Storm Damage and Mature Tree Pruning


Article by: Lee Goins

One winter , Red Rose History evening I was working on the computer when the power , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 2) Plant Needs went out. The freezing rain that had been forecast must have been the culprit. It was getting late so I went to bed , 'Brite Eyes' Climbing Rose figuring we would have power , Setting Up A Goldfish Pond again by morning.

Thunder and lightning woke me a couple times, but then I heard something a little different. An explosive popping sound followed by what seemed to be a shower , Lawn Care and Fertilizer Tip to Create a Great Lawn of sparks. In my minds eye I tried to picture the cause of this sound. An exploding power , Landscape Problems - Things To Look Out For transformer with hot , 'Brite Eyes' Climbing Rose lines arcing around it? There is nothing like a puzzle to keep me awake; but I didn't want to get up and lose the warmth I had built up under the blankets. Just drifting off again I heard the sound repeated but up the hill behind my house , April Gardening Tips - Southwest Region and more distant... more crackly sounding but still accompanied by the sparkling shattering sound my ears were now more tuned in to analyze. Suddenly realizing the impact this freezing rain was having I shot out of bed , Italian Vegetable Seeds and ran to the window. , Take the Blossom of Various Types of Flowering Trees Large tree , Backyard Landscaping limbs were on the ground. Major branches were bending under the cumulative weight of the ice; then noisily busting sending thousands of 3" icicles to break with a sparkly shattering sound.

Well the power , Landscaping Tips: What is the Proper Mulch to Use for Trees was out for days for many, and the damage to the trees , How To - Casting Decorative Concrete and landscape , Lawn Care and Fertilizer Tip to Create a Great Lawn is still being cleaned up. After a damaging storm you always see a migration of tree , Lawn Care and Fertilizer Tip to Create a Great Lawn company trucks to the area. Many of the local tree , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 2) Plant Needs care, and landscape , Lawn Care and Fertilizer Tip to Create a Great Lawn businesses have their hands full assisting their customer base. The city workers are also busy as these crews and residents move debris to the street for collection. The effects of such a storm can be seen in the landscape , Lawn Mower Guide - How to Prepare your Lawn Mower for the Season for years to come. Storms can cause limbs to break and trees , A Guide To Landscape Bridges to fall. , Soil, Drainage, and Water A large damaged tree , Get your Garden Cooking with Friable Soil branch can be extremely heavy and dangerous to remove or trim. Removing large branches from a mature tree , Good Tools and Hard Work is What Creates EyeCatching and Functional Gardens safely requires special training and often specialized equipment. Also the way this damage is dealt with impacts on the health of the tree. , Landscape Problems - Things To Look Out For If you value your trees , US State Flags (yes I know they are all valuable) or fear a tree , Italian Vegetable Seeds becoming a hazard, I would suggest you find a certified arborist.

One good first test of an arborist is:

Tell them you need your trees , Red Rose History topped.

If they say "Sure, no problem." move on till you find one that knows what is good for the long term health of a tree. , Teas Important Role in Reducing Disease

There are plenty of crews in your town that can carve up your trees , Transplanting s for you; but it may take diligence to find a crew trained in the proper pruning , Backyard Landscaping Ideas To Make A Difference In Your Home of mature trees. , Roses and Juniper Rock Gardens Everyone appreciates the hardworking and practical service of the local , Teas Important Role in Reducing Disease jobber cleaning up a storms mess, but if you have issues with major branches of a large tree, , Italian Vegetable Seeds do generations to come a favor and search out an International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist.

A good certified arborist with integrity will only perform ISA accepted practices. Branches are not removed without good reason. They do not "top" tree's, remove excessive amounts of live wood, , Setting Up A Goldfish Pond or use climbing spikes on a tree , Teak Outdoor Furniture -- From the Forests to Ships to Your Patio (unless it is being removed). A good arborist knows how to , The Garden Statue - -Stone, Metal, Or Gnome? make removal of a desirable tree , Roses and Juniper Rock Gardens the last option, and will make pruning , Teak Garden Furniture decisions that will enhance the health of the tree , Dog Damage to Lawns and reduce possible hazards.

Pruning Cuts on a Mature Tree

Regardless who is doing the pruning , Backyard Landscaping or why, final pruning , Teak Garden Furniture cuts should be made just outside , Colour in the Garden a growth of bark cells called the branch collar. The branch collar is a collar of growth made of parent branch (trunk) tissue where the branch meets the trunk (or parent branch) and care should be taken to not cut or remove it. This is true for dead, damaged or living branches. Do not remove the actively growing , Colour in the Garden cells of the branch collar. These cells are the trees , Roses and Juniper Rock Gardens way of closing the wound. The branch collar grows , Starting a Wildflower Garden a bit out and angled away from the parent, so if you make a flush cut against the trunk, the branch collar has been removed and the wound will not close. Conversely if you cut far away from the trunk the branch collar is not near the cut where they can grow , Care and Repair of Garden Tools over the wound. Improper pruning , Lawn Care Business Owners - Don't Buy Yourself A Job cuts can hurt your trees. , Ideas On How To Use Container Gardening To Decorate Your House And Garden

Take notice of trees , How To - Casting Decorative Concrete with dieback of the bark on branches and down the trunks. Often you can tell it was from a flush cut or an end cut. Other times it may be a storm damaged branch that wasn't removed and it died back to the trunk and on down.

If removing a large limb, first its weight should be reduced to prevent tearing the bark when the branch falls. , Starting a Wildflower Garden Make a shallow cut from the bottom of the branch a foot or so out from the branches point of attachment. Then finish cut from the top, above or a little further out on the branch. This leaves a lighter and more manageable stub. The stub is then removed while taking care to not remove the branch collar. This technique reduces the possibility of tearing the bark.
A garden , April ing Tips - Southwest Region center manager, writer, musician and webmaster; Lee Goins is often called on as an expert in landscaping , Ideas On How To Use Container Gardening To Decorate Your House And Garden and gardening. , Setting Up A Goldfish Pond Residents of Shelby County Ohio have been bringing him pieces of trees, , How to Plant Shrubs moldy leaves, and jars of bugs for 8 years in spite of the well publicized knowledge he prefers chocolate. His gardening , Hydroponics - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 2) Plant Needs help has been featured on TV, Radio, Newspapers and websites like

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