Is it Really Teak Wood? Caveat Emptor! (Part One)


Article by: Michael Ochoa

This article contains a plethora of information , The World of Herbs and would be difficult to take in all at once. For that reason, I have broken this article into two parts.

"Caveat Emptor"Ā¯ is Latin for "Let the buyer beware"Ā¯.

If you have Teak wood , The World of Herbs outdoor furniture, , Tip-top Trailing Plants for Containers there is very little you will need to do be ready for spring , Gardening Tips for Early - Mid July and summer , Gardening Tips for Early - Mid July gatherings to begin. If you purchased "teak oiled"Ā¯ or "better than teak wood"Ā¯ outdoor furniture, , Caring For Tropical And Exotic Flowers you may be in for a big surprise.

There are several outlets that are selling wood , Want to Build a Pond? outdoor furniture , The Basics of Growing Roses using phrases like, "Teak oiled wood , Planning A Butterfly Garden furniture"Ā¯. Teak oiled means just that: the wood , Planning A Butterfly Garden that the furniture , Teak Umbrella : Add the Final Touch to Your Patio is made from has been oiled with Teak oil. Period. It is not Teak wood , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers as many of us who may have purchased it would have hoped to believe.

Part of the problem is that we are all looking for the "deal"Ā¯. We want to pay as little as possible for high quality items so badly that we often overlook or don't look at all at what we are actually getting for our money.

What does "Teak like"Ā¯ furniture , African Violet Care mean? Does that mean that the wood , The Glory of Autumn: What Causes the Color? has high silica content like Teak wood? Does it mean that the wood , Lanscaping - Planning Your Next Project will weather , Taking Care of Your Bonsai all the natural , Bonsai trees Mastery - Different styles in Bonsai Gardening elements and last 75-100 years left outdoors, , The World of Herbs like Teak wood , The Best Fertilizing Tips For A Green Healthy Lawn will? What exactly does it mean?

Look at this verbiage on any number of websites or in any number of stores and you will see it. Some of these outdoor , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 1) Starting Out wood furniture , Growing Great Potatoes pieces that are the "GREAT DEALS" are made from a wood , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers called Nyatoh, not Teak. It is sold as an exotic hardwood and many outlets and advertisers call , Choosing a Pond Liner – EPDM liners are the optimal choice it a wood , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers which wears and behaves like teak? Go on to E-Bay and you will find sellers who are advertising it as "stronger than teak wood"Ā¯. In fact, that is not true.

Who are these marketers trying to kid? Guess what, they are trying to kid us all. Marketers are very good at putting spins on things to make us, the buying public, think one thing, and because we did not pay attention, it turns out to be something completely different.

Where are many of the consumers getting these great deals and purchasing their "Teak like"Ā¯ outdoor , Caring For Tropical And Exotic Flowers furniture? It is reported that many of these wood , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 1) Starting Out outdoor furniture , Winter Gardening Looking Towards Spring sets are being purchased from big chain department stores located in each and every town across the United States, as well as local , Growing Great Potatoes grocery and drugstores, and on the internet. , Planning A Butterfly Garden

Take a look at Nyatoh versus Teak in one area of wood , Setting Up A Goldfish Pond measurement: Durability. Nyatoh wood , Sprucing Up Your Garden With Solar is generally rated as Class 3, nondurable to moderately durable, and has a low resistance to termite attack. Its sapwood is liable to powder-post beetle attack. Other woods , Lanscaping - Planning Your Next Project more familiar to us with this similar durability rating are: American Cherry: African mahogany: Japanese Oak: Southern Pine: American Walnut: and Western Red Cedar, just to name a few.

Teak woods , Gardening - Schefflera Care durability is classified as Class 1, Very Durable. Woods , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers in this class include Ebony: Iroka: Makore: and Opepe to name a few. And this is just one area of measurement we are looking at, (just as a side note, class 2, which is Durable, contains familiar woods , Is it Really Teak ? Caveat Emptor! (Part One) like American Oak: Balau: Sweet Chestnut: Cedar: Ekki: and Karri woods , Learn How to Enhance Your Habitat to name a few).

Nyatoh wood , Lanscaping - Planning Your Next Project is protected with oil. Once treated, this wood , Winter Gardening Looking Towards Spring should consistently be treated each year to maintain some protection from the elements. When it comes to Nyatoh wood, , Patio Table Covers the consumer must pay particular attention to sufficiently oiling the "joints"Ā¯ where the protection is needed most. If water , Hummingbird Migration gets trapped in the joints of this wood, , Hummingbird Migration wood , Bamboo: a Versatile and Renewable Resource rot will begin.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Nyatoh wood , Painted Adirondack Chairs-The Perfect Addition to Any Home or Garden at all. It is being fashioned in very similar styles of other high quality outdoor furniture. , Is it Really Teak Wood? Caveat Emptor! (Part One) If you are looking for the deal, make this purchase. Just be aware of what it is you are really buying. It is NOT Teak wood. , Do It Yourself Landscaping: 6 Things You Must Know Before You Start You will need to maintain it differently than you would Teak wood , Hummingbird Migration and you may need to replace it more frequently just as you have your previous outdoor patio , A Couple of Good Places to Buy Lawnmowers furniture.
Michael Ochoa operates Macs Teak Furniture , Hummingbird Migration website. This website specializes in sales of Quality Teak Outdoor Patio , Koi Pond Aeration Furniture and provides free shipping anywhere in the United States. Make sure to visit Macs Teak Furniture , Lanscaping - Planning Your Next Project for more information , Store Your Outdoor Furnishings to Make Them Last about teak and backyard decorating. , Bamboo: a Versatile and Renewable Resource

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