Taking Inside Comfort Outside: A Look at Outdoor Patio Heaters for the Home


Article by: Trey Collier

One of the biggest trends among homeowners today is building , Robotic Lawn Mowers Keep Burglars Away or improving outdoor rooms , Lanscaping - Planning Your Next Project around the house, , Planning Your Flower Garden such as patios , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (part 14) CO2 and decks. , Planning Your Flower Garden According to a recent survey conducted by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), 50 percent of homeowners in the U.S. spend more time at home , Easy Care Of Phalaenopsis now than they did five years ago. Further, 80 percent of those surveyed thought that it was very important for a home , Fish Fertilizers to have a relaxing outdoor room. , Patio Bar Chairs for Comfortable Outdoor and Poolside Seating One of the top items PERC recommends for creating the perfect outdoor room , Teak Furniture - How to Care for it Properly is a patio , Tricky Seed Sowing Techniques heater.

A study conducted by the Hearth, Patio, , Build a Rain Garden and Barbecue Association (HPBA) shows that 56 percent of all grill owners, and 69 percent of gas , Japanese Beetles - The Plain Truth About Traps... And A Tiny New Winged Hope! grill owners, now grill out on a regular basis year round. By using an outdoor patio , Tricky Seed Sowing Techniques heater, or perhaps an alternative such as a chiminea, many of those people could continue to enjoy the entire outdoors , Japanese Beetles - The Plain Truth About Traps... And A Tiny New Winged Hope! experience by also eating outside , Container GardeningTips during cold , Ornamental Fountain weather.

The Safety , When to Plant Vegetaibles of Patio , Easy Care Of Phalaenopsis Heaters

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to home , Growing Grass Under Trees appliances. Patio , Buying or Building Your Own Water Fountain heaters these days are very safe, , How to Grow African Violets and getting better all the time. Many gas , Patio Bar Chairs for Comfortable Outdoor and Poolside Seating heaters come with a piezo electric , Lanscaping - Planning Your Next Project starter, so there is no need for matches and no pilot light. , Would You Like More Information About Climbing Roses? Another common safety feature , Picking up Roses for Your Landscape is an automatic emergency , Planting for Wildlife shut off. If a unit with this feature , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (part 14) CO2 is ever overturned or even hit too hard, it will instantly shut itself off.

Fuel Types

Patio heaters are manufactured to run off one of three different fuel types: propane, natural , Easy Care Of Phalaenopsis gas, or electricity. , Hydroponics Gardening - How to Grow Flowers and Vegetables with Minimal Time and Effort Natural , Grow the BEST Tasting Tomatoes gas is used for permanent, stationary heaters. Propane, conveniently available in tanks, allows a heater to be moved about. Infrared heaters are often powered by electricity, , 9-11 Changed Everything for the Garden Tractor Business though some are run by natural , Robotic Lawn Mowers Keep Burglars Away gas.

Choosing Between Various Options

New types and sizes of patios , Grow the BEST Tasting Tomatoes heaters become available regularly. As you look through the various options below, consider your specific needs. Do you want a stationary heater, or a portable one? How much heat , Landscaping Ideas and Landscaping Design do you need considering the people you will entertain? Asking yourself , Fish Fertilizers these kinds of questions will guide you to the heater best suited to your outdoor room. , How to Grow African Violets

Free-standing, table-top, or wall-mounted?

Free-standing heaters are larger (about 95 inches tall) and more powerful than table-top heaters. Table-top heaters, though, because they are lighter and smaller, are also much easier to carry around, wherever you want to go. A good example of a table-top heater is the Lil Arctic Sun , Planning Your Flower Garden Original, which can radiate heat , Lawn Mower Guide - How to Prepare your Lawn Mower for the Season in an 8 foot diameter.

For larger groups, you might want to try the free-standing Arctic Sun , A Choice New Hydrangea With Variegated Foliage Bullet, an affordable commercial grade heater that radiates heat , Planning Your Flower Garden in up to a 20 foot diameter. Infrared heaters are often quite versatile; they can be be hung on a wall, , Choosing a Pond Liner – EPDM liners are the optimal choice on a pole, or even possibly overhead.

Portable or stationary?

Stationary heaters are advantageous because they hook up to your natural , Tea’s Important Role in Reducing Disease gas lines, and so do not have tanks that need to be replaced or refilled. If you plan , Shrub Roses and Climbing Roses on moving the heater to different locations, , 5 Great Tips For Building A Fish Pond though, you will need a portable propane model. Portable heaters can be either free-standing or table-top models. Many of the free-standing units come with hidden wheels to make movement easier.

One of the newest and most unique types of portable heaters now available is the Dayva Tiki Torch. It is small heater with a long spike that can stick in the ground or the umbrella hole of a table. This heater is perfect for camping or a late-night trip to the beach.

How much heat?

The strength of a patio , Choosing a Pond Liner – EPDM liners are the optimal choice heater is rated in BTU's. As an example, a 45,000 BTU heater will produce a 20 foot heat , Patio Design - Add Awnings As A Colorful Finish For Your Patio Design diameter. Free-standing heaters are generally more powerful than table-top heaters, and so can be used for larger groups.

In conclusion . . .

Patio heaters are a welcome and useful addition to America's increasingly outdoor , Growing and Caring for Your Bamboo lifestyle. They safely and efficiently turn chilly nights into warm, comfortable evenings, perfect for you and your family to get together and relax. After all, relaxing is one thing we just do not do enough these days.
Trey Collier is owner of BackyardCity.com - Where North America shops for Outdoor , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (part 14) CO2 Living essentials, including high quality outdoor patio , Bamboo: a Versatile and Renewable Resource heaters and outdoor , Grow the BEST Tasting Tomatoes fireplaces.

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