Improve Garden Soil with Cover Crops


Article by: Valerie Palmer

It is important to add organic , Preserving Dried Flowers- Few Tips for Best Results matter to your soil , Flower Bulbs in Dry Climate every year - whether you're using chemical fertilizers or gardening , Lawnmower Maintenance Tips That Help Produce The Best Lawns organically. Healthy , Backyard Landscaping Ideas - A Guide To Evergreen Trees And Shrubs soil is alive, actually teaming with earthworms and micro-organisms by the millions that have each got particular functions in making the soil fertile. If your garden , Sunflowers soil is going to continue to produce for you, it needs to be fed plenty of organic material.

Soil life eats and decomposes organic , Rock Gardens - A Different Kind of Garden matter, which causes minerals to be released in a form that plant , Sunflowers roots can absorb. In addition to this fertilizing effect, all the organic , Planning Your Garden from Scratch - the Planting waste helps the texture of the soil , Garden Tables Aren't Just Decoration - loosening hard-packed clay or binding loose, sandy soil. , Landscaping Can Make or Break Curb Appeal for Homebuyers Humus gives the soil , Camellias its necessary sponge-like texture that allows air circulation and moisture , Fountains: A Garden's Best Friend retention.

For these beneficial processes to take place, , Getting Started with Garden and Patio Design the life in soil , A Guide To Landscape Bridges needs fresh fuel, (organic matter). Without this food, , Planning Your Garden from Scratch - the Planting earthworms leave and microbes die, causing nutrients to get locked away by soil , Growing Palms particles, unavailable to the plants. , Getting Started with Garden and Patio Design Insect pests , Fountains: A Garden's Best Friend and diseases , Backyard Landscaping Ideas - A Guide To Evergreen Trees And Shrubs then attack the under- nourished and vulnerable plants. , Compost: Food for the Soil It doesn't help to pour on the chemical fertilizers; they don't contribute to a flourishing soil , Decks For Above Ground Pools: Can Beautify Your Yard As Well life or spongy soil , Growing Palms texture.

This is a simplification of a very complex natural , Weeds - We Need 'Em process of soil , Who Sells Flower Bulbs? chemistry that justifies in-depth study in its own. But the intention here is to give a basic idea of the absolute necessity of a generous annual , The History of the Gnome addition of organic matter to all continuously used garden , Are Robotic Lawn Mowers in Your Future? soil. Now, here are some suggestions about how to , The Care of Cattleya Orchids feed the soil. , Wood Ticks

Haul in compost, , How to Grow Organic Cigar Tobacco buying it in packaged form or by the yard from nurseries. Processors in your area (cider mills, canneries, etc.) often have organic , A Guide To Landscape Bridges material for the taking. Farms , A Guide To Landscape Bridges nearby might welcome removal of animal manures: horse, cattle, chicken, rabbit are all good. Of course, chop garden , Planning Permission Tips UK - Landscaping Schemes - Do They Add Value-Is It The Chicken Or The Egg? residues and weeds , Sunflowers into the soil , Getting Started with Garden and Patio Design after the crop is finished. Also chop in the hay or straw , Camellias that was used as mulch. Gather leaves and lawn , A Guide To Landscape Bridges clippings and dig them in.

Here's the quickest, least hassle method for taking just about any stretch of soil , Camellias and turning it into excellent loam. Grow , Barefoot at the Cottage a cover-crop, or green , Abatement and Congregation of Material manure, and simply till it in. This practice, when done over time, actually replenishes the top-soil instead of removing it with harvested crops. This is a particular benefit for gardeners who are growing food , The History of the Gnome in the same location , Trust Your Plants - They Know How To Grow! over a period of years.

Notes on using green , Tulip Divisions - Garden Tulips and Their Identities manures:

1) You can grow , Creativity with Ponds green manures in a rotation (an early green , Summer Gardening is All Weeding and Watering! manure followed by a late-season planting of produce, or a late cover-crop following an early summer , Water Pond Designs harvest like lettuce and peas) so that even if you have a small garden you will have a harvest crop as well as a cover-crop every year.

2) Using green , Patio Accessories - Complete The Great Outdoors manures can be done by any gardener with or without powered equipment. However, a roto-tiller is the easiest method. If necessary, you can rent one.

Here are the most common kinds of cover-crops for home use.

A) Buckwheat: in addition to growing , Patio Accessories - Complete The Great Outdoors well even in poor soil, , Camellias it chokes out weeds. , Soil Plus Compost Equals Lush Healthy Plants Sow buckwheat in summer, , Italian Vegetable Seeds after harvesting peas, etc.

B) Ryegrass: this grows , Water Pond Designs rapidly and is very hardy, adding a good amount of bulk. Best to choose annual , Barefoot at the Cottage varieties. Ryegrass is a good crop for late-summer since it dies back for easy tilling in spring. , Camellias

C) Legumes (alfalfa, peas, vetch, soybeans, etc.): these will "fix" nitrogen from the air , Tulip Divisions - Garden Tulips and Their Identities if you use "inoculated" seeds, , Water Pond Designs attracting the right micro-organisms. Notice that some legumes are vegetables; giving both food , Create and Furnish Your Outdoor Room and green manure from the same crop.

In addition to its benefits to soil, , The Care of Cattleya Orchids there are many good reasons to grow , Abatement and Congregation of Material green manure. They help with weed , Soil Plus Compost Equals Lush Healthy Plants control, bee attraction, and provide a beautiful green , Water Pond Designs cover that keeps the garden , Lawn Care Information looking nice right up to the time snow flies.
Valerie Palmer, writer and master gardener, contributes to TLC Gardening, , Soil Plus Compost Equals Lush Healthy Plants offering valuable free information , Flower Bulbs in Dry Climate to enhance your gardening experience. Also visit Full Storage or FB Home to find more articles by Valerie Palmer.

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