Real Men Use Reel Mowers


Article by: Anne Clarke

Real men (and women) use reel lawn , Flowering Trees - How to Make Your Garden Shady and Beautiful at the Same Time mowers. There are many benefits to using a reel lawn , 5 Easy Steps To A Successful Residential Landscaping Project. mower - namely, they are better for the environment , Treating Rust on Metal Railings than a rotary mower. , How to Build a Waterfall For Your Garden Pond

Here are some other benefits of reel mowers:

· You just push it and it mows - you do not have to worry about starting up the lawn , Patio Swing Covers mower or having it break down on you.

· They are quiet.

· You can mow at any time of the day or night without worrying about waking up your neighbors. You can hear the birds , How to Decorate your Outdoor Space without Breaking the Bank chirping and your cell phone , Injury to Trees and Shrubs ringing and other sounds that you can not hear when pushing a rotary mower. , Feed the Birds

· You can actually enjoy a beautiful , Step by Step 'Leaf' Stepping Stones day, noise-free, when you are out pushing a reel mower , How to Decorate your Outdoor Space without Breaking the Bank - mowing your lawn , Creativity with Ponds becomes less of a task and more of an enjoyment.

· They are less expensive than rotary mowers , Adirondack Chairs - How to Care for and Clean Them - they cost less to purchase and less to maintain, and you do not have to pay for gas , Spring Rose Care - The Easy Way to fuel them.

· Low maintenance - you just need to periodically oil your lawn , Marvellous May Plant Colour mower and sharpen the blade.

· You can get a bit of exercise when you are out mowing the lawn! , Selecting the Right Roses for Your Garden Of course, do not worry. Reel mowers , The Endearing Language of Flowers of today are much easier to push and use than those that your grandfather owned. They are lighter and easier to maintain than those of the past, as well.

· A reel mower , The Garden Beckons is light , Selecting the Right Roses for Your Garden enough and small enough to lift up and stow away on a wall , Adirondack Chairs - How to Care for and Clean Them in your garage. , Some Practical Ideas For Designing Your Own Landscape

· Because the blades of a reel mower , Good Tools and Hard Work is What Creates EyeCatching and Functional Gardens spin at an angle perpendicular to the ground (the blades of a rotary mower , How to Plant Shrubs spin parallel to the ground), they actually cut the grass , Wood Ticks rather than simply smashing the ends of the grass. , 5 Easy Steps To A Successful Residential Landscaping Project.

· They are generally safer than rotary lawn , How to Plant Shrubs mowers.

· They do not pollute!

Drawbacks of reel mowers:

· They do not cut tall weeds , The all important Clematis very well. In other words, they are not going to be very useful for cutting the grass , Grow the BEST Tasting Tomatoes of a vacant lot, but they will still work great on your lawn. , The String Algae Blues A reel mower , Spring Rose Care - The Easy Way will just roll right over dandelions and other weeds

· For them to work best, you need to use them weekly. Tall grass , Teak Patio Furniture Will Dress Up Your Patio can really bog them down, and cutting it will give you more of a workout than you are looking for!

· Because you are, in a sense, the motor that keeps this type of lawn , How to Plant Shrubs mower going, you may get too tired if you have a large lawn , 5 Easy Steps To A Successful Residential Landscaping Project. to tackle - reel mowers , A Low Maintenance Landscape Can Save You Money are best for smaller lawns. , Great Gardening Gift Ideas

· They do not break up sticks like a rotary motor. In fact, you may have to stop and get sticks out of the blade.

In the end, the choice is, of course, up to you. But realize that a reel mower , Selecting the Right Roses for Your Garden is most definitely a lawn , Maintaining Your Landscaped Yard mower option that should not be so easily overlooked!
Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, , Injury to Trees and Shrubs parenting, fashion, and home , How To Bring An Old Lawn Back to Life decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. , Garden Tips for Planting Super-Sweet Grape Tomatoes For more of her articles on gardening , Landscaping Tips: Japanese Garden Fundamentals and garden , Maintaining Your Landscaped Yard tools, please visit Garden , Some Practical Ideas For Designing Your Own Landscape Tools.

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