Recipes for Concrete and Hypertufa


Article by: Delmar Germyn

This will not be THE list, but is a list of mixes that I use most. There are hundreds more and as you gain experience you will develop mixes of your own.

For ornamental concrete , Cast Aluminum Furniture casting you can forget about the "standard" mixes. There is to much aggregate in them. You want a fine mix that will bring out detail.

Always mix the dry parts first, then add your water. , Gardening: Plants and Gardens


Here are some to start you off...

I - This is the one I use the most.

1 - cement 3 - sand , Best Florists Online Enough water , CO2 for 'Free' to get a pourable mix. Like pancake mix. You can change , Spring Wild Flowers this to 2 parts sand , Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) if your mold has very fine detail. A better way is to try to get finer sand , 5 Pieces of Equipment Gardeners Can't Live Without and stick with the 3 part mix.

II - for stepping stones, , Landscaping Tips curbs, and anything that will be subject to heavy traffic use this:

1 - cement 2 - sand , Gardening: Plants and Gardens 3 - aggregate. Enough water , Landscaping Combo Auto Detailing Business? to get a heavy mix. This is the "standard" mix. This should just barely pour. If you have to scoop it that is OK.


I love this stuff...

My favorite mix is..


1 - cement 1 - peat moss 1 - sand Enough water , Garden Ponds to get a mix that you can pick up and form a ball with.

A couple of notes:

When buying peat, be sure it has no fertilizer added. Some does, and it will not cure properly.

I have found it best to soak the peat overnight.


You can replace the peat with potting mix. Be sure there is no fertilizer. Potting mix has Perlite in it and makes an interesting textured surface.


1 - cement 1 - Vermiculite 1 - sand 1 - peat This is a real nice mix with an interesting surface when dry.

I have used wood , The Secret To Healthier Plants? Let's Ask My Grandfather shavings, paper out of the shredder, , Dangers in the Garden: Animals sawdust, and even lawn , Daylily Just Plum Happy clippings.

Anything dry I always soak for at least 12 hours before using.

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My web , Viburnum site is setup to help you and I learn more about molds and casting in general.


Articles on how to , Cultivating Plants In Your Garden...What To Watch Out For mix your concrete, , A Guide To Landscape Bridges hypertufa, etc for different uses.

Free information , CO2 for 'Free' on how to , 5 Pieces of Equipment Gardeners Can't Live Without make your own molds. Tips , The Secret To Healthier Plants? Let's Ask My Grandfather and hints on their use and care.

Free information , A Guide To Landscape Bridges on making and using various types of molds to cast concrete, , The Basics Of Building Your Own Greenhouse plaster, cement, ceramics, and molding with hypertufa.

Suggestions for projects that you can do in a couple of hours that will make your yard , How to Select the Best Hammock / garden , Abatement and Confronting Legitimate Issues look great.

All the information , Cast Aluminum Furniture on the site is free to use and share.

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I am hoping that when you see what I have (or have not) set out you will send in your tips , Quick Lawn Care s For Achieving the Perfect Lawn and stories.

By sharing we can all learn from each other. We can also help newcomers to the hobby / business.

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