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Article by: Kara Kelso

The first year I lived in a "real house" I was excited to get a garden , November ing Tips started. I just couldn't wait until spring , Sprucing Up Your Garden With Solar when I could plant , Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Increase Safety and Decrease Expense all kinds of veggies. While this seems like a good idea, it really wasn't. Being a new gardner, I let my excitement get the best of me. Luckily, part of my family made sure I still had a very nice garden , Japanese Beetles - The Plain Truth About Traps... And A Tiny New Winged Hope! that year.

Here are a few tips , November Gardening s I learned:

1. Make sure you have enough room
Some plants , Ginseng Benefits get bigger than others, and take up more space. Make sure you give certain plants , Double Your Crops more room , Boundaries and s in Your Garden than others, and plan , Hammocks - Relax in a Hammock Bed, Chair, or Swing enough sunlight for smaller plants. , The Feng Shui of Trees I've had smaller plans , Japanese Beetles - The Plain Truth About Traps... And A Tiny New Winged Hope! die in previous years because they eventually end up in the shadow.

2. Start small
Don't plant , Orchid Myths -The Truth everything you can find. Ask your local gardening , Garden Folklore: Plants Thrive in Good Company supply store what will work best in your area for beginners. Tomatoes , The Truth About Geraniums work best where I live, but don't work well in other areas.

3. Start with plants, , Sowing an Annual Flower Border not seeds
Instead of throwing seeds , Introduction to Botany in the ground, start off easy buying plants , Attract Butterflies To Your Garden! that are already started. They have been started at the right time of year by experts, and are much easier to grow. , Pink Hibiscus

4. Know your time limits
If you can only devote 10mins per day to your garden, , Lawn Tractors - Buying the Right One make sure you only have a few plants. , Common Landscaping Tools For Every Landscaper Pulling weeds , Ponds can quickly become a problem, so if you have limited time don't make a big area that will take a long time to weed. , Want to Learn How to Compost?

I hope these ideas will help you this spring , Garden Folklore: Plants Thrive in Good Company when you start your first garden! , November ing Tips

About the Author: Kara Kelso is the mother of 2 and owner of several online , How To Build A Patio Cover businesses. For more ideas like this, visit:

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