The Zoo-Doo Man - Or How to Make the Best Compost in the World!


Article by: Jim Kennard

Is your garden , Growing Tomatoes A Hobby for Everyone soil great? Does it produce an abundant crop for you without any great effort on your part? We were once told "By the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread . . ", and with several thousand years' rain, snow, , Hot New Sunflowers to Grow wind, and crops removing the minerals from the land, we very rarely see fertile ground anymore.

So, how do you get your ground to consistently grow , Hydroponics Gardening verses Organic Gardening: Which s the Best Cannabis? a large crop of healthy , Introducting KOI-Cam! vegetables - there must be a way? Let me tell you some of my experience with this important question.

For 15 years I have owned a 3/4 acre parcel adjacent to Utah's Hogle Zoo, where I have grown a vegetable garden , A Rather Shady Affair using The Mittleider Method as taught in many of the developing countries around the world by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider. To receive Dr. Mittleider's Gardening , Daylily 'When My Sweetheart Returns' Basics Course e-book free, visit the Charitable Foundation's website at

During the past 15 years I've been privileged to help Dr. M. on a few projects, and recently, with his blessing, conducted some myself, in Armenia, Madagascar, and Turkey. My Zoo garden , Fiberglass Pond Liners is always extremely productive, rather nice to look at, and a very popular unofficial "exhibit" with the 700,000+ annual , Koi Pond Aeration visitors to the zoo.

Many people have asked, as they visited over the fence, if I used the zoo animals' manure, and I always told them no, that I use natural , Riding Lawn Mowers Parts mineral nutrients. But then one day a lady piqued my interest when she said the Seattle Zoo sells their composted animal manure to the public as "Zoo Doo." I decided to check this out, so I talked to them and found they pile the manure in win-rows, and after about a year, dry, bag, and sell it.

I decided I could make a lot better compost , Fiberglass Pond Liners than what Seattle got by leaving it out in the rain for a year. So I first bought a Compost , Organic Hydroponics - Simplified Tumbler and learned the best procedures and mixes as I tested small batches, using the manure from 7 of the large herbivores. Very quickly I learned how to , The Garden As Healer maintain the mix at a constant 140+ degree heat, , Want Curb Appeal - Play Dress-up and after 3 weeks I had beautiful, , Palm Tree Lamps black, sweet-smelling compost. , Patio Bar Chairs for Comfortable Outdoor and Poolside Seating

I thought this was great, but there was nowhere near enough compost , The MorrowPond Garden - Soil Management to take care of my large garden, , Organic Hydroponics - Simplified so I then acquired a 10-yard cement truck and began doing large batches. With loads this size, they maintained temperatures , Cannibals on the Porch over 140 degrees for 3 weeks, and then cooled down for one week. And You've never seen such beautiful , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening for Beginners (Part 12) H2O2 material - I really felt like I was making the world's best compost! , Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business

I obtained the right to use the Zoo-Doo name, bought bags, T-shirts, banners, cart, etc. and began selling at the Zoo gift shop and in the local , Foraging In The Forest: Finding Materials That Link Your Home To The Great Outdoors nurseries. I ended up on TV and in the newspapers, and became known as "The Zoo-Doo Man."

Whenever I had more than I could sell, I would drive the cement truck down to my garden , Cannibals on the Porch and off-load the batch over the wall. , Send Flowers Online I then put it into several soil-beds and grew vegetables , Tips on Outdoor Patio Heaters with it - to compare which was better - compost , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening for Beginners (Part 12) H2O2 or the Mittleider natural , Cannibals on the Porch mineral nutrients, which I'd been using all along. And I grew good stuff with my Zoo-Doo.

However, the most important thing I learned in that two-year experiment was not how to , Color in Flowers Arrangements make and sell Zoo-Doo. I learned for myself that I could grow , Hot New Sunflowers to better vegetables , Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business more consistently, and with a lot less time, cost, and hassle, with a few pounds of inexpensive natural , Composting and Composters: A Basic Introduction mineral nutrients, than I could with truckloads of "the world's best compost. , The Uses of !

I therefore continue to use good, clean organic , Make The Most From Your Vegetable Garden materials when they are available, but I know that highly productive vegetable gardens , The As Healer are not dependent on improving the soil , Make The Most From Your Vegetable Garden with organic , Herb Farming Is A Profitable Business material.

Another side benefit is that we have been able to avoid any insect or disease , Earthworms in the Garden/Earthworm Facts infestations (often introduced by compost)in 15 years, and so I never have to use pesticides or herbicides in my large garden. , Hot New Sunflowers to Grow
Jim Kennard, President of Food , Why Should You Own a Greenhouse? For Everyone Foundation, has a wealth of leadership, financial, business, teaching, and gardening , Let The Season Come Alive: Enjoy The Outdoors With Great Patio Furniture For Your Home training and experience upon which to draw in helping the Foundation to achieve its goals of "teaching the world to grow food , Let The Season Come Alive: Enjoy The Outdoors With Great Patio Furniture For Your Home one family at a time." He is a retired CPA, and has also owned and successfully managed several different businesses, including hotels, shopping centers, apartments, , Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening for Beginners (Part 12) H2O2 and retail establishments during the past twenty five years.

Jim has been a Mittleider gardener for the past twenty-eight years; he is a Master Mittleider Gardening , Cheap Ideas For Garden Landscaping Instructor, and has taught classes and worked one-on-one with Dr. Jacob Mittleider on several gardening , Make The Most From Your Vegetable Garden projects in the USA and abroad.

You can get his advice , The Uses of Compost! in vegetable gardening , The MorrowPond Garden - Soil Management questions by visiting the FAQ section of the Foundation's web , Add Color and Fragrance to Your Garden with the Korean Spice Viburnum page at

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