Tomatoes: History, Origin, Facts... or Fiction?


Article by: Kirk Gordon

A tomato , Myths About Lawns importer, John Nix, decided to challenge the law after scrutinizing the Tariff Act. His case relied on the fact that tomatoes , Design Your Own Rose Garden were a fruit , Stressed Out? Maybe You Need a Gazebo and not vegetable, , Choosing Lawnmowers For Cutting Grass On Tennis Courts therefore, it should not be subjected to the Tariff Act. Nix's objections brought the case to the Supreme Court in 1893. Although Nix had a solid case, the Supreme Court rejected the botanical facts and continued to refer to tomatoes , Kirengeshoma palmata as a vegetable. , Design Your Own Rose Garden

Plant family
Tomatoes belong to the genus Lycopersicon, while potatoes belong to the genus Solanum; Both of which belongs to the same "flowering plant , Aperitif Hybrid Tea Rose family" solanaceae. The similarities in leaves and flowers , The Design Principle of Unity in Gardening and Landscaping justifies this taxonomic grouping.

The UK - Introduction of the tomato
When the tomato plant , Cheap Pond Liners was first introduced into the UK, some areas were not willing to consume the fruit , Don't Roll that Lawn because they were considered poisonous. Other plants , Gardening with Bamboo that were poisonous, and in the same family as the tomato, , Introduction to Snow Blowers such as the henbane, mandrake and the deadly nightshade were reasons to be concerned.

The deadly nightshade (Atropus belladonna), in particular, resembled the tomato plant , Kirengeshoma palmata the most, and was used as a hallucinogenic drug, as well as for cosmetic purposes in various parts of Europe. In Latin, the name "belladonna"; literally means "beautiful woman." The women in medieval courts would apply drop of deadly nightshade extract to their eyes, dilating their pupils, a fashionable statement at the time.

When the deadly nightshade was taken for it's hallucinogenic properties, , Myths About Lawns the consumer would experience visuals and a feeling of flying or weightlessness. German folklore suggests it was also used in witchcraft to evoke werewolves, a practice know as lycanthropy. The common name for tomatoes , Teak Patio Furniture Will Dress Up Your Patio in Germany translates to "Wolf peach," which was simply another reason for Europeans to avoid the plant. , Myths About Lawns

North America - Introduction of the tomato
Tomato plants , Transing Deciduous Shrubs were transported by colonists from Britain to North America. The plants , Manage Algae were most valued for removing pustule (Pimples, Blisters - Pus filled, inflamed skin). The inventor of peanut butter, George Washington Carver, strongly urged his poor Alabama neighbors to consume tomatoes , The Difference Between Large and Small Ponds because of their unhealthy diet. However, he had little success convincing them that the plants , Choosing Lawnmowers For Cutting Grass On Tennis Courts was edible.

Early efforts by merchants to sell tomatoes , Getting the Best Price for Your Home Includes Landscaping for Curb Appeal were not very successful. It is said that the fruit , Hydroponics Lighting: Blue Spectrum V.S. Red-Orange Spectrum was brought to the liberal hamlet of Salem, Mass. in 1802 by a painter who also found it difficult persuading people to try the fruit. , Choosing Lawnmowers For Cutting Grass On Tennis Courts New Orleans cuisine was reported to have used tomatoes , Types Of Palm Trees by 1812, however, doubts about the fruit , Keeping the Balance of Nature: Pond Water Maintenance lingered in some areas.

It's thought that doubts about the plant's edibility was laid to rest, when Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson announced that he will consume a bushel of tomatoes , Don't Roll that Lawn in front of the Boston courthouse at noon on September 26, 1820. Thousands of spectators turned out to watch the man commit suicide (At least, so they thought) by consuming the poisonous fruit. , A Beautiful Garden of Flowers It is said that spectators were shocked when they realized the Colonel will survive after consuming numerous tomatoes. , Homemade Hydroponics System Plan This story is from an old farm , Getting the Best Price for Your Home Includes Landscaping for Curb Appeal journal and may not be very reliable, however, it's quite entertaining.

Tomato popularity on the rise
Throughout the western world, tomatoes , The Difference Between Large and Small Ponds began to grow , Aperitif Hybrid Tea Rose in popularity. In the 1820s, several cookbooks included recipes which required or called for tomatoes. , Dwarf Korean Lilac Tomatoes , Introduction to Snow Blowers were sold by the dozens in Boston's Quincy Market in 1835. In Thomas Bridgeman seed , Metal Sheds catalogue, 4 varieties of tomatoes , Getting the Best Price for Your Home Includes Landscaping for Curb Appeal were listed: Cherry, Pear, Large Yellow and Large Squash.

