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Article by: David Hallstrom

So, you have decided to plant , Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) 'White Ball' rose bushes in your yard , Plants To Grow Old With or The Constant Battle or on your patio, , Watering Your Lawn porch , Online FTD Florists or balcony. Now all you have to do is go out and buy some bushes and plant , ing Trees and Shrubs them. Right? Wrong!!

There are several things that you have to decide before buying:

1. Where are you planning on planting?

2. Are you going to plant , Basic Swimming Pool Water Chemistry in the ground or in containers?

3. Do you want roses , Japanese Plum Yew - Cephalotaxus Harringtonia 'Prostrata' that are scented or unscented?

4. Do you want bushes, trees, , 5 Tips For Fish Pond Maintenance climbers, vining or do you want them to grow , Ideas For Your Front Yard Landscaping Project into a hedge?

5. Do you want large, medium, small or miniature blooms?

6. Do you want roses , Blower Fans for cutting?

7. What colors , How Vacuum Formed Molds Are Made go best with your garden, , Composting for Kids patio, , Abatement Considerations and Common Sense porch , Abatement Considerations and Common Sense or balcony?

There are several types of roses, , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 15) Ozone among them are:

Hybrid teas bloom frequently, are hardy, come in a wide range of colors, , How Vacuum Formed Molds Are Made are well sented and are good for cutting for vases. The size of the blooms and the length of the stem depends on how they are pruned. They make the best long stem roses , 5 Tips For Fish Pond Maintenance for cutting.

Hybrid perpetuals are seldom planted today as they have a limited color , Japanese Plum Yew - Cephalotaxus Harringtonia 'Prostrata' range and normally bloom less frequently. They are, however, quite hardy and have large well scented blooms. The "American Beauty" rose , Bare Root s, What To Look For When Buying is from this category.

Grandifloras are a cross between hybrid teas and floribundas. The flowers , Watering Your Lawn are the same size and shape as hybrid teas, however they usually have an abundance of blooms on each stem. These roses , Patio Design and Patio Furniture - The Use of Focal Points are very popular for growing , Cattleya Orchid Plant - Why They Are Not Popular in containers.

Floribundas have slightly smaller flowers , The Garden in August but are hardier, have a longer growing season , About Crocuses in cold , Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) 'White Ball' climates and yeild large numbers of flowers. , Basic Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

Polyanthas are small averaging just 18 inches in height. They are very hardy and produce large clusters of small flowers. , Plants To Grow Old With or The Constant Battle

Miniatures average between 6 and 12 inches in height, carry small one inch or less blooms, are hardy and require little care. These make very good balcony container roses. , Online FTD Florists

Climbers come in several types, Ramblers which are hardy, fast growing , 6 Indoor Plants That Love The Dark: A Tip From The Garden Center Nursery and can develope canes up to 20 feet long. Pillars are slower growing , How Vacuum Formed Molds Are Made upright palnts that are well suited for growing , A Guide To Landscape Bridges on posts. Trailers are low growing , Build A Simple Planter Box easy to maintain plants , How Vacuum Formed Molds Are Made good for covering banks and walls. , Composting for Kids Large Flowered Climbers are slower growing , How to Grow Cooking Herbs but have more showey flowers , How to Choose a Snow Blower for Your Garden and are good for growing , Gardening - Herbs In Containers against fences and low walls. , Water Conservation in the Garden - Use a Rain Barrel to Harvest Rainwater Hybrid Teas , Floribundas and Polyanthas can sometimes become climbers and have the same characteristics as the bushes.

Tree Roses can be developed from any type of rose. , Buying Teak Wood Furniture Responsibly They are made by grafting a bush onto a long thick trunk. These look great on a patio , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 15) Ozone or porch. , Tips for Choosing a Chiminea for Your Backyard or Patio

Shrub Roses are normally small, hardy fairly continuesly blooming bushes that can be used as hedge , A Guide To Landscape Bridges (hedges can grow , How to Cooking Herbs to 5 or 6 feet and provide inexpensive privacy and color), thicket and trellis (trellis roses , How to Choose a Snow Blower for Your Garden can add a beautiful , Vacation Proofing your Garden accent to a yard , In Garden Design, Less Is More or home , Watering Your Lawn entryway and can be made into an arch) roses. , Choosing the Proper Pond Pump There are even varieties that can be used as ground cover on embankments or planted in hanging pots. , Build A Simple Planter Box

Today roses , Watering Your Lawn come in hundreds of varieties with new varieties being developed every year and in an almost limitless number of colors , Patio Furniture Accessories and color , Suet Facts and Tips variations. It has been my experience, however, that usually the darker the color , How Vacuum Formed Molds Are Made the heavier the scent. Most white roses , 5 Tips For Fish Pond Maintenance seem to have no scent at all.

If you choose the right roses , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 15) Ozone for the right place , Suet Facts and Tips you can add beauty and elegance to any garden, , CO2 for 'Free' patio, , Concrete Mold Buying Tips porch , Concrete Mold Buying Tips or balcony without spending large amounts of money or time.

For tips on what to look for when buying bare root , Tulip Delivery roses see

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David G. Hallstrom, Sr. is a retired private investigator and is curently the publisher of several internet , Composting for Kids directories including

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