Landscape Fabric - Is Landscape Fabric Even Necessary In Landscaping?


Article by: Steve Boulden

Landscaping fabrics are by no means an answer to a no maintenance landscape. , Gardens Provide Peaceful Sanctuaries I know a lot of folks are under the impression that they can simply buy it, place , The Front Porch Swings Through History it, cover it, and forget it. Forever.

First. There is no such thing as a no maintenance landscape. , Problems - Things To Look Out For In many instances landscape , How To Build A Waterfall fabric can make your life a lot easier. However, there is an upside and a downside to using it. And as with most everything else, proper installation and maintenance is required if you intend to use it.

Also, keep in mind that I'm referring to professional quality grade materials and not the flimsy products , Landscape Problems - Things To Look Out For sold in do it yourself , The Front Porch Swings Through History and home , Wood Fences: Installing Wood Fences for the owner centers. If you're going to use that, you might as well use newspapers or cardboard boxes under your groundcover.

Landscape fabrics have their applications. They aren't necessary in all applications but might be preferred in regards to the type of groundcover you use.

Our company uses weed , Wood Furniture for the Outdoors: Durable, Dependable, and Pleasing to the Eye barrier in 95% of the designs , 5 Simple Steps to Care For Your Push Reel Mower we create. It's the nature , Organic Gardening of our business as we use decorative rock as the preferred groundcover around here. When using rock for groundcover and path , Popular Adirondack Chairs - Everything You Need To Know work, it's necessary to have a separator between the soil , Learn All About Feng Shui Money Trees and groundcover. Otherwise, you'll have mud rocks by the first rain storm.

In theory you should be able to use almost anything as a separator. I've seen do it yourselfers use anything from plastics , Landscaping of Hindu Religious Places to newspapers and cardboard boxes to old carpet , Starting A Container Garden remnants. Of course, as a professional, I can't use or even suggest something like this to my clients. You're on your own there.

Now personally, on any given project, I would much rather do away with fabrics altogether. I prefer to create living soil , How to Care for Long Stem Roses planting areas that are mulched and tended rather than being covered and forgotten. However, some areas are simply too large to apply this method and some folks just outright prefer to cover an area with decorative rock.

Both mulched living beds , Colorado Blue Spruce And Lush Red Roses and rock beds , Growing Orchids In Greenhouses, Can You ? underlain with fabric will require some work to keep them beautiful. , Wood Fences: Installing Wood Fences for the Homeowner Neither is maintenance free. As long as there is wind, rain dirt, and blown in seed, , Outdoor Lighting Fixtures are a Top Priority for Night Safety there will be something for you to do in your yard. , Wood Fences: Installing Wood Fences for the Homeowner

When we create a design , Flowering Trees - How to Make Your Garden Shady and Beautiful at the Same Time using landscaping , Colorado Blue Spruce And Lush Red Roses fabric and rock, I make the client aware of a few things. 1) There will be blown in seed , Aromatic Red Cedar Lawn Furniture - Add A Touch Of Luxury and dirt. 2) Something will have to be done about it to keep it from accumulating. I assure them that with the quality of fabric we use, nothing will grow , Outdoor Lighting Fixtures are a Top Priority for Night Safety in from the bottom. However, we have no control of what blows in on the top.

Spraying the unwanted weeds , Popular Adirondack Chairs - Everything You Need To Know with herbicide will take care of the weed , Organic Gardening problem. However, this does nothing for the dirt, leaf, and plant , Why are Adirondack Chairs & Adirondack Furniture a Cottage Favorite? particles that are hiding under your rocks. And if you allow these to accumulate, they'll continue to accumulate and you will never get rid of them. So periodic maintenance is required even if you do use landscaping , Exotic Plants and Flowers for Guys: Trends in Flowers as Elegant as they are Masculine fabric.

Periodically using a blower on your bedding , Patio Umbrellas and Beach Umbrellas. Practical and Appealing. areas will slow down the accumulation of dirt and in some cases eliminate it altogether. How easy and thorough this is depends a lot on the type and size of rock you use.

Small pea gravel , Build a Rain Garden accumulates and holds onto dirt, and is harder to clean than rock of a 1 ½" + nature. , How to Care for Long Stem Roses Not only does it hold onto dirt but has a tendency to be blown all around when being cleaned with a blower. Pea gravel , Mulch Your Spring Flower Bulbs in the Fall for a Beautiful Spring Display works well for paths, , The Plant Philanthropist walkways, and smaller areas but I don't recommend it for covering larger areas.

As far as using landscape , Learn All About Feng Shui Money Trees fabric under bark and mulch covered beds? In many cases this can actually be easier to take care of than living beds , Growing African Violets in Natural Light or rock covered areas as it can easily be picked up and replaced every few years. This will keep your landscape , Tip-top Trailing Plants for Containers always looking new without having to blow dirt or mulch beds. , Lawn Mower Racing

Remember. There's no such thing as a no maintenance landscape. , An Introduction to Bonsai Maple Trees Landscape , Flowering Trees - How to Make Your Garden Shady and Beautiful at the Same Time fabrics can make things easier in many applications but like everything else, they require a little bit of keeping up. No, they aren't necessary in all landscaping , Exotic Plants and Flowers for Guys: Trends in Flowers as Elegant as they are Masculine applications. However, I believe you'll find them to be your best choice for many groundcover types and uses.
Written by Steve Boulden. Steve is the creator of The Landscape , Growing Orchids In Greenhouses, Can You ? Design which offers free professional landscaping , Gardens Provide Peaceful Sanctuaries advice, tips, , Organic Gardening plans, , How to Kill Poinsettia and ideas to do it yourselfers and homeowners. To discover more about choosing and using landscaping , Growing African Violets in Natural Light fabrics and weed , Important Uses of s in the Lives of People barrier, visit his site at:

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