Summer Vacation and Your Pond


Article by: Brett Fogle

So you've got your summer , Plastic & Resin Patio Furniture Ė What You Donít Know vacation plans , Dandelions, Friend or Foe? all made. You've got a checklist to remind you to stop the newspaper delivery, hold your mail, drop the dog off at the kennels, and something else. Something that you're forgetting. Oh yeah, the pond. , Some Practical Ideas For Designing Your Own Landscape What are you going to do about the pond?

If you're going away for a long weekend then your pond , 5 Tips On Caring For A Bonsai Tree won't even miss you. Check your water , How to Build a fall For Your Garden Pond levels and make all of other normal tests, feed your fish, , Growing Grass Under Trees and hit the road.

However, if you're going away for a longer period, say a week or two, then you'll need to take some extra measures to ensure that your pond , Using Snow Roof Rakes stays safe , Rubber Pond Liners and happy and that it doesn't miss you while you're gone. Here's a few more items to add to your vacation checklist:

1. Filter

About a week before you pack the kids into the SUV clean all of the mechanical parts of your filter and pumps. , FREE: How You Can Make a Hypertufa Flowerpot This includes brushes and settlement chambers and all of the pre-filter parts. You want to do this a week in advance so you can keep an eye on the resulting water , Skip The Pesticide And Use Natural Alternatives quality, after the cleaning, to make sure that everything is in balance.

2. Change , The all important Clematis your water

Dump about 20-30% of the existing pond water , Designing Your Garden to Attract Hummingbirds and replace it with clean and chlorine-free water. , Unique Flowers make a memorable gift! This helps to dilute any build up of nitrates or ammonia. Fill the pond , Dandelions, Friend or Foe? to the top to compensate for evaporation while you are gone. This is a good time to check your oxygen levels as well as perform all of your other water , FREE: How You Can Make a Hypertufa Flowerpot balancing tests.

3. Place , Cymbidiums Orchid Plants - What You Need To Grow Successfully a moratorium on new fish

This is not the time to add new fish , Tips For Cleaning Your Patio to your pond. , Tips For Cleaning Your Patio You won't be there to monitor their progress and there's no telling what kind of problems you will face when you return.

4. Predator Protection

Figure that your heron, raccoon, and other neighborhood predators are going to rush to your pond , Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business the moment that your taillights disappear and plan , Xeriscaping is Waterwise Gardening accordingly. If you do not already have natural , Unique Flowers make a memorable gift! hiding spots in your pond , Cymbidiums Orchid Plants - What You Need To Grow Successfully then cover it with a secure pond , Getting Rid of Standing Water in Your Yard net that is made especially for this purpose.

5. Feeding

If you'll be gone for two weeks or less, feed your fish , Take the Blossom of Various Types of Flowering Trees their normal amount just prior to leaving and don't worry about it again until you get back.

Your average koi , Growing Great Strawberries can get along just fine without being fed for two weeks or less. They'll find plenty of algae and the occasional wayward bug to snack on and their metabolism will adjust quickly to a reduced diet for a short period of time.

If you plan , Skip The Pesticide And Use Natural Alternatives to be gone for a longer time then your only alternatives are either having someone come and feed for you, or getting an automatic fish , Plastic & Resin Patio Furniture Ė What You Donít Know feeder. Fish , Growing and Preserving Cut Flowers feeders can be expensive, they can break down and stop feeding, and they are also subject to malfunctioning and overfeeding. Your best bet is a friend or neighbor.

If you are going to depend on human help make sure that you leave very explicit feeding instructions and tell them not to deviate even a tiny bit. Make sure that they know that overfeeding fish , 10 Landscaping Design Ideas To Enhance Your Home Garden is not a "treat" and that they could end up killing the fish , Rubber Pond Liners while trying to do a good deed. Also let them know that if they miss a feeding day not to feed twice as much the next time to make up for it.

Now here are some tips , Clematis Care for when you return:

1. Check to make sure that all of your fish , Plastic & Resin Patio Furniture Ė What You Donít Know are present and accounted for and that they all appear healthy. , Bottle Gardening or Terrarium - Design and Maintenance

2. Perform all of the usual water , FREE: How You Can Make a Hypertufa Flowerpot tests and adjust anything that is out of balance.

3. Clean your filter and pumps , Cymbidiums Orchid Plants - What You Need To Grow Successfully just like you did before you left for vacation.

4. Resume your normal feeding schedule.

Owning a pond , How To Waterproof a Canvas doesn't mean that you have to give up your well-deserved vacation. A little planning and common sense goes a long way.
About the Author:

Brett Fogle is the owner of MacArthur Water Gardens , Care and Repair of Tools and several other pond-related websites including and He also publishes a free monthly newsletter called PondStuff! with a reader circulation of over 9,000. To sign up for the free newsletter and receive our FREE 'New Pond , Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business Owners Guide' visit MacArthur Water Gardens , Unique Flowers make a memorable gift! today.

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