Keeping the Balance of Nature: Pond Water Maintenance


Article by: Brett Fogle

You might be tempted to let Mother Nature, , Garden Delights For Midsummer tend to your backyard pond, and who could blame you? After all, she does a pretty good job of taking care of really big ponds, , Making Memories with Flower Gardening so why would your backyard ecosystem pose much of a challenge to her?

Unfortunately, the fact is your backyard , Tomatoes: History, Origin, Facts... or Fiction? pond is only going to get some cursory attention from Mom; the rest of the work is going to be left up to you.

In the "real world" chlorinated water , Landscape Wallpaper doesn't find its way into ponds very often. "Big" pond water , Hibiscus Tea passes through a great many natural filtration and oxygenation systems, and the various fish and flora work together to keep the pond , For Lighting Fixtures and Landscape Lighting Get Solar Power Installed clean and fresh. Our backyard ponds , Garden Construction don't have quite that much help, so here's where you need to step in:

If you are going to keep fish , Getting Rid of Garden Pests with Less Chemicals then you absolutely must remove all traces of chlorine from your pond , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 10) Nutrients before your favorite Koi , Garden On The Cheap set up housekeeping. Pond , Find Peace And Happiness Through Gardening fish cannot live in chlorinated water , Tarragon: A Favourite of French Chefs so don't even try. There are many products , Lawn Tractors Were Never a Chore available to remove chlorine quickly, or you can opt for the old-fashioned, natural , Landscaping Your Garden and Adding Value to Your Home way if you have the time to spend.

If you opt for 'a la natural' then expect to wait about 8 to 10 days for the chlorine to dissipate. You will need to make sure that your pump , Do It Yourself: An Attractive Rock Garden Anyone Would Be Proud Of and filter are running and that you have set up an aerating method such as a waterfall , Kirengeshoma palmata or "splasher" to bring oxygen into the water. , April Gardening Tips - Southwest Region Make sure that the pond , Designing an Edible Garden is exposed to plenty of sunlight (the natural , 5 Most Popular Flowers for Your Garden enemy of chlorine), and use a chlorine testing kit to check the water , Landscaping Your Garden and Adding Value to Your Home daily.

Me? I just drop some de-chlorinating product , Choosing Lawnmowers For Cutting Grass On Tennis Courts into the pond , The history of the gnome. and check back the next day.

Even if chlorine is totally removed, you still have nitrite and ammonia to worry about. These two toxic buddies are byproducts of fish waste and can wreak havoc with your Koi's health. After a while Mother Nature , Hibiscus Tea will kick in some help by allowing beneficial bacteria colonies to develop that enjoy eating nitrite and ammonia for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They won't be present in new ponds, , Tulips: Anything But Typical however, unless you buy some bacteria starter kits to kick start the process.

Your garden , Let Life and Energy Flow from the pond could become overtaxed, ecologically, if you add too many fish , Garden On The Cheap too quickly. Start out adding no more than two per week so that the newly introduced bacteria do not get overwhelmed by the waste that will be produced.

Just when you think you've got it all under control that ugly thing called "pH" raises its head. Testing for pH levels is also very important since neither plants , Patio Table Covers nor fish , For Lighting Fixtures and Landscape Lighting Get Solar Power Installed will survive very long if the pond's pH is out of whack. Your pH test kit should show a reading of between 6.8 and 7.4. You can add the proper chemicals to raise or lower if as neccessary.

Speaking of test kits, get one that will allow you to test the pond's salt levels as well. Unless you're raising baby Sea bass, too much salt is not a good thing.

After your pond , Gardening Tools - An Overview is fully established, Mother Nature , Landscape Wallpaper will lend a bigger hand and you can settle into a routine of testing every three of four weeks unless something serious, such as flooding, has occurred in between.
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