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Article by: Clarice Cook

First Step: The Soil

Good landscaping , Hurricane Considerations starts with a good soil, , Fountains of Refreshment a good layout and healthy , Garden Ponds plants. Preparation of the soil , Growing Hibiscus is the main component to healthy , An Outdoor Swing is A Great Way to Relax plants.

Soil structure depends upon the balance of air, , Patio Table Covers water, , Floribunda Rose 'Julia Child' heat , Preserving Dried Flowers- Few Tips for Best Results and nutrients. There are many products , The Basics of Plant Growth; Part 1 Hormones on the market that will help to amend clay or overly sandy soil, , Garden Makeover On A Budget but the gardener would be wise to research the activators and ingredients in these products. , An Introduction To Palm Trees While some might give some favorable results, the product , Potting Benches: Beautiful and Practical might also contain elements that could over time damage the soil. , Landscaping Ideas and Landscaping Design Some products , Winterizing Your Pond can also be very pricy.

Most plants , Hydroponics Lighting: Blue Spectrum V.S. Red-Orange Spectrum thrive in humus black soil. , The Care of Cattleya Orchids Our grandparents used to test the soil , Winterizing Your Pond by tasting it for acid content, but that is not exactly a pleasant or safe , Understand Your Soil: Healthy Soil Grows Healthy Plants method for most people in modern times. However, pick up a small wad of soil , Hurricane Landscaping Considerations and make a ball of your fist. If the soil , Green Thumb Gifts: Beyond Gardening Gloves breaks up easily but has a slight bit of moisture , An Outdoor Swing is A Great Way to Relax when you open your hands, it is not clay and is a candidate for great plant , Choosing A Landscaping Firm growth. Clay clumps and is either gummy with too much moisture , General Lawn Maintenance Tips or in dry weather, , Water Conservation in the Garden - Use a Rain Barrel to Harvest Rainwater hard clumps of dried soil. , Potting Benches: Beautiful and Practical Add to that evaluation a visual of the color. , Growing Hibiscus Some plants , The Heralded Teak Furniture Manufacturer: Kingsley-Bate thrive well in slightly brown sandy soil , Hibiscus Plants with a bit of moisture. , Growing Hibiscus Most plants , Grass Varieties like the moist dark color , Patio Table Covers humus soil. , Composting and Composters: A Basic Introduction There are soil , Snow Blowers - testing kits available that give more complete information , Wood Sheds about the test soil. , Preserving Dried Flowers- Few Tips for Best Results

Science reports that there should be 500 billion microscopic bacteria to a pound to sustain good topsoil. Further in each acre of topsoil there should be 30 to 40 pounds of these microbes.

Attracting earthworms to the soil , Types Of Orchids is a great step toward keeping airways and nutrients flowing through the soil. , Snow Blowers There are many suggested methods for these steps.

The best way to slowly build up nutrients in the soil , Green Thumb Gifts: Beyond Gardening Gloves is by building , Daphnes for Scent and Colour or buying a compost , Indoor Waterfalls bin and layering it with twigs for air , Garden Ponds circulation, green , Composting and Composters: A Basic Introduction cuttings, leaves and lime for nutrients. Using table scraps in the mix will draw rodents and other vermin to the area. Therefore a better mix would be six inches of green , Patio Table Covers matter for nitrogen. Follow by adding a thin layer of any of the following: lime, wood , Controlling House Plant Pests ashes, cottonseed meal, redwood sawdust, bloodmeal, hoof or horn meal, fish , Snow Blowers meal, bone meal, castor pomice, buckwheat, sunflower seed, , Hydroponics Lighting: Blue Spectrum V.S. Red-Orange Spectrum dry steer or cow manure or alfalfa hay. Other formulas that contain yarrow, dead nettle, chamomile or honey create heat , Potting Benches: Beautiful and Practical and make the process speed up.

The time frame depends in most part upon the weather. , Understand Your Soil: Healthy Soil Grows Healthy Plants To speed things up, add activators to help break down the matter sooner. These activators could be a commercial product , Common Landscaping Tools For Every Landscaper that is natural , Growing Hibiscus and without harmful chemical ingredients.

Keep the piles aerated. Homemade compost , The Amazing Hummingbird bins need poles at intervals in the sides to shake the mixture and create tunnels of air. , Floribunda Rose 'Julia Child'

Sprinkle lightly periodically, but make sure that the bin contents are protected from heavy wetting such as rain or snow. , Slugging It Out In The Trenches Too much water , Daphnes for Scent and Colour can cause the piles to sour instead of decay.

Of course, dried manure plowed into the soil , Potting Benches: Beautiful and Practical in the fall , The Basics of Plant Growth; Part 1 Hormones remains an excellent healthy , Orchid Care - What The Root Tells Us soil amendment, if the neighbors don't protest too much.

Using coffee grounds either in the compost , Growing Hibiscus pile or directly in the turned soil , An Outdoor Swing is A Great Way to Relax can encourage earthworms. The mighty earthworm has always been the greatest "product" whether fishing in the "pond" or planting in the "Morrow" ground.

Upcoming articles: 'Flowing Layout' 'Healthy Plants', 'Planting Partners', and 'Encouraging the Helpful Garden , General Lawn Maintenance Tips Critters, Detouring the Unruly Pests'.

©Clarice Cook at MorrowPond home , Controlling House Plant Pests and garden , Slugging It Out In The Trenches products,
Clarice Cook is a long time gardener from a long line of home , Orchid Care What The Flower Tells gardeners. In addition to working in the motel industry, writing and homemaking, she is Administrator of the Customer Service and Website areas for MorrowPond home , Landscaping Ideas and Landscaping Design and garden , Growing Hibiscus at

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