Six Good Reasons For Going Organic


Article by: Marie Fisher

I will freely admit that I devour every article that I can lay my hands on which deals with anything related to gardening. , Red Rose History Everyone has something which they are passionate about in life, mine is my garden. , Sprucing Up Your With Solar

My friends tell me that I am obsessed, and maybe I am. I think my partner is obsessed, in his case it's golf, but as yet I haven't heard any of his friends telling him that he is obsessed.

The compelling joy of being a gardening , Creating a Balanced Garden Pond enthusiast is the creativity of it, because you can see really tangible results for your labour. , Your Dream Garden Watching your favorite roses , Nepeta Faassenii 'Kit Kat' blooming, or the pleasure of eating your own home , Light Up the Night! Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting grown vegetables, , Light Up the Night! Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting well, I think that takes a lot of beating.

However each to his own!

One of the reasons why I enjoy writing articles on my passion, is because I know that they will be read by people who most likely share my enthusiasm, and can relate to what I am talking about.

One hears the term "Organic" so much nowadays, that I decided to do some deeper research into the suject, and I am sharing with you in this article some brief findings from that research. So the following paragraphs summarize some of the work of various gardening , How to Win the War Against Slugs and Snails experts who are completely familiar with all aspects of gardening. , Bare Root Roses, What To Look For When Buying I must say that I found some of the information , What Type of Gazebo is Right for You? Top Questions You Need to Ask totally fascinating.

Since we are discussing the term "Organic" in a gardening , Light Up the Night! Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting context, it might be a useful start to define exactly what that means, so here it is, "Organic gardening , 5 Great Tips For Building A Fish Pond is the way of growing vegetables , Brilliant Beetroot! and fruits , Sprucing Up Your Garden With Solar with the use of things only found in nature". Really simple isn't it, but most certainly not commonplace any more in today's world I suggest.

Having led up to all of that, a good question might arise as to exactly why you would want to indulge in organic gardening , Cultivating Plants In Your Garden...What To Watch Out For as such! Well, as the title of this articles suggests, here are six good reasons why you should do so, in my opinion at any rate.

1. You can easily make compost , Creating a Balanced Garden Pond from garden , Red Rose History and kitchen , How Savvy Gardeners Use Mulch To Make Garden Work Easier waste, alhough this is a bit more time consuming than buying prepared chemical pesticides and fertilizers. However it certainly helps to put garbage to good use, and so helps the environment. , Gardening - Plumeria Plant Care

2. Organic , Want to Stamp Your Patio? farming does not use chemicals that may have an adverse affect on your health, which is especially important when growing vegetables. , A Guide To Residential Bridges The chemical companies do tell us that the chemicals we use are safe, , How to Win the War Against Slugs and Snails provided that they are used according to direction. Research has shown however that even tiny amounts of poisons absorbed through the skin can cause such things as cancer, especially in children. Quite a sobering thought is it not!

On average, a child ingests four to five times more cancer-causing pesticides from foods , Flower Delivery than an adult, which could lead to various diseases , How Savvy Gardeners Use Mulch To Make Garden Work Easier later on in the child's life. Remember, pesticides contain toxins that have only one purpose, which is to kill living things!

With organic gardening, , How Savvy Gardeners Use Mulch To Make Garden Work Easier these incidents are lessened.

3. Less harm is caused to the environment, , Preaparing Your Plants For Winter because poisons are not washed into our waterways to give but one example, causing death to the native fish , Tick Removal and polluting their habitat , Light Up the Night! Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting in most cases.

4. Organic , What Type of Gazebo is Right for You? Top Questions You Need to Ask farming practices also help prevent the loss of topsoil through erosion. The Soil , Landscaping Tips Conservation Service says that an estimated 30 - 32 billion tons of soil , Garden Heating the Traditional Way is eroded from United States farmlands every year, and that's only one country.

4. Cost savings, because you do not need to buy costly chemical fertilizers and pesticides with organic gardening. , Landscaping Tips Many organic , The Uses of Compost! recipes for the control of pest , Flag Day: Will You Be Ready? and disease , The Uses of Compost! come straight from the kitchen , The Truth About MTD Snow Blowers cupboard, and sometimes other plants , A Guide To Residential Bridges can even be grown as companions to the main crop. One example of this is the marigold, which helps to repel aphids from vegetables. , Fountains of Refreshment

Mixing 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap, and 1 cup of cooking oil, can make a cheap garden , Cast Aluminum Furniture pest spray for example. Put 3 tablespoons of this mixture in 1 quart of water , The Truth About MTD Snow Blowers and spray on to your plants. , Planning Your Garden from Scratch - the ing You will find this to be very effective!

5. A simple mulch of pine needles will help to suppress the growth of weeds, , The Uses of Compost! as well as keeping the moisture , Landscaping Tips in. Another simple and much safer solution!

6. Organic gardening , The Uses of Compost! practices are much more likely to help keep the environment , Cast Aluminum Furniture safe for future generations, and all of us who are responsible ciitizens, should always bear this in mind

The whole subject which is part of an on going worldwide , Tick Removal debate, is far too complex to cover in such a short article, but I do hope that at least I have left you with some food , Teak Planters - Accent Your Outdoor Space with One for thought.

Imagine the overall benefits to be had in our environment, , Ideas On How To Use Container Gardening To Decorate Your House And Garden by many people undertaking even some small changes. , Planning Your Garden from Scratch - the Planting
Marie K Fisher is an avid gardening , In the Veggie Patch - December enthusiast with a passion for exotic flowers , Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - How To Plant And Care For Shrubs and wonderful colors. , Cordless Blowers She is a regular contributor to Garden , Cordless Blowers Center Showplace, a leading online Garden , Basics of Landscaping Center Nursery. For details of their superb product , Want to Stamp Your Patio? range, and many more free gardening , A Guide To Residential Bridges articles, visit

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