Mower Safety - Blood On The Blade!


Article by: Fred Davis

Fall is upon us and the snows , Teak Furniture - The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It and chill of a Northeast winter , Container Gardening Is For Everyone won't be far behind. Lawnmower , Everything You need to Know to Set up Your Square Foot Garden safety, however, is a ripe subject for any season. , Favorite Tea Herbs to Grow . .especially spring. , Favorite Tea Herbs to Grow Spring's a time when a gardener's thoughts turn seriously to mowing the lawns, , Teak Furniture - The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It tilling the garden, , Hydroponics ing - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 2) Plant Needs finally being able to go jogging without ear muffs and an overcoat...or just plain walking--a walk through spring , Gardening Supplies renewal.

There are, however, a great many people who find it painful to just walk; many who cannot comfortably jog; and more than a few who wince at the thought of mowing a lawn. , Caring for your Wrought-iron Furniture Why? Simple: at some point in the past they refused to follow easily understood instructions--refused to apply common sense--and are now paying an unanticipated, not to mention very unpleasant, price for their errors.

Let me tell you about some of those people who once stood tall, haughtily lifted their chins and clamped their teeth together in rebellion--steadfastly refusing to follow safety , Keep It Tidy! Your Home Outdoors Will Look Its Very Best When You Use Good Storage Methods! rules. Then let me point out a few crucially important steps you can--and must--take to ensure that someone in your family doesn't make the same tragic mistake. These are true and authentic examples.

    * First, a lady gardening , Constructing a Rock Garden in coastal Maine, was pushing her mower , Caring for your Wrought-iron Furniture on a slope, in wet grass, , Gardening Supplies with the wrong kind of shoes...she slipped, fell, and in a heartbeat her lower leg was severely sliced by the blade that was still running at full throttle.

    * Next, two grown men made the unimaginably unwise mistake of using a rotary mower , Container Gardening Is For Everyone to trim the top of a shrub-hedge. Suspended on either side by ropes--on a slope, no less--they literally lifted the running machine to about shoulder height and began walking along its considerable length. If their miscalculation had backfired, imagine what might easily and quickly have occurred if a sudden blast of trimmings had hit the one on the downhill side full in the face! Not a pleasant or pretty thought! Certainly would have been a memorable experience for both of them. Certainly could have resulted in enormous catastrophic injuries...or death! Mercifully, they got away with it.

    * And third, a Searsport, Maine, man wasn't so lucky. He had removed a perfectly good safety , How to Grow Strawberries device from his rotary mower , y, Fun Garden Plants (the rubber flap in the rear that prevents toes from slipping under) a few days after he'd taped the machine's "dead-man" switch in the "run" position. As he pulled his mower , Favorite Tea Herbs to Grow backwards over uneven ground without watching where he was going, he tripped over a stone, , Greenscapes: Energy Efficient Landscaping fell backwards, and his right foot slipped under the blade housing. To make a long and painful story short, he now has a large and uncomfortable patch of scar tissue where the soft ball of his foot used to be. Mercifully, an incredibly talented and, to his eternal credit, patient surgeon was able to put it all back together again (Dr. John Gage, Waldo County Hospital, Belfast, Maine).

What did they all have in common beside their injuries? They had all either defeated safety , Caring for your Wrought-iron Furniture devices on their mowers, , Garden Gazebo - A Stunning Addition to any Landscape and/or utterly ignored common sense safety , Color in the Garden rules that would have prevented a great deal of grief and pain...not to mention lost productivity and huge medical/surgical expenses.

Don't allow these incredibly dumb mistakes to occur in your family! Listen to these three responsibilities you must assume, and wedge them firmly into memory--now--before you even start the engine.

