The Advantages of Both a Liner Pond and a Preformed Pond, Rolled Up Into One Box!


Article by: Gerry Fung


So you've decided to build your very own backyard , How to Grow Hydrangeas water garden. , Growing Great Strawberries You are in the process of actively planning out your design, , Worm Composting Bin and you're visualizing the end-result. But have you paused to consider what kind of pond , Landscaping Lessons-Proper Placement Of Trees In Landscape Design construction you will be using? Do you know what kind of pond , Spring Flowers constructions exist? The majority of garden , Planting Trees and Shrubs ponds utilize one of two types of constructions: a preformed shell, or a pond , Summer Gardening Tips liner.


Traditionally, preformed ponds , Designing an Edible Garden are large shells, which are extremely burdensome and difficult to transport. For example, a typical preformed pond , Growing and Preserving Cut Flowers kit would come in a box that is 60" x 48" x 24", which is too large for many car trunk sizes. Liner kits, on the other hand, present many difficulties for the beginner pond , How to Grow Hydrangeas gardener. Since every liner pond , Introduction to Snow Blowers shape is different, pond , Porch Swing Places: Where to Put a Porch Swing gardeners must customize their own pond , Landscaping Lessons-Proper Placement Of Trees In Landscape Design and ensure that it is level, and that it does not have excessive wrinkling.


Algreen Products , Summer Gardening Tips Inc.* has helped leverage both these problems by introducing a flexible preformed pond, , Bamboo: a Versatile and Renewable Resource as part of their 2005 catalog. According to Melissa Mulligan, a sales coordinator with Algreen Products , Riding Lawn Mowers Parts Inc.,

"We recommend the flexible folding pond , Landscape and Outdoor Lighting - Less is Definitely More for any pond , The Perfect Fern for Shady Gardens gardener who wants to build a top-notch pond. , Beneficial Mycorrhizae - Your Plant's Best Friend The folding preformed/liner hybrid is created with a proprietary blend of materials, which allows it to hold a customized shape. Yet it is easily transportable, since a typical folding kit comes in a box one-sixth the size of a regular preformed kit."

Algreen advertises that its folding pond , How to Grow Wildflowers includes built-in plant , Landscape and Outdoor Lighting - Less is Definitely More shelves, is weather-resistant, and is able to withstand extreme temperatures , Lawn Mowers Guide - Cut a Fine Figure of Your Lawn from 0 F to 105 F. Algreen guarantees that the pond , Think Vintage for Your Garden will not chip, fade, or crack, and backs up this claim with a 20-year warranty.

Upon closer examination of the pond, , Some Great Ideas for Spring Patio Furniture one of its greatest features , Spring Wild Flowers is its textured ridges. These ridges are strategically placed to allow beneficial bacteria to form growth colonies, which significantly reduces algae-buildup in the pond. , Bonsai Trees For Sale: What Are Your Options? When compared to its closest competitor, the Algreen folding pond , Basic Chainsaw Maintenance seems to be significantly more flexible, and less brittle. Price-wise, the flexible pond , How to Grow Cucumbers kits cannot be beaten. Whereas their competition has a tendency to offer low-grade statuary pumps , Teak Patio Furniture with their kits, Algreen kits include a heavy-duty Super Flo pump, , Introduction to Snow Blowers and a flexible streamlet. The complete Algreen kit includes:

- A flexible preformed pond , Introduction to Snow Blowers shell

- An energy-efficient, heavy-duty Super Flo pump , Worm Composting Bin (500 or 306 gph, depending on shell size**)

- Four fountain heads

- A telescopic riser and diverter for the Super Flo pump

- A flexible streamlet

- Two 6" silk water , US State Flags lilies

- Tubing and clamps.

As if that's not a great deal, a quick web , How to Grow Wildflowers search will reveal that this kit can be purchased from GardenSuperMart.COM*** with the following FREE accessories:

- FREE 7-color floating solar-powered light

- FREE floating solar-powered frog light

- FREE New Pond, , How to Grow Cucumbers Ammonia Remover, Natural , Introduction to Snow Blowers Clear, and Pond , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (part 8) History Shade water , US State Flags treatments.

As of this article's publication date, lists the pricing for the 144 gallon granite folding pond , What is Roofscaping? (with streamlet) kit at $207.99 USD. The 72 gallon and the 105 gallon kit can be purchased for $157.99 USD.
Gerry Fung is a Sales and Marketing representative for Northbridge Products , Planting Trees and Shrubs Inc. This article can be viewed in its entirety (with pictures) at

* Algreen Products , Garden for Birds #4 Inc. has a website at

** The 144 gallon kits comes with a 500 gph pump, , Riding Lawn Mowers Parts while the 72 and 105 gallon kits both come with a 306 gph pump. , Growing and Harvesting Dill

*** has an online , Growing Raspberries & Blackberries store at

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