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Article by: Ashton Harr

Study natural , Real Men Use Reel Mowers daylight.
Don't overlight.
Consider the reflectance of plant , A Few Gardens Built By The Moghuls material.
Use light , The Cure for Common Pool Stains to show what's important (focal points, paths, , Some Simple Gardening Tips to keep your Garden Tip-Top after the Winter Months etc)
Hide the light , How Savvy Gardeners Use Mulch To Make Garden Work Easier sources.
Use several different lighting techniques (moonlighting, uplighting, etc)
Allow for plant , Growing an Indoor Herb Garden Year-Round growth and flexibility.

Uplighting (light placed below an object and shining up)
Moonlighting (light placed up high to filter through tree , Gardening - Hibiscus Plant Care branches to simulate full moon light)
Spotlighting (light produces a highly focused beam of light)
Accent lighting
Grazing (light positioned close to a vertical surface to bring out the texture)
Silhouetting (light placed behind an object to light , Landscaping 101 a background to silhouette the outline of the object)
Shadowing (light placed in front of an object to shine the outline of the object against the surface behind)

Use line voltage for:
uplighting very large trees, , Pictures Of Landscaping - Using Other Peoples Ideas To Design Your Landscape long driveway, or anywhere you need a lot of light , Hummingbird Migration installations with 3 or less fixtures.

Low-voltage is best when:
you anticipate changing light , Bonsai Trees For Sale: What Are Your Options? locations
people, animals, children, etc. will be digging
there is water , Some Simple Gardening Tips to keep your Garden Tip-Top after the Winter Months close by, when you want to do it yourself , Some Simple Gardening Tips to keep your Garden Tip-Top after the Winter Months installation costs are important you want smaller fixtures the landscaping , Chainsaws - Caring For Your Chain is already installed.

Adding landscape , 10 Tips to Care for Your Antique Ceramics lighting improves curb appeal, expands living space and increases the safety , Zucchini: A Power House of Nutrition and security , Pond Liners of your home. , The Perfect Beginner Perennial Flower The right lighting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the exterior of your home , Pond Liners and your yard. , Outdoor Furniture and Glider-Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture For Your Home

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Ashton has a bachelor of science degree from UVA and a masters in business administration from the University of Richmond. Ashton was the V.P. of Operations for This End Up Furniture , Tomato Plant Care before opening the first Shades of Light , Soil Plus Compost Equals Lush Healthy Plants retail store in 1986. She started Shades of Light , 5 Backyard Patio Ideas national catalog operation in 1995 and launched the Shades of Light , Growing Clematis web site in 1997. Shades of Light , Introduction to Botany specializes in the highest quality outdoor , Common Landscaping Tools For Every Landscaper lighting, lamp shades, chandeliers, rugs, , Outdoor Furniture and Glider-Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture For Your Home and curtains for every lifestyle. For more information , Growing Clematis please visit the Shades of Light , Gardening - Hibiscus Plant Care web site and sign up for a free catalog.

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