Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (part 13) Oxygen


Article by: John R. Haughton

How Oxygen Keeps Your Plants , Brighten Your Path By Installing Decorative Landscape Lighting Thriving!

Oxygen is used in large quantities by plants. , Growing Great Potatoes If you were to analyse a dried plant , Time for a Flower Garden Tune-Up you would find that about 45% consisted of Oxygen atoms. Just like humans, plants , Growing Great Potatoes need fresh air , How To Plan A Garden and their cells use Oxygen in the same kind of quantities that ours do. In air , Important Uses of Weeds in the Lives of People conditions with a low concentration of Oxygen, or where the air , The Garden Statue - -Stone, Metal, Or Gnome? is poor, plants , Making the Most of the Front of Your Home Using Wind Chimes do not thrive. Those that do manage to eke out an existence remain poor stunted specimens.

The leaves of a plant , Landscape Wallpaper have easy access to Oxygen. They make it as a natural , Brighten Your Path By Installing Decorative Landscape Lighting bi-product of the process of producing plant , Organic or Chemical Feeding of s - What's Best sugars and breathe it out as waste during the process of photosynthesis.

The roots , Deer Ticks of the plant , Choosing A Landscaping Firm do not have the same amount of Oxygen available to them. They have to work a lot harder to find enough for their needs. Insufficient Oxygen at the roots , How To Plan A Garden will reduce the plants , Outdoor Waterfalls root respiration and result in the shutting down of photosynthesis.

A plant's growth and its yield are governed by the size and health of its root , The Garden Statue - -Stone, Metal, Or Gnome? system. It can only grow , Choosing A Landscaping Firm to its full potential if the roots , Time for a Flower Garden Tune-Up have enough Oxygen for their needs. In plants , How To Divide Bulbs For Bigger Gardens grown hydroponically this essential ingredient is supplied dissolved in the nutrient solution.

Dissolved Oxygen in the nutrient solution can be measured by a DO meter. These are available from all good hydroponics , Artificial Flowers – Are They A Solution? equipment suppliers.

The amount of Oxygen dissolved in the solution will vary depending on both temperature , Vegetable Gardening and pressure. The warmer the water , Spring Flower Gardening the lower the gaseous content will be. Really cold , Metal Sheds fresh water , Winter Gardening Looking Towards Spring has a DO reading of up to 14 ppm or 14mg/litre, while water , Outdoor falls at 30 degrees centigrade can only hold about 5ppm or 5 mg/l DO.

This DO only amounts to a very small percentage of the roots , How to Create a Wildflower Garden needs. All water , Cymbidiums Orchid Plants - What You Need To Grow Successfully culture systems have to utilise some other form of oxygenation for the roots , Uninvited Houseguests as well as DO in the nutrient. Root , Winter Gardening Looking Towards Spring systems that have insufficient Oxygen available will soon turn brown and become very sick.

We aerate the nutrient in our systems in order to get the best saturation that we can, (from 5ppm to 8ppm) but the main function of this aeration is to kill off the anaerobic bacteria around the roots. , Do It Yourself: An Attractive Rock Garden Anyone Would Be Proud Of Anaerobic bacteria are pathogens that cannot survive in an oxygenated environment; (Anaerobic meaning without air).

Because the dissolved Oxygen in the nutrient can only supply about 1% of the roots , The Magic of Annual Vines requirements, the balance must be made up by breathing air. , Water Pond Designs This air , Tip-top Trailing Plants for Containers is trapped within the soil , Landscape Wallpaper in conventional gardening , Pruning Trees and in the growing , The Garden Statue - -Stone, Metal, Or Gnome? medium in normal hydroponics , Outdoor Lighting Fixtures are a Top Priority for Night Safety systems. This Oxygen search uses up energy , How to Create a Wildflower Garden that the plant , Patio Cover Designs could better use to produce root , Add Some Enchantment To Your Backyard With A Garden Gazebo growth.

The only type of system where this does not happen is the aeroponics system. The aerated water , The Top 10 Tips For Getting Rid Of Weeds In Your Lawn being sprayed directly onto the roots, , Outdoor Waterfalls allows the plant , Asian Lily Beetles - A New Garden Threat to take in free Oxygen from the surrounding air, , Winterizing Your Roses while still keeping the roots , Container Gardening: Urban Alternative for Plant Lovers moist and supplied with nutrient.

One of the functions of Oxygen is to facilitate the exchange of nutrients and gasses between the plant , Organic or Chemical Feeding of s - What's Best roots and the surrounding solution. It does this by changing the electrical charges within the water, , How To Plan A Garden so allowing the roots , Deer Ticks to absorb the available nutrients with the least expenditure of energy. , Asian Lily Beetles - A New Garden Threat For this reason, if no other, the roots , Abatement Conflicts with Eco-Systems need all the Oxygen they can get.

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