Preformed Ponds Manufactured from New Rubber/Plastic Composite More Durable and Resistant to Wear


Article by: Gerry Fung

Traditionally, liner kits have presented many difficulties for the beginner pond , Do It Yourself: An Attractive Rock Garden Anyone Would Be Proud Of gardener. Since every liner pond , Snakes - They're Not as Slithery as Some People I Know! shape is different, pond , Letting Nature Grow Your Garden gardeners must customize their own pond, , Add Some Enchantment To Your Backyard With A Garden Gazebo ensure that it is level, and ensure that it does not have excessive wrinkling. A flexible preformed pond, , How To Bring An Old Lawn Back to Life on the other hand, is easy to install. The flexible preformed shell already has a pre-defined shape, yet it is easily transportable, since a typical folding kit comes in a box that can fit into your car truck (I.e. it is one-sixth the size of a regular preformed kit). Thus, installation involves merely removing the pond , Wicker Patio Furniture or Teak Patio Furniture is Great in a Gazebo from the kit, unfolding it, digging a hole, and inserting the pond , How To Design And Build A Fish shell into the hole.

One common complaint of customers in the past has been that flexible pond , Blowers shells have been difficult to unfold. To address this problem, as of January 2006, Algreen Products , Water Pond Designs has introduced a new line of flexible preformed pond , The Use of Color in Your Landscape kits which are manufactured from a novel blend of rubber, nylon, and plastic. , Tip-top Trailing Plants for Containers Using the new rubber-based composite, Algreen's ponds , Letting Nature Grow Your Garden are now extremely easy to unfold. Because of the flexibility offered by the rubber component, which is supplemented by the stiffness offered by the plastic , Adirondack Chairs - How to Choose One component, the ponds , The Best Types Of Fish For Your Garden are also many times more resistant to breakage and wear.

According to Melissa Mulligan, sales and marketing director at Algreen Products, , Snakes - They're Not as Slithery as Some People I Know! "This new innovation makes our flexible ponds , How To Design And Build A Fish easier to unfold, more durable, and more resistant to wear and breakage this composite will revolutionize the preformed pond , Solar Outdoor Lighting business."

Algreen is currently incorporating the proprietary composite material into their line of folding pond , Rock Gardens - A Different Kind of Garden shells and streamlets. The new pond , My Spring Bulbs Won't Bloom - Why? shells and streamlets are being introduced in a black colour, , Using Popular Rose Varieties In Your Garden and are currently available from The composite has also been introduced in their 144 gallon granite pond , Tulips kits.

Each Algreen pond , Do It Yourself: An Attractive Rock Garden Anyone Would Be Proud Of kit comes complete with:

  • A rubber/plastic composite pond , The Best Types Of Fish For Your Garden shell and streamlet (sizes detailed above).
  • A SuperFlo submersible pump , Gardening - An Expression with a built-in pre-filter, telescopic riser, and a diverter.
  • Fountain heads that allow you to set up a fountain in the middle of your pond. , Water Designs
  • Tubing and clamps.
  • 2 silk pond , When to Plant Vegetaibles lilies.
  • A 20-year manufacturer's warranty on the pond/streamlet, and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on the pump. , Adirondack Chairs - How to Choose One
  • A free SuperGlo underwater light! , Making a Garden Pond With a Pond Liner
For more information , Tip-top Trailing Plants for Containers about preformed ponds, , Tips for Buying Plants Online please go to

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