    1. You must accept the responsibility to insure that your youngsters under 14 are not allowed to operate any power mower. , Favorite Tea Herbs to Grow They are forgetful, largely irresponsible at that tender age, easily distracted, and have no business attached to the controls of a power mower. , Getting Started with Garden and Patio Design

    2. You must accept the responsibility to adequately protect yourself , Constructing a Rock Garden from catastrophic or crippling injury. How? Read the instruction manual--especially the section on safety. , Ecological Landscape Design and Organic Lawn Care Then do what it says! Apply some common sense; wear protective shoes; check the lawn , Creating Low Maintenance Gardens for rocks, kid or pet toys, or anything that might become a projectile...before you start the engine. The tip , How To Find Cheap Flower Delivery In Your Area of a mower , Gardening Soil blade can attain a speed exceeding 19,000 feet per minute. It's usually attached to a five or six horsepower engine. The force at the tip , Gardening Supplies can reach more than 10,000 pounds per square inch. You stick your foot in there, or reach in with your hand to clear grass , Dwarf Korean Lilac away from the chute, and it could be sliced at the rate of 120 times per second! Trust me...a lot can happen in a second or two. Keep children and pets completely off the lawn , Hibiscus Flowers during any mowing operation. That'll lessen the risk of their being struck by something thrown from under the machine.

    3. Critically important: never, ever remove or defeat safety , Hibiscus devices on a mower. , How To Design And Build A Fish Pond A dead-man switch (that you may have already wired or taped in the "on" position) was designed for a very specific purpose--to shut that machine down almost instantly after you release the handle. Many fingers and toes could be saved if all mowers , Hibiscus had a functioning dead-man switch. Additionally, the discharge-chute-deflector has proven itself to be of great value in preventing broken windows, , Mosquito Farms? Is That What Water Gardens Are? bruised shins and ankles, and dented cars. Yeah...I know all about it! It gets in the way, so off it comes. Don't do that!

As far as I'm concerned, the most valuable safety feature , Outdoor Deck Lighting is the rear toe guard--the rubber or thick flexible plastic , Insect Spray Warnings and Healthy Alternatives thing that drags on the ground behind the mower. , Rugosa Roses - Fragrant, Tough and Handsome Shrub Roses I'm here to verify the fact that taking it off because it interferes with pulling the mower , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening for Beginners (part 16) Temperature backwards is incredible dangerous...and can bring about painful expense. I know what I'm talking about! Take a look at the picture of a badly chopped-up shoe (follow the link at the end of this article). The foolish person who was wearing it broke four cardinal rules: he'd removed the toe guard, had defeated the dead-man switch, was pulling his mower , Hibiscus Flowers backwards, and was daydreaming.

I'm still paying for those foolish mistakes. (In my own defense, however, I was younger then. . .and convinced of my indestructibility and, perhaps, immortality as well. It's a young-guy thing!)

What can you do to protect yourself , The Old Faithful - Case Tractors and your family from the dreadful and crippling consequences of these or similar errors? Don't allow your kids under 14 to operate power , Dwarf Korean Lilac equipment...even if they are smarter than most...even if they're "supervised"...even if they beg or if you're too darned lazy to get off the couch or out of the lawn , Insect Spray Warnings and Healthy Alternatives chair and do it yourself. , Container Gardening Is For Everyone Read and follow safety , A Touch of Elegance: The Very Best Outdoor Decor instructions. And never tamper with safety , Add Color and Fragrance to Your Garden with the Korean Spice Viburnum devices or features. , The Old Faithful - Case Tractors Now it's up to you. You can do it. How much do you care about your or your kids' personal safety? How much is a foot or hand or an eye worth?

If your power , Favorite Tea Herbs to Grow equipment has had its safety , Low Maintenance Teak Furniture devices removed or defeated, that's tantamount to playing with fire , Add Color and Fragrance to Your Garden with the Korean Spice Viburnum in a gunpowder factory. You must put those safety , Insect Spray Warnings and Healthy Alternatives devices back in working order. And if you're any kind of a responsible person, you'll do it now, before another blade of grass , Safety On Lawn Tractors is cut. Fail in that responsibility and you or one of your family may soon have a shoe that looks like mine to spark memories of damage. . .or lost toes. You may never be able to forgive yourself! , Dwarf Korean Lilac
See a photo that demonstrates what can happen when safety , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 2) Plant Needs precautions are ignored:

Fred Davis is a Master Gardener, Master Composter, , Garden Gazebo - A Stunning Addition to any Landscape lecturer, and long-time nurseryman. He and his wife, Linda, own and operate a popular perennial , Teak Furniture - The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It nursery in Palermo, Maine, and maintain a no-frills gardening , Everything You need to Know to Set up Your Square Foot Garden information website at:

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