homemade Hydroponics System in order to obtain an accurate EC reading you will have to use a reference solution of a known value. Because the EC meter you are using will not necessarily have been calibrated for the mix used by the people who prepared your reference solution, these values can be quite inaccurate. In view of this, any reference solution that does not show the EC value in mS, or give you the conversion ratio that was used, is of no use for nutrient evaluation purposes.

It is important to note that if the nutrient EC reaches 3,000 PPM (or the meter reads over 4.0mS) your plants , Control Weeds Effectively In Your Garden will begin to show signs of nutrient deficiency even though they will have an excess. The reasons for this are quite complex, but basically it is because the chemicals dissolved in the solution are competing for the available water , Commercial Ponds and the stronger ones are blocking out some of the weaker ones. This leads to the roots , Best Perennial Plants for Summer Color having to work harder to absorb the nutrients. By working harder they have to expend more energy , The Endearing Language of Flowers at the expense of growth. If at this time the temperature , Building a Deck – Things to Check if Using Softwood Species rises and the water , Quick Lawn Care Tips For Achieving the Perfect Lawn level drops, due to evaporation, your plants , Control Weeds Effectively In Your Garden will, very probably, die.

Probably the most important factor that will affect your plant , Do It Yourself Landscaping growth in relation to nutrient uptake is pH. Different types of plant , Riding Lawnmower - Choices are Wide Open prefer different pH values and it is important to ascertain which the optimum for the species you are growing , Tuscan Garden Design is. The medium in which you are growing , Take the Blossom of Various Types of Flowering Trees will affect the cation exchange capacity of the plant. , The Endearing Language of Flowers This is the ability of the medium to hold nutrients on call , Fish Fertilizers for the plant , Control Weeds Effectively In Your Garden roots to use. Normal soil , Hibiscus Flowers has a high cation exchange rate (CEC) of between 100 and 200 equivalent units. A number of growing , Online Florists mediums and of course water , Early Spring Garden Guide: What To Do In The Yard And Garden Now cultures have a CEC of 0. This means that once a nutrient has passed the roots , The Endearing Language of Flowers it cannot be taken up by the plant, , Easy Concrete Pavers and neither will it have any buffering effect. The nutrients, the gasses, the trace elements, the water , Trees and the growing , Kirengeshoma palmata medium all have differing electrical charges and are all exchanging positive and negative charges around the roots , Tulip Divisions - Garden Tulips and Their Identities of the plant. , Planning Your Garden from Scratch - the Basics This ionic battle enables the roots , Tuscan Garden Design to absorb the nutrients it needs to sustain the plant. , Mow A Better Lawn, The Easy Way If the pH is incorrect it stops the particle exchange. This is because the shapes and sizes of the charged particles will be different from the spaces available within the plant , Shed Kits root tissue. The pH can be looked at a bit like a Yale lock , Easiest Homemade Hydroponics System and key. If all is correct the lock , Recycling Carwash Wash Water for Landscape and Toilets opens if the plant , Choosing the Right Lawn Mower pH and the surrounding pH differ then the lock , Commercial Ponds cannot open.

Different plants , Riding Lawnmower - Choices are Wide Open need different nutrients at differing stages of their growth. These nutrients have different charges and so in order to get the greatest nutrient uptake the pH must be closely monitored. If in doubt about the requirements of your plant , Riding Lawnmower - Choices are Wide Open try asking the manufacturer , Preserving Dried Flowers- Few Tips for Best Results of your nutrients for help. After all he made the mix in the first place , Planning Your Garden from Scratch - the Basics and so should know all there is to know about it.

If your plants , Preserving Dried Flowers- Few Tips for Best Results are not thriving look at the pH as the primary cause and try to work out which of the nutrients is not being absorbed and why.
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