Using the Right Hedge Trimmers in Lawn Care


Article by: Kevin Whiteside

Certain hedge , Conservation trimmers are better for particular applications. That is why we need to choose the right one.

Types of gas hedge , Conservation trimmers discussed are..

* Single sided

* Double sided

* Pole or Extension

Single sided hedge , Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers trimmers are made for cutting straight sections of hedges. , June Gardening Tips This is a great trimmer if you have large shrubs , Suet Facts and Tips and need to make straight passes. Since it has a one sided blade it can be longer than a double blade and still not be too heavy.

This machine's center of gravity is located closer to the body than the double sided hedge , Landscaping Tips: Koi Pond Aeration Needed for Healthy Fish trimmers. This allows for more trimming and less fatigue.

Double sided trimmers allow you to trim in a back and fourth, horizontal and vertical motion without moving around to much, unlike the single sided blade. Double sided is better for shaping.

If you have many small shrubs(3' or 4'), then a shorter cutting blade is easier to work with and more efficient. This means more profit. Remember to keep the center of gravity as close to the body as possible.

Pole trimmers are used for low and high shrubs , Butterfly House in the Flower Garden that you would normally have to have a ladder for. These trimmers usually have a cutting head that adjust 90 degrees to increase comfort, reach, and efficiency. When trimming hedges , The Flower Drying Game - Part 1: Air, Sand, and Sources and shrubs , May Gardening Tips for the Southwest over 10', use blades longer than 30".

Pole trimmers look like a straight shaft grass , Garden Shed - Using It as a Workshop or Craft Room trimmer with hedger blades. In fact, some commercial grass , Starting a Wildflower Garden trimmers have an attachment that turn them into pole trimmers. Redmax and Stihl are 2 that come to mind. There are others.

Commercial hedge , Cymbidiums Orchid Plants - What You Need To Grow Successfully trimmers have blade cutting options that roughly range from 18"-40". They are designed with larger gaps between teeth than the homeowner models. This is to allow for more productivity and durability.

If adding a hedge , Daylilies - The Perfect Perennial trimmer to your fleet, look for certain aspects.

Remember to make sure the machine is well balanced. Don't always compare weight to weight between different machines. This holds true with grass , Suet Facts and Tips trimmers. A lighter machine not balanced well can feel heaver than the actual heavier one and this effects productivity. Most commercial hedge , How to Pick Up the Most Necessary Gardening Tools? trimmers weigh from 10-15lbs.

Compare manufacturer , The Many Faces of a Fence commercial warranties. Two years is good. Hedges , How to Pick Up the Most Necessary Gardening Tools? and shrubs , The Truth About MTD Snow Blowers are trimmed 3 to 4 times a year here in Memphis so you should get a lot of life out of your hedger.

Check for..

* Excessive vibration

* Hand guards

* Throttle lock , Backyard Landscaping Ideas switch- When on, throttle can not engage.

* Blade locks- Keep blades from moving when engine is idling

* Stop buttons- Like a kill switch

* Sleeve- For the blades when they are not in use

* Other features

Go to a dealer that sells different models. Ask about dependability and repair , Backpack Blowers time for the models.Also ask if they have a loaner you can borrow while yours is in the shop. Don't buy a hedge , How to Conquer Caterpillars trimmer or any other piece of equipment if you can not get it serviced in your town.i.e.the internet. , Daylilies - The Perfect Perennial

In my book, I talk about maintenance of hedge , The Flower Drying Game - Part 1: Air, Sand, and Sources trimmers and other equipment along with a slew of other helpful ideas for starting or growing , Testing Your Soil a lawn , Gardens Provide Peaceful Sanctuaries care business. You'll see my passion for this business when you read the book.

Oh and by the way, read the manual. I'm joking!

Best of Luck!
Kevin Whiteside is the owner and editor of Monthly, an online , The Flower Drying Game - Part 1: Air, Sand, and Sources newsletter and website for lawn , May Gardening Tips for the Southwest and landscape , Do You Know About A Bamboo Orchid professionals. Get a FREE subscription here

He is also the author of "Turn High Grass , Lattice Patio Covers Into Cold , A Look at Fall Flower Bulbs Cash- How to Start the Ultimate Lawn , Landscaping Tips: Koi Pond Aeration Needed for Healthy Fish Business"

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