Landscaping With Boulders - Do your Neighbors look at your Yard and say WOW


Article by: Beth Gabriel

Would you like to be the envy of your neighbors with a yard , Oregano: Joy of the Mountain that stands out and says WOW!
Tired of the same old grass, , How to Start Your Lawn by Seeding or Sod trees , How to Water Your Houseplants Wisely and flowers , Wind Chimes Soothe The Soul that are just like everyone else's yard? You can break out of the neighborhood 'cookie cutter' look and add natural , Attracting Birds to the Garden beauty to your yard. , How to Build a Fence

Create drama with rocks and boulders

Add a large boulder to your front yard , How to Choose a Pond or Fountain Light as a focal point. Pick a boulder with natural , Vermicomposting - Worm Composters For Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal and Recycling interest such as irregular shape, color , How to Build a Pond: Basic Considerations or texture. Your local , Create a Hummingbird Garden Habitat nursery should have several boulders for you to choose from or you may get lucky and have a friend who is looking to clear their lot from rocks and has a natural , Gardening Sentiments beauty just waiting for you.

Plan a garden , Metal Benches area around your boulder
Now that you have your focal point in place, , Flowers – One of Life's Small Pleasures think about adding a garden , How to Start Your Lawn by Seeding or Sod area to create interest. Make this garden , Metal Benches area as big or small as you wish but be sure to put bends and curves into the layout design , Landscaping, An American Pass Time to continue the theme of 'non cookie cutter look'! Start by clearing the grass , Orchids Plus More Newsletter - December, 2004 from the area when your garden , Wind Chimes Soothe The Soul area will be. Then edge the curving perimeter with smaller rocks (10 to 12 inches in diameter) or black plastic landscape , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers border.

Now you're ready for flowers , How to Build a Fence for a fresh look
Now it's time to add perennial flowers , Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - How To Plant And Care For Shrubs and decorative grasses , Oregano: Joy of the Mountain to the area around your boulder. Depending on the size of your garden , The First-Time Vegetable er -- Some Pathways to Success area, plan , Attracting Birds to the Garden to add perennial flowers , Bonsai Trees For Sale: What Are Your Options? or decorative grasses , Choosing A Landscaping Firm every 3 - 4 cubic feet. If you plant , Wind Chimes Soothe The Soul them any closer, they will look crowded as the plants , Choose the Right Outdoor Bench that Suits Both You and Your Garden mature. If you plant , Asian Lily Beetles - A New Garden Threat them any further apart, the plants , Home and Garden Decor will look very sparse for years to come. You want just enough space between plantings to highlight each one as being unique. For perennial flowers, , Choose the Right Outdoor Bench that Suits Both You and Your Garden plant , A Choice New Hydrangea With Variegated Foliage in clumps of 3 for a robust look and bright splash of color. , Exotic Plants and Flowers for Guys: Trends in Flowers as Elegant as they are Masculine For the final touch, add landscaping , Japanese Garden Lights Bring Tranquillity to your Garden and Peace to your Body and Mind bark or river rock between plants , How to Water Your Houses Wisely to cut down on weeds , Lawn Care and Fertilizer Tip to Create a Great Lawn and retain moisture , Plant A Simple Tea Garden in the soil. , Plant A Simple Tea Garden

For added drama, create a walkway
Create a walkway of flat stones , How to Water Your Houseplants Wisely out to your new boulder focal point and garden , Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers area. Remove the grass , Gardeners Gift Ideas from the area when your path , Flowers, An Annual Event will be, remembering to create a winding path , Home and Garden Decor in keeping with the 'non cookie cutter look'. Then add 3 inches of sand , Tulips: Anything But Typical to make leveling your flat stones , Home and Garden Decor easier. Viola! Your front yard , Bonsai Trees For Sale: What Are Your Options? has new interest and drama.

For even more drama, if your garden , Exotic Plants and Flowers for Guys: Trends in Flowers as Elegant as they are Masculine area it large
If you have room , 6 Factors that Directly Decide the Landscaping Design of a Home Garden for a large garden , How to Water Your Houseplants Wisely area surrounding your boulder, consider planting a tree , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers (of the smaller variety) close to your boulder. Mountain ash, dwarf crab, dwarf river birch or Japanese Maple are all excellent choices depending on your climate. , Japanese Garden Lights Bring Tranquillity to your Garden and Peace to your Body and Mind This is sure to become a favorite family photo site. You might even add a bench , Pink Hibiscus or garden , Flowering Trees - How to Make Your Shady and Beautiful at the Same Time gate for an extra special one-of-a-kind look to your landscape. , Using Vines to Beautify Your House

Final Touches
To add a bright spot of color , Choosing A Landscaping Firm to your landscape, , Wild Flower Garden - Plan to Plant add a decorative or patriotic flag to your garden , ers Gift Ideas area around your boulder. It's a great way to add color , Gardening Sentiments when your flowers , Home and Garden Decor aren't in bloom and adds a whimsical feel to have a flag fluttering in the breeze.
Beth Gabriel is a successful Webmaster and publisher of She provides more flag history and patriotic flag reviews that you can read on her website from the comfort of your home , Gardening Sentiments at 2:00 am!

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