Rose Tending in June


Article by: James Kilkelly

"O my Luve's like a red, red rose, , Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business
That's newly sprung in June"

An extract from the 1794 poem "A red, red rose" by Robert Burns, Scotland's national bard.

Which roses?

Do you have any roses , With Outdoor Lighting You Can Enjoy Your Garden Into The Evening Hours growing in your garden? It does not matter whether the rose , Vinyl Fencing Is A Viable Alternative To Wood is a floribunda, hybrid tea, standard, patio, , Coping With Algae in the Garden Pond climbing or rambling, all will now benefit from a plant , Landscaping Design - The Primary Principles health check up. These checks should ideally be carried out on a weekly basis from the end of March up until the end of flowering, , Landscaping Tips: Japanese Garden Fundamentals so let me detail a few of them.

Aphids and greenfly problems

Check your roses , Waterfall Gardens for greenfly; just a few aphids can be dealt with by spraying with soapy water , Mole Myths: How Can I Get Rid of the Moles Destroying My Yard? from an atomiser whereas a heavier infestation will require the application of a systemic insecticide or a combination systemic insecticide and fungicide such as "Rose-clear". Some people have questioned whether they have greenfly and whitefly upon discovering what looks like small white , Affordable Landscaping to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home insects mixed in with the typical greenfly our roses , Vinyl Fencing Is A Viable Alternative To Wood attract; this is in fact white , Selecting Your Gardening Tools outer bodies that greenfly shed , Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business during their life cycle.

An organic , How to Select a Really Good Water Hose and safe , How to Grow Strawberries black spot spray

Now I have already mentioned the product , Orchids: A Luxurious Look That's Really Not Hard To Achieve "Rose-clear", this is chemical mix is also commonly used to deal with the other problem our roses , With Outdoor Lighting You Can Enjoy Your Garden Into The Evening Hours encounter, which is black spot. This disease , Fleur De Lotus: Purity in a Sullied World cause leaf loss, and die back. Black spot is encouraged by much the same conditions that encourage potato blight, which are warm, moist conditions. Check your rose's leaves for black spots with yellow halos and treat with "Rose-clear" according to the manufacturers , Outdoor Furniture: Exploring the Benefits of Teak instructions paying careful heed to the safety , Rosemary: The Herb of Remembrance and Friendship instructions. If you wish to try to prevent black spot on your roses , Landscaping Tips: Japanese Garden Fundamentals organically and safely, you may only have to go as far as your fridge. Mix equal parts skimmed milk and water, , Vinyl Fencing Is A Viable Alternative To Wood apply this with an atomiser or a sprayer to the upper and lower section of the roses , How to Build a Waterfall For Your Garden Pond leaves. This milky solution causes an invisible and friendly fungus to form, which will help prevent the formation of the dreaded black spot.

Feeding and fertilising

Apart from these treatments, there is another way to help your rose's battle pests , Rosemary: The Herb of Remembrance and Friendship or diseases , Vinyl Fencing Is A Viable Alternative To Wood and that is to keep their vigour up by proper feeding. Roses , Light Up the Night! Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting benefit from mulching with well-rotted cow dung or garden , About Crocuses compost; this will give you bigger blooms, healthier foliage and strength to survive pest , The Secret of Rooting Cuttings and disease , Aluminum Sling Patio Furniture. Comfortable Seating for Outdoor Settings attack. A 5 cm (2 inch) layer of this mulch is adequate; do not allow this to touch the stem as it may in some cases lead to rotting. One final benefit of mulching your roses , Landscaping Lessons-Proper Placement Of Trees In Landscape Design in this way is the reduction of water , Industrial Blowers loss and the suppression of weeds, , Industrial Blowers both of these are very important in a dry summer , How to Grow Strawberries (we live in hope).
James Kilkelly runs a professional garden , Growing Tomatoes Ė A Hobby for Everyone design service in Galway, Ireland. He has a regular gardening , Outdoor Furniture: Exploring the Benefits of Teak column in an Irish regional newspaper. Visit his website at He also regularly posts his expert advice , Aluminum Sling Patio Furniture. Comfortable Seating for Outdoor Settings to a gardening , Cat Repellent or How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden community at

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