Bruist, a seed , The Design Principle of Unity in Gardening and Landscaping merchant commented on the tomato , The String Algae Blues in 1858 - "In taking retrospect of the last eighteen years, there is no vegetable , Types Of Palm Trees on the catalogue that has obtained such popularity in so short a period as the one now under consideration. In 1828-29, it was almost detested; in ten years almost every variety of pill and panacea was extract of tomato. , Teak Furniture for Your Garden: Add a Touch of Something Spectacular It now occupies as great a surface of ground as cabbage, and is cultivated the length and breadth of the country." -

That year, Bruits had eight cultivatars listed in his catalogue. A few years later, in 1863, a popular seed , The Design Principle of Unity in Gardening and Landscaping catalogue had 23 cultivars listed. One of the listed cultivars was Trophy, the first modern-looking, large, red, smooth-skinned variety which was sold for $5.00 for a packet of 20 seeds. , The Difference Between Large and Small Ponds

Large scale breeding for desirable traits became common in the 1870s in both the US and UK. In fact, by the 1880s several hundred cultivars had been named and it was clear that tomato , Getting the Best Price for Your Home Includes Landscaping for Curb Appeal had grown on the western culture. According to a study conducted at Michigan Agricultural College in the late 1880s, 171 of the named cultivars represented only 61 truly unique varieties, many of which were only marginally different.

Heirloom varieties
Although Central American is thought to be the center of domestication, throughout Europe and later in North America, further domestication occurred on a more intense level. Eastern Europe appeared to produce large numbers of high quality varieties. Tomatoes , Types Of Palm Trees are self-pollinating plants , Kirengeshoma palmata which tend to become genetically homozygous after many generations. Tomatoes , Teak Patio Furniture Will Dress Up Your Patio will rarely cross breed and usually produce plants , The String Algae Blues will similar characteristics as the parents.

Because of tomatoes natural , Dwarf Korean Lilac breeding process, early cultivars did not change , A Beautiful Garden of Flowers much and were kept in a family or community for a long time, hence the name heirlooms. There are cultivars that dates back to over one hundred years that are still produced today. Most heirloom varieties are different in color, , Types Of Palm Trees size and shape. Some varieties are black, red with black shoulders, dark purple, rainbow and green. , Manage Algae In terms of size, some are the size of a cherry to larger varieties weighing over 2 lb.

Heirlooms - a story
Some heirloom varieties have interesting histories as well; at least I think so. Lets talk about the story of a heirloom name Mortgage Lifter. A radiator repair , Dwarf Korean Lilac shop owner, Charlie, experienced hard times, as did much of the nation through the Great Depression. Because of financial reasons, most people abandoned their cars and Ol Charlie's business too a hard hit. He decided to use his four largest fruit , Design Your Own Rose Garden producing tomato plants , The Rich History of Wild Roses to cross breed repeatedly with each other to create a plant , Metal Garden Benches that produced two pounds of fruits. , Kirengeshoma palmata

Claming that his plants , Kirengeshoma palmata could feed a family of six, Charlie peddled the crops for a dollar per plant. , A Beautiful Garden of Flowers Within four years, Charlie generated enough money to pay off the $4,000 dollars mortgage on his home, , Dealing With Pests In a Hydroponic Garden which led to the heirloom name "Mortgage Lifter."

Heirlooms - names & origins
In general, the names of heirloom varieties links directly to their history. For example, the Baptiste family in Remis, Fance cultivated the First Pick variety. Picardy's history also dates back to France (1890). Besser arrived from the Freiburg section of Germany, while Schellenburg's Favorite came from the Schellenburg family near Manheim, Germany.

Elbe was cultivated in 1889 near the Elbe River in Germany. Since the 1870s, the Amish in Pennsylvania cultivated the Amish Paste variety. Brandywine was also cultivated by Amish farmers near Brandywine Creek in Chester County Pennsylvania in 1885. The hills of Virginia is thought to be the origin of the Hillbilly variety. Old Virginia was cultivated in Virginia as well in the early 1900s. In 1953 Campbell Soup Co., introduced the Ace variety which is still popular for canning. On Edgar Allan Poe's estate, a cultivar found growing , Landscaping Tips there bears his mother's maiden name, Hopkins.

Please bear in mind that these heirloom stories may be true or false, in part or whole, and may be inaccurate or exaggerated.
This article is courtest of - The Agriculture , A Creative Patio & Gardening , Hydroponics Lighting: Blue Spectrum V.S. Red-Orange Spectrum Search Engine.